Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Lightweight Carpet Cleaner

The sheer weight of a full-sized carpet cleaner, such as the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro or the Bissell Big Green, is likely to be one of the most major drawbacks of using one of these machines. Despite the fact that both of these machines have exceptional performance when it comes to deep cleaning, they are also extremely heavy.

Just picture yourself lugging a carpet cleaner that weighs fifty pounds up and down a flight of stairs.

You have the option of selecting the Bissell PowerLifter that is lighter, albeit it still weights 16 pounds.

With a weight of under 12 pounds, the Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush is one of the lightest carpet cleaners currently on the market.

If you go with this lightweight carpet cleaner, though, you will have to give up some features in exchange for its portability.

This device will have less power than any of the three varieties described previously, and it will not come with a hose or nozzle of any kind. Therefore, you will want a different portable cleaner in order to clean the upholstery and the stairs.

If you don’t mind such restrictions, this is a great choice for folks who live in smaller homes that have a lot of carpeting.

A quick look at the features

  • At just 12 pounds, the Bissell Big Green is the company’s lightest full-sized carpet cleaner to date.
  • The agitation provided by the four rows of revolving bristles of the DirtLifter Powerbrush will assist in the removal of pet stains from the carpet.
  • The filthy and clean water are kept apart by a system of two tanks.
  • This item’s collapsible handle minimizes its vertical footprint and makes it simpler to store.
  • The nozzle’s ability to be removed makes maintenance simple.
  • The EdgeSweep bristles allow this machine to access areas around furniture and baseboards.
  • a cleaning path of 5 inches
  • a tank with a capacity of half a gallon
  • 4 amp motor
  • chord d’alimentation de 20 pieds
  • One year’s worth of warranty.


  • Carpet cleaner that is extremely portable and weighs only 12 pounds
  • Keeping clean water and unclean water in separate tanks helps minimize cross-contamination.
  • Even though it’s a lightweight carpet cleaner, the water tank is still a respectable size.
  • The DirtLifter Powerbrush is an excellent instrument for agitation.
  • Because the handle can be collapsed, it takes up less space in storage.



  • No ties to neatly upholstered furniture or well-kept stairs
  • The underpowered motor might not be able to compete with the performance of larger carpet cleaners.
  • There were several problems with the quality control.
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What to expect from the Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush?

This item was developed by Bissell specifically for those who keep pets and live in homes that are not very large. When it comes to removing pet stains, the roller brush, foldable handle, and compact design of this cleaner will all come in handy.

Dual tank system

In spite of the fact that it is a lightweight cleaner, it still contains two separate water tanks, which is something that I believe should be standard in any carpet cleaner.

Because of the potential for cross-contamination and the system’s lower capacity, which makes it essential to empty it more frequently, I would not say that I am a fan of the one tank carpet cleaning system.

DirtLifter PowerBrush

It comes equipped with a 4-row spinning DirtLifter PowerBrush that can assist in the removal of pet stains. It is important not to interpret the text too literally because there is only one roller brush on this machine. It is merely a euphemism developed by Bissell for the same thing.

The bristles on this beater bar are really stiff, which is great news because it makes them much more effective in agitation. On the other hand, it does not go all the way to the edge.

If you check behind the main nozzle, you will see that there is a space between the belt and the brush that is used to clean the edges, despite the fact that the edges have bristles.

To thoroughly clean the baseboards and the spaces in and around the furniture, you will require a portable carpet cleaner of your own.


The weight of the product is likely to be its most appealing feature to potential buyers. People who don’t want to haul along a machine that weighs 50 pounds might consider purchasing this machine instead because it just weighs 12 pounds.

It weighs the same as a dumbbell that can be carried up and down one flight of stairs without difficulty.

Handle that can be collapsed.

Because of its collapsible handle, storing this device won’t be an issue, either. This feature helps the device have a smaller vertical footprint. This is an essential amenity to have, particularly if you reside in a cramped apartment or condominium.

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The DeepClean Oxy solution from Bissell.

When it comes to getting rid of pet stains on your carpets, Bissell suggests that you use their “Deep Clean + Oxy” mix to achieve the best possible results. You get an 8-ounce sampler bottle as part of the basic box, which you may use to test out the product.

If you have a large number of pets, you might consider purchasing the “TurboClean + Eliminator” package to assist you in maintaining clean carpets that are unaffected by any stains caused by the animals.

The effectiveness of cleaning

If you read the reviews, you’ll see that the majority of customers were pleased, to a certain extent, with the way this carpet cleaner cleans the carpet. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a good many of them owned animals as companions. This piece of equipment is marketed by Bissell as a pet stain cleaner.

The fact that it is not particularly heavy makes it an excellent choice.

The light weight, or the lack thereof, is likely to be what buyers appreciate most about this device. This variation weighs just 12 pounds, making it a lot more portable than the monsters that weigh 50 pounds, such as the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro.

Please keep in mind, however, that it will not be as effective in cleaning larger cleaners due to the fact that it does not have as much agitation or force.

For tasks involving spot cleaning

According to the opinions of several customers, it is a fantastic choice for maintenance cleanups that can prevent stains from accumulating in the first place. Because of its lightweight design, this machine is an excellent choice for removing stains in places that see a lot of foot activity.

Some people even leave the tank full of cleaning solution so that they can use it for spot cleaning.

When dealing with fresh pet urine, one of the customers offered the following piece of advice: make use of the suction first before applying any cleaning solution.

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