How To Clean Pack N Play Mattress

A pack n play is one of the pieces of baby furniture that is in high demand since not only are they functional and practical, but also their portability makes them an absolute necessity.

The pack and play provides a secure place for the baby to sleep as well as a play space, making it an indispensable item for young children.

However, because infants spend a significant amount of time in them, or at the very least enough time to make a mess, they have to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

Because the baby will be lying on the pack and play mattress, it will typically require more attention than the other parts of the product. As a result, it is prone to mess and grime from incidents such as a wet diaper or a blowout because of its porous nature.

The good news is that cleaning the mattress of your pack ‘n play is not extremely difficult, although it can be a little dirty, and almost anyone can handle it.

How to clean pack n play mattress

You should first read the cleaning instructions in the manual that came with your pack n play before attempting to clean it with any method, as this will help you from accidentally breaking any of the components.

A pack-and-play can be as basic as a mesh frame with a mattress pad, or it can come with a variety of other features and components, such as a bassinet, a changing table, and a mobile.

You won’t be able to thoroughly clean all of those components because doing so could potentially cause them harm, which is something you want to avoid.

Therefore, you should carefully read the instruction manual to learn how to disassemble the pack n’ play and determine which components need to be spot cleaned and which can be subjected to a more in-depth cleaning process.

For instance, if the mattress pad is made of wood or cardboard, it cannot be drenched in water or submerged in water since doing so can damage and bend it, creating an environment that is conducive to the growth of mold and bacteria.

If this is the case, you won’t be able to soak them, so you’ll have to spot clean or scrub them instead.

Plastic or foam mattresses are the only ones that may be completely submerged in water for a thorough cleaning.

There are three effective ways to clean the mattress that comes with your pack and play, and you can select one of them in accordance with the requirements that you have.

1. Spot cleaning

Regular spot cleaning of your pack ‘n play and all other baby items is required to remove filth and germs, allowing you to maintain the cleanest environment possible for your child. You should incorporate spot cleaning of the pack-and-play into your routine in the same way that you do with the changing table.

It is not difficult to prepare a spot cleaning solution that can be stored in a spray bottle and used whenever necessary; all that is required is the combination of water and white vinegar in a ratio of equal parts.

Because of the acidity of vinegar, it is an excellent environmentally friendly cleaning product that prevents accumulation and dissolves scum and other items that are sticky.

White vinegar is the best option because it does not leave stains, but it does have a strong scent, so you can either use apple cider vinegar in its place or add a few drops of essential oils to the cleaning solution to cover the smell. White vinegar is the best option because it does not leave stains.

You may spot clean a mattress by simply spraying it with the solution and paying special attention to any stains that have returned recently or that have been spilled (in these instances, you should allow the solution to remain on the stains for a little bit longer so that it can break down the buildup). After allowing the solution to operate for a few minutes, remove the residue from the surface using a clean rag or some paper towels.

You can also use one of the many commercial baby cleaning products that are available to clean certain areas. Be sure to use one that is specifically developed for newborns, as these products do not include any dangerous ingredients that could be damaging to your child.

One of these alternatives is the Babyganics Multi-Surface Cleaner, which may be purchased in spray bottles or in the form of wipes that are simple to employ.

2. Scrub it down

Scrubbing your pack-and-play mattress is another option for cleaning it thoroughly. However, in order to get the best results, you should perform this step when the weather is sunny and warm so that the mattress can dry entirely in the open air.

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You will need warm water, laundry detergent that is safe for babies, and a brush with soft bristles.

Scrubbing is best done outside, where there is ample of space to brush the pack n play, but if you do not have access to an outside place, you may perform the task in the shower or the bathtub of your home.

Take apart the pack n play and use the cleaning solution you’ve just whipped up to give each component its own dedicated brushing.

Remember that if your mattress is made of cardboard or wood, it cannot be submerged in water, so brush the suds on it, but before you do that, you should try to remove as much water as possible from the mattress.

After that, give it a full rinsing with water, and then hang it somewhere sunny to dry completely in the open air. Outside, it will take approximately four hours if the weather is nice and bright, but if you can, leave it out overnight to ensure that it is totally dry before you use it again. If the weather is cool and cloudy, it will take about two hours.

If you need to dry it inside the house, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated place and allow it to drip dry. This will keep the item from smelling musty.

3. Deep cleaning

If you are looking for a way of thorough cleaning for your pack and play, then you might want to give this strategy a shot. To begin, remove the mattress from the pack and play entirely and then clean it utilizing the RINSE method, as was previously described.

Before using this cleaning procedure or any of the other cleaning methods listed on this page, it is important to make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the play mattress’s instructions from the manufacturer. Check the owner’s manual for the play mattress you own to determine whether or not the recommended cleaning method is suitable for your particular model.

Once you have finished cleaning the mattress, locate a place for it to air dry completely, and then proceed to fill your bathtub with water and add a half cup of baby-safe washing detergent to the water in the bathtub. Once the bath is completely full, continue soaking the pack n play for at least one hour with the remaining portion of the unit submerged in the water.

When the hour is up, you can easily empty out the water and clean the pack and play by giving it a quick rinse. If there are still some stains that won’t come out, you can try removing them with a gentle scrub brush; they shouldn’t be too difficult to get rid of.

You may either let it dry in the sun or let it drip dry in the tub. It may take the base around four hours to dry in the sun on a hot day; however, in the summer, I would recommend leaving it out there overnight for twenty-four hours to ensure that it dries completely.

Extra Tips

Find out what the mattress pad that you have on your bed is made of. It is not a good idea to submerge something made of wood or cardboard into water because doing so may cause the material to become twisted. Before you even begin to clean the pack and play, you should always review the included cleaning instructions.

Be sure to put everything down flat, including the mattress of the pack-and-play, to ensure that everything dries properly and prevents the growth of mold.

During the cleaning process, you can move the pack-and-play mattress around or scrub it with a washcloth or soft brush; however, you should be careful not to scrub too vigorously in order to avoid tearing the mesh or damaging the material.

Because exposure to direct sunlight is so effective at destroying microbes, you can rest assured that your thorough cleaning will be followed by a reduction in the number of germs present after it has been exposed to it.

Because your infant will be sleeping on the mattress, you should make every effort to avoid using bleach on it. The bleach could be harmful to their health. Instead, you should clean the pack-and-play mattress with a cleaner that is suitable for use around infants.

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Best pack and play mattress

In most cases, rather than an actual mattress, a pack n play will come with a cushioned pad. You can use it as it is, but if you want to give extra comfort for your child, especially if you’re using it as a crib, you can get a baby mattress that is sized for a pack n play. This is especially important if you plan to use the item as a crib.

There is a wide selection available, however Better Slumber recommends the following models as the most comfortable pack-and-play mattresses. You might want to consider adding one or more of these possibilities to the present registry for your upcoming baby shower.

Hiccapop pack n play mattress

It is constructed out of memory foam and features a dual-sided design, with one side catering to the needs of infants and the other catering to those of toddlers. This means that it can be used for a longer period of time than a regular pack-and-play mattress.

In order to better support their bodies as they grow, infants require surfaces that are more firm. As a result, the infant side is robust while also being kind and supple. The toddler side has a fluffier appearance.

The Hiccapop pack n play mattress features a mattress cover that is hypoallergenic, ultra-soft Jacquard. This cover can be removed and washed separately. Because of this, the procedure of cleaning the mattress is much simplified because all you will need to do is remove the cover and place it, along with the fitted sheets, in your washing machine and dryer to be cleaned.

Dream On Me Pack n Play mattress

The Dream on Me pack n play mattress provides a great fit for a wide variety of famous pack and play brands, including Graco, Baby Trend Nursery Center, Fisher-Price, and Night Play Yard, amongst others. This makes it an ideal purchase for parents who want the best for their children. It is critical to ensure that there are no gaps between the mattress and the frame in the crib that could put your child in danger.

It features a cover that is waterproof and antibacterial, and it is composed of materials that have been safety-certified. These materials do not include any harsh chemicals. In addition to this, the edges and seams have been strengthened so that germs cannot penetrate them.

NapYou Pack n Play mattress

The fact that this play mattress can be folded into a smaller size makes it one of the most impressive features of the product. This makes it much simpler to transport the mattress on excursions or relocate it within the home. In addition to that, it comes with its very own carry bag that has a handle.

The mattress that comes with the NapYou Pack n play is only 1.5 inches thick, which is significantly less than the thickness of a traditional mattress. As a result, it is slightly less fluffy and may be a little uncomfortable for a baby who is heavier, but its quality is exceptional.

The fact that the cover is not watertight and is constructed of organic cotton and polyester gives it an exceptionally plush and breathable texture.

Why You Need To Clean Your Pack N Play

According to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should make it a habit to regularly clean everything that your infant comes into regular contact with.

It is essential, and something that should be done every day, to rid your baby’s environment of the bacteria and filth that could potentially harm them. This is something that applies to your child’s toys and bottles to a great extent, but it is also something that is very vital for sleeping areas, such as the pack and play that you have for your baby.

It is a good idea to utilize the procedures indicated above to maintain your child’s safe sleeping space clean for your infant. This will avoid the formation of mildew and mold in your child’s safe sleeping space, which is extremely important.

Because mold can grow over time, it is important to maintain your pack n play clean and properly sterilized. Vinegar is an effective disinfectant that will keep harmful chemicals out of your baby’s safe place. You should make every effort to stay on top of baby disasters such as spills and spit-ups so that you may clean the pack-and-play mattress as soon as possible.

Even if you give your playpen a thorough cleaning, you never know what kind of unpleasant germs might cling to it even if it gets caught in a flood when it is being stored away. For this reason, I will immediately dispose of your pack n play if it gets caught in a flood while it is being stowed away.

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Before you put your child in a used pack-and-play, you should give the mattress a thorough cleaning. This is especially important if you bought the pack-and-play used. In order to thoroughly clean the mattress, you should make use of an adequate cleaning solution. Before reassembling the crib, give it a thorough washing with hot water and a baby-safe laundry detergent or cleaner, then let it dry fully before putting it back together.

Because your infant will spend a significant amount of time in the pack and play, you will want to make sure that it is free of dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and other types of nastier stains and spills, particularly spit up, which will occur frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can washing make the pack n play warp or change shape?

It is possible to ruin and warp the unit, but this will depend on the pack n play that you use. Before putting your pack-and-play in the bathtub, you should read the instructions on how to properly care for it and maintain it. Because the interior of some pack and plays is made of cardboard, it is not recommended to thoroughly clean those products but rather to spot clean them. You can use a spray bottle filled with a mix of vinegar and water to spot clean the mattress, or you can make your own DIY cleaning that is suitable for babies.

How do I get the stains out of the pack n play mattress?

The most effective method for removing stains from the pack-and-play mattress is to combine a quarter of a cup of baby laundry detergent, two tablespoons of baking soda, and a little amount of warm water in a separate container, and then rub the resulting solution onto the stain. Wait a few minutes, preferably ten, and then use a cloth and some water to remove it, if necessary. If it still remains, repeat the process.

What if I do not have a bathtub and cannot wash my play yard outside?

In the event that you have access to a shower, you can always use the showerhead to clean the appliance. You won’t be able to soak it, but you could scrub it and then wash the soap off in the shower if you really wanted to. Even though this approach may be less efficient than others, it should still be able to accomplish what has to be done. Before allowing your child to play or sleep in the play yard again, give it sufficient time to properly dry up as you would with any other approach. Find an area that gets enough of sun and let it air dry there to cut down on the amount of time it takes to dry.

How often should I wash the pack n play?

Whether you use your pack and play on a daily basis or only occasionally will determine how often you should wash it. If you only use it on occasion, you can wash it less frequently. If you use your pack ‘n play on a daily basis, then you need to wash it more frequently. On the other hand, if it sits unused for the majority of the time, then you may get away with giving it a quick wipe down once in a while.

How to clean a pack n play in winter?

When it’s cold outside, you should avoid cleaning your pack-and-play in the backyard and instead use the bathroom’s bathtub instead. Use the approach for a more in-depth cleaning and soak the unit for one hour in the bathtub before rinsing it out with the shower head. Before putting the play mat back into the play yard, make sure you remember to give it enough time to properly dry out. You can position the pack and play on top of some drop cloths if you like.

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