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Visitors, potential clients, and even real estate agents are going to form their initial impressions of your building based on the appearance of the front entrance. Iron door care is necessary to prevent deterioration and loss of visual appeal. This may not be a popular concept, but it is necessary to maintain iron doors. It is recommended that you clean and maintain your iron door once every two to three months in order to keep it looking as good as it possibly can. Because the doors in your doorway are made of base iron, very little maintenance work is required to keep it looking nice. In this piece, we will demonstrate how to properly maintain your door so that your building will always have a professional appearance.

To keep your custom wrought iron doors in good condition, here is a good cleaning routine to follow:


  • To begin, select a gentle cleanser to use, as well as a cloth that is not abrasive and is free of lint. A homemade cleanser can be made by combining some liquid castile soap or a soap made from vegetables with a small amount of water. Soak a cloth in the soap concoctions, and then use it to wipe your doors down in a gentle manner. The rust that is on your doors ought to start to peel off with relative ease.
  • After you have finished cleaning your door with the soap mixture you prepared, be sure to give it a good rinsing with a hose. Any soap that has been left over will potentially leave an unattractive residue on your custom wrought iron doors.
  • When you are cleaning the iron doors in your home, you should take care not to let any excess water to dry and rust the surface. If you do this, rust will form more quickly. The chemicals and abrasive particles that are in your tap water have the potential to discolor and scratch your doors.
  • When you are through thoroughly cleaning your doors, use a sponge or cloth to thoroughly dry them off. You can protect the finish of your custom wrought iron doors against stains and other types of damage by removing any remaining water and letting them air dry.
  • If you want the beauty of your iron doors to be preserved throughout the year, it may be necessary for you to take some additional precautions, but this will depend on where you reside. For instance, if you reside in an area that is prone to high humidity, you should lubricate the hinges of your iron door once a month using the correct technique. Doors can become corroded by the air near salt water if they are not properly maintained and cared for on a regular basis.

It is quite vital to devise a suitable maintenance strategy in order to keep your custom wrought iron doors looking attractive while also ensuring that they are long-lasting and secure. You can prevent rust from forming and continue to enjoy the benefits of your custom wrought iron door if you take exceptional care of it.

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How to Remove Any Rust That May Already Be on Your Iron Door

If your door is now exhibiting signs of rust, you are obligated to remove any and all rust as soon as possible. Rust is technically defined as “Iron Oxide,” which is a compound that results from the interaction of iron, oxygen, and water. If the rust is not treated, it will eventually transform into iron oxide, and the iron substance, which is your door, will begin to lose its physical integrity and become significantly less durable. If, on the other hand, removing the rust from your door is more important to you than simply cleaning it, then your search is over.

Sandpaper is a good place to begin.

Instead of having an anti-rust chemical rain down your iron door, we advocate using sandpaper for iron doors since it gives you complete control over the areas you are scouring, whereas an anti-rust chemical would drip down your door. Sandpaper of grade 80 should be used initially to remove the rust, and then sandpaper of grade 220 should be used to finish the job. It is recommended that you use sandpaper during this sequence to remove the rust and smooth out the door in order to make the door’s texture consistent with the texture of the rest of the surface area.

Oh, my…. It Looks Like I’ll Have to Paint My Door…. What Next?

After sanding your door, you will be left with a patch of unrefined iron; this is the area of your door that needs to be touched up so that it matches the color of the rest of the door. When it comes to touching up your door, you do not require any form of specialized qualification or training whatsoever. The following step would be to clean up any residue, such as dust or particles, that was left over from the sanding process. After the region has been thoroughly cleaned, a paint primer should be applied to it and allowed to dry before the next step. After the primer has had enough time to dry, you will need to use a door paint that is the same color as your door and paint over it in order to merge the sanded section with the rest of the door.

You are now aware of how to properly maintain your door!

Congratulations, it seems like you gave the door a whole new coat of paint! The upkeep of your iron door is not a difficult undertaking at all. Regardless of how crucial consistency is, you should clean your door at least once every month. Because iron doors are an investment with a long term, you may expect your door to last for many years. In a manner analogous to that of a motor vehicle, if you look after your door, it will look after you. Regular maintenance is essential for both you and the door you have, regardless of whether it is an entryway door, an external door, or an internal door. Take a look around our virtual showroom, which features a wide variety of iron and steel door styles, if you are curious about iron or steel doors and want to learn more about them.

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At Exclusive Iron Doors, we have a fantastic range of doors in a wide variety of architectural designs and styles. We have a variety of goods that will complement the design you are striving for, whether it be French doors or a more rustic style. In the event that you are in the market for a steel or wrought iron door, our online showroom contains a fantastic range of doors for you to choose from.

Do Doors Made of Wrought Iron Corrode Over Time?

To answer your question, yes, wrought iron doors have a propensity to rust; however, this is a problem that may be easily avoided! Even if rust has already started to form on your iron door, there is a simple solution to the problem that you can try.

How is an iron door kept in good condition?

It is possible to maintain the pristine state of your door by routine cleaning and maintenance. A quick wash down with a damp cloth will ensure that your doors maintain their stunning color, and removing any moisture from the door with a dry towel will prevent any rust from developing on the surface of your door.

What do you use to clean doors that are made of wrought iron?

Your door can be brought back to its pristine state with nothing more than some water and a clean towel. However, in order to avoid rust, make sure that any extra water is dried out.

Simple Cleaning Tips For Wrought Iron Doors

  1. Choose a bar of soap that is made from vegetables and put it in a dish.
  2. Take a gentle, lint-free cloth and soak it in the soap dish.
  3. Clean your door thoroughly, beginning at the top and working your way down.
  4. Immediately afterward, wipe the door off with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture that may have accumulated there.

Remove Rust From Your Iron Door

The removal of rust should be a priority for anybody interested in learning how to properly maintain their doors. Rust can be avoided on iron doors by cleaning them once or twice every month, but rust can become a problem if the doors are not maintained properly and are allowed to accumulate. Sandpaper or a wire-metal brush will need to be used in order to remove rust. Rust can be removed by scraping it away. Because of this, part of the paint will definitely come off, and then you will need to apply a primer and then paint over the metal.

Additional Care Tips For Wrought Iron Doors

Doors made of wrought iron need to be maintained in a specific way in order to keep their attractive appearance.

The following is a list of extra maintenance suggestions that will assist you in keeping your wrought iron doors in good condition:

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It is essential to do routine cleaning on your wrought iron doors in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime over time. To gently clean the surface of the door, use a soft and clean cloth or sponge together with a mixture of mild soap to wipe it down. You should stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners because they have the potential to scratch or otherwise harm the finish.

Protection Against Rust

Rust is one of the most significant detriments that can befall wrought iron doors. It is essential to maintain a dry environment for the door and to use a rust inhibitor in order to stop the formation of rust. You can also cure any sections that have already begun to rust by applying a rust converter to the affected regions.


Lubricating the hinges and any other moving parts on your wrought iron doors on a regular basis is essential to ensuring that they continue to operate efficiently. To protect against rust and corrosion, it is important to make use of a lubricant that has been developed especially for metal.

Retouching of the Paintwork

It’s possible that the paint on your wrought iron doors will chip or fade after some time has passed. It’s possible that every few years you’ll need to repaint your door in order to keep it looking its finest.

You can help your wrought iron doors last longer and preserve their attractive appearance for many years to come by giving them the care and maintenance they need as outlined in this article.


It’s possible that now that you know how to clean your wrought iron doors, you’ll be more interested in purchasing another set. Bighorn Iron Doors is the company to go to if you want stunning doors that are crafted from materials of the highest quality.

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