How To Clean A Class Ring

Students in high school and colleges have been carrying on this custom of wearing class rings for many years. Your ring is a physical representation of all of the effort that you have put into your education over the course of the years.

If you take the correct care of your class ring, it should last you for the rest of your life. Because of a lack of upkeep, the metal may become scratched, and the gemstones may become loose. You are in luck since we are able to assist you in maintaining its pristine condition.

Continue reading to find out how to steer clear of the common blunders made when cleaning class rings.

1. Applying Toothpaste or Lemons to the Area

It’s possible that someone has told you that toothpaste and lemons are a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning jewelry. Since these items are commonplace in most people’s homes, access to them is extremely convenient.

Although toothpaste may be effective for cleaning certain kinds of jewelry, it is not recommended for all of them. Because some weaker metals are so readily damaged, it is in your best interest to steer clear of abrasive toothpaste.

Find out what kind of metal your ring is made of if you are unsure of its composition in the first place.Before you spend money on your class ring, educate yourself about the history of rings of this kind and the most frequent types of metals used.

Another typical ingredient in do-it-yourself jewelry cleaning solutions is lemon. Because of their high acid content, citrus fruits pose a threat to jewelry that is either soft or plated. It also has the potential to scratch and discolor your rings.

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Put a few drops of Dawn dish detergent into the water and let it sit for a minute. Be careful not to use water that is very hot because doing so can cause the metal to rust.

You should let the ring a few minutes to soak in the solution before beginning to scrub it using a brand-new baby-sized toothbrush that has soft bristles. To rinse the ring, place it in a new dish of tepid water and stir it around.

2. Disinfecting with Boiling Water

In order to sterilize a wide variety of surfaces, we boil water and use that around the house. Therefore, there is no reason why this shouldn’t also be the case with our class rings.

Although it’s true that some rings hold up well in boiling water, you shouldn’t put every piece of jewelry in there like that. Because solid gold is a durable metal, it may be safely cleaned with hot water without causing any damage. Other styles, such as those embellished with gemstones, are not going to hold up well in the heat.


Sanitizing your ring with steam is an effective method. On Amazon, you may get ring cleaning instruments like as steam cleaners and other such products. Your jewelry will be clean and free of grime, grease, and dirt once it has been subjected to the machine’s high pressure.

Alternately, you might use the steaming wand that comes with your home espresso machine. When dealing with steam, it is imperative that you protect your hands by donning gloves at all times.

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3. Showering With Your Ring On

There are a lot of folks that don’t bother cleaning their rings at all. They believe that the time they spend in the shower each day is sufficient to clean their jewelry, therefore they don’t bother to clean it.

On occasion, getting your rings wet is acceptable, but you shouldn’t make it a habit of doing so. Hard water and soap scum can be particularly difficult to remove from rings, and they can cause damage over time. It’s possible for your shampoo and body wash to become lodged behind the mountings, which will, over time, corrode the metal.


Before you step into the shower, remove all of your jewelry and put it away. You shouldn’t put it back on until after you’ve applied all of the items for your skin care. There is a possibility that these items include chemicals that are harmful to the metal of your rings.

Avoid The Common Class Ring Cleaning Mistakes

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