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How To Clean Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

Using a bottle warmer is a great way to warm up liquid in a baby bottle to the temperature of breastmilk when your baby drinks their milk or formula from a baby bottle.

As much as possible, however, it is important to keep your bottle warmer in as hygienic a condition as possible.

You should not only do it so that the appliance runs smoothly, but you should also do it in order to keep your baby from being exposed to any germs or muck that may be in the house.

Due to the fact that babies are so young and their bodies are still developing, it is especially important to keep them away from harmful and unhygienic things.

The question is, how can a Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer be cleaned? The market is saturated with thousands of watch brands, and a great number of these brands are well known, making it important to know how to clean them properly.

Let us be the ones to answer all your questions!

You will find a comprehensive and detailed guide below that explains how to clean Dr Brown Bottle Warmer in great detail and detail. Here’s what you need to know!

Dr. Brown’s is a leading name in the industry when it comes to baby bottles and accessories, and is one of the leading companies in its field. The most popular brands of baby bottles can be warmed efficiently and quickly using any of the premium bottle warmers on the market today. Dr. Brown’s bottle warmers are very simple to clean, and it will only take you a few minutes of your time to get the job done.

You can clean your Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer in just a few steps by following these simple steps, and you will be able to use it immediately afterward!

Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

With its steam heat technology, this bottle warmer allows you to quickly and consistently warm your bottles. It features an adjustable basket that enables you to quickly and easily warm milk in a variety of baby bottles and food jars of various sizes.

In addition, it has a huge water tank with excellent warm efficiency that allows you to use it freely without worrying about having to refill it as it has a lot of heating cycles to enjoy. There are four different heating times available at Dr. Brown’s and you can adjust the temperature according to the size of your container, using the memory feature.

In order to get an accurate estimate of time, refer to how much liquid you are warming rather than the size of the bottle. You must follow the instructions for warming the food.

There is a cool LCD control panel on this stylish-looking model that shows the heating times on an easy to read LCD display. A modern and straightforward design bottle warmer that has an easy-to-use keypad with an easy-to-push start button is all you need for a stylish and effortless hot beverage experience.

It is also important for parents to know how to clean the reservoir of the dr brown bottle warmer in order to keep their baby clean. The water reservoir of the machine is translucent and can be easily cleaned with mild dish soap and water.

Additionally, the Deluxe bottle warmer by Dr. Brown has audio and visual indicators which will draw your attention to the ready-to-eat state of the food in case you forget to put your bottle in the warmer.

The best bottle sterilizer for baby bottles is also one of the best products on the market today. The bacteria that are present in bottles can be reduced by 99.9 percent by sterilizing them. It won’t take more than six minutes for it to warm up.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Reliable

  • Leakproof

  • A capacity of ten bottles can be heated before refilling with water

  • It’s a simple design that doesn’t have any unnecessary buttons on it

  • Timer that can be customized to suit your needs

  • This is the removable chamber for the water reservoir

  • Pacifiers need to be sterilized

  • They do not require any complicated cleaning procedure to be performed

  • In addition to its basket, it can also hold bottles from other brands

  • It has an excellent cycle memory which allows you to set the preferred heating time for each cycle.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is essential to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to avoid the growth of mold.

  • The heating system can sometimes be inconsistent in the way it works

  • Pricey

How to use Dr brown bottle warmer? 

Using a warmer to warm baby food should be done with a few safety precautions in mind, as outlined in the guidelines below.

  • For more information on how to clean the bottle warmer, make sure you read the full instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  • Whenever you are using a heating chamber, it is best to avoid touching hot surfaces. Put knobs or handles on the knobs.

  • To prevent electric shocks from occurring, it is recommended that you never place the cord or plug inside the water or any other liquid in order to prevent them from happening.

  • When using a bottle warmer with children or when using it near them, be sure to keep a close eye on it.

  • Children under the age of three should not be allowed to play with or handle the bottle warmer or cord. When the outlet plug is not being used or when it is being cleaned, it should be removed.

  • The components should be cooled before they are removed or put on.

  • Keep it away from the flame of an electric or gas flame, as well as from hot ovens or burners.

  • In order to ensure that your food is served at the right temperature, you should check the food before serving.

  • When it comes to warming food, it is essential to avoid doing so for a long period of time.

  • Check the temperature of the liquid contents in the bottle by taking just a few drops and putting them on the palm of your hand before feeding.

As this sterilizer and bottle warmer is powered by a Dr Brown battery, it will give you the fastest warming and will shut off automatically in eight minutes. The purpose of this feature is to prevent the appliance from overheating during the warming cycle. The thing is, even though this bottle warmer is a great device, it does have a few drawbacks, one of them being that the steam heat technology can be dangerous if used at its maximum setting. Because of this, it is not recommended for use with glass bottles or baby food containers.

Cleaning Your Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer 

The Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer can be cleaned in a couple different ways based on your personal preference, which we will go into in a minute.

I would like to give you a general overview of some of the things you should keep in mind before you start off on your journey.

  • Before you begin cleaning the appliance, make sure that you unplug it from the power source. Moreover, before you begin wiping down the product, allow it to cool down for a couple of minutes before you begin. There is a risk of fire when using hot appliances.

  • When using a dishwasher, removable baskets, as long as the top rack is used, can be washed in the dishwasher

  • You should avoid using scouring pads, as well as any other abrasive materials when cleaning. Additionally, if you’re going to be using milk around it, you should not use any bleach or solvents, as they both have the potential to be harmful to it.

  • The appliance should also not be disassembled, as this will only result in further damage to the appliance.

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It’s time to start doing the first round of cleaning now that you’ve taken that on board. The warmer should be cleaned at least once a week.

When you have a baby under 3 months of age, a child with weakened immune system, or a child born prematurely, it is essential that you clean and sanitize all the equipment you use.

The bottle should be sanitized and cleaned ONCE A DAY regardless of whether you use any of these types of materials.

Cleaning The Bottle Warmer

Step 1

Before you can start using the appliance, it is necessary to unplug it first. Earlier today, we mentioned that this was something you should take into consideration, so we hope you did.

In this regard, it is very important because leaving an plugged in appliance on while cleaning is a very dangerous and hazardous experience.

It is well known that electricity and water don’t mix well.

Additionally, you need to unplug it and let it cool down before you clean it in order to make sure that it does not overheat again, and this is due to the same reasons as unplugging it.

It is recommended that you wait about half an hour after using the bottle warmer to allow it to properly cool down if you recently used it.

Taking this step will allow the water inside of the container to cool until it reaches a temperature that can be safely handled by you.

Step 2

In order to remove the water reservoir, you will first have to make sure that you have done this very important step.

Usually, this type of container is shape of a kidney bean and is used to hold water that acts as a heating agent in your bottle.

Located to the right-hand side of your appliance, you should see a mostly see-through container shaped like that on the right-hand side of the appliance. There should be a chill in the air by now.

Fill up the reservoir with warm, soapy water, removing any water that is currently in it, and then pour the water out.

If you are going to use a mild soap, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or solvents.

To prevent any spillage and mess, you should let it sit for five minutes, ideally on a towel to prevent any spills from happening.

Step 3

Open up the cover of the warmer unit by picking it up and turning it over.

If you tilt the entire appliance over a sink, then water that is sitting in the heating chamber will spill out and will wash away into the drain hole down the hole of the sink.

Ensure that all water has been removed from the unit and it is now completely dry.

Step 4

The next step is to remove the basket holding the bottle from the dishwasher and place it on the top rack.

If you wish to wash it with your dishes, make sure you don’t use the bottom rack, since it may be damaged by the bottom rack’s heat.

The basket can also be washed by hand by using some soapy water and some detergent instead of using a machine.

If you decide to wash it either way, you must allow it to dry on a towel once it has been cleaned.

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Step 5

Next, take a soft sponge or cloth and soak it in warm water mixed with some soap and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Once that has been done, you can gently scrub each and every inch of the outside of the bottle warmer appliance in order to keep it free of germs.

Make sure you also take care of the inside.

Step 6

You should now be able to pour the water out of your reservoir as it’s soaked by now.

As soon as you have done this, you should get two tablespoons of uncooked rice (not instant), then add a tablespoon of water to this mixture.

To prevent spillage, now place a finger over the top hole of the reservoir, and shake it for half a minute – this will ensure that every inch of its interior has been cleaned.

Then, you must drain the water from the reservoir along with the rice, before rinsing it a few times in clean water (without soap or detergent).

Step 7

If the appliance is still drying, keep the reservoir next to it.

In about an hour, both should be dry enough to assemble, so you can use them right away after the assembly process is complete.

Descaling The Bottle Warmer

It is recommended that you go through a decalcification process once a month in order to reduce limescale buildup.

Step 1

You should again unplug the unit and allow it to cool down for 30 minutes after it has been unplugged. If you try to wash it while it still has electrical power, it is very dangerous, and it could cause a fire.

Step 2

After removing the reservoir and emptying its contents, the heater unit should be placed over a sink in order for all the water in the heating unit to be removed.

Step 3

As soon as you pour the vinegar into the reservoir, follow it up with 4 oz (100 ml) of water, followed by 2oz (50 ml) of vinegar.

The combination of these two ingredients will make for a powerful cleaner. The liquids should be mixed by gently shaking the reservoir, which will help the liquids to combine.

Step 4

The reservoir should be put back in the unit, and it should be plugged in.

Using the keypad, initiate a heating cycle, and keep on doing so until the reservoir has emptied itself of the vinegar-water mixture it was filled with before.

Step 5

Take the warmer off the power and let it cool down for a half-hour before plugging it back in.

Step 6

It is now time to remove the reservoir and rinse it repeatedly to ensure all the vinegar is removed from it. Allow it to dry for about an hour before using.

Fill the reservoir with water, as usual, and put the warmer in place after you have filled the reservoir with water.

As soon as the limescale is gone, you should see a few bubbles indicating that it has been removed.

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