how to clean pella windows

When spring has finally arrived outside, having a home that is full of dirty, messy windows brings your home lifestyle down a notch. If your windows are covered in a film of grime, dust, and bugs, then you won’t be able to truly appreciate that great sensation of having a bright, sunny day outside pouring comfortably into your home.

Your home will feel more bright and airy with clean windows reflecting the natural light of spring. Your home will have an air of sophistication and modernity as a result of their presence. Cleaning the windows should be at the top of your list of things to do when spring cleaning. This will allow you to fully appreciate the changing of the seasons without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Nevertheless, not all windows are built the same. Some are far more difficult to clean than others. For example, windows that have grids or grilles on the exterior can be trickier to clean and maintain compared to windows that have them on the interior. Pella’s internal grids are designed in such a way that they make cleaning a breeze throughout the year.

What Are Windows with Grids or Grilles?

The typical window sash features thin strips of wood that create a grid and separate the individual panes of glass. These strips have been considered a mark of wealth and elegance for many years. They were formerly extremely desirable, but now they make it very difficult to clean a window’s glass. Windows that are frustratingly hard to reach and have grids in the way make spring cleaning a real effort and take significantly more time than windows that do not have grids.

How much are Pella windows with blinds?

Prices for Pella windows range from $90 to over $2,000 when installed, with the 250 series falling into the low budget category and the 850 architect being the most expensive, but also the most customizable, of their product lines. Pella windows are available in a variety of colors and styles.

How do you put Pella between glass blinds?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Altering the Blinds on Your Pella Window Locate the latch releases on the internal glass panel of your Pella window that is hinged. Move the latches until you feel them releasing the internal glass panel from the frame, then slide them back to their original position. Put your fingers around the round tab made of plastic that is located in the upper right corner of the blinds. Overlapping the mounting pin with the end of the new blinds is required.

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How long do Pella windows last?

According to Pella, the lifespan of vinyl windows is only about 15 years, whereas the lifespan of their windows is more than 30.

Internal Grids Are a Game-Changer

The advantages of having internal window grids become clear at this point!

Internal window grids are constructed out of horizontal strips of material that imitate the traditional wooden grids. The most important distinction is that these grids are installed between the panes of glass that make up the window, which makes it much simpler to keep your windows spotless and shiny.

It used to be a hassle to clean the windows, but Pella windows come equipped with interior grids that make this task much simpler and more easy. Now, a homeowner can enjoy the beauty of windowpanes with beautiful grids, but they won’t have to maneuver around the grids when they clean their windows in the spring.

Internal Window Grids vs. Exterior Grids or Grilles

Because it is not exposed to the air or precipitation outside, a window grid that is installed between the panes of glass makes it more simpler and quicker to clean the window. They are not allowed to become dirty.

Grids that snap onto the window’s glass are a feature offered by some competing brands; however, these grids must be removed before the window may be cleaned. If you are not a trained professional, it is easy to break them while attempting to remove them, which will require you to make inconvenient repairs or purchases of replacements.

Due to the substantial difference between the two, windows manufactured by Pella that include internal grids are an evident enhancement that are worth investing in.

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What to Use to Get Sparkling-Clean Windows

When you have Pella windows installed in your home, which have internal grids, the task of cleaning your home’s windows is a breeze.

Gather Your Equipment

Gather the following items: two buckets, a clean sponge, a rubber squeegee, one or two lint-free cloths, a chamois cloth, and cleaner.

If You Prefer, Make a DIY Cleaning Solution

There is no shortage of trustworthy industrial cleaning products on the market today, but it is not difficult to create your own. A window can be cleaned effectively with a solution consisting of one gallon of water and one and a half cups of white vinegar.

How to Clean Your Windows

If you want results that are reliable and appealing, follow these steps:

  • Put some cleaning solution on your wet sponge, and then apply it to the window.
  • Clean the window from top to bottom, removing any smudges and filth that you find.
  • Make use of your squeegee to remove the cleaning solution from your window, and then perform the procedure once more if necessary.
  • In order to prevent streaks on your windows after applying the cleaning solution, wipe them down in a horizontal motion with a wet squeegee blade.
  • Maintaining a clean squeegee will allow you to maximize its efficiency throughout the procedure.
  • Before you dry it off and polish it with a cloth, give the window a short rinsing with some clean water.
  • Polish the surface of the glass with a dry chamois cloth if you want to eliminate any trace of water that may have been left behind.

Three Benefits of Clean Windows

1. Easier Cleaning Next Time

Fingerprints and water marks, as well as residue from candles, cooking, and smoking, can accumulate on windows if they are not cleaned on an annual basis. If you give your home’s windows the attention they need once or twice a year, you can avoid the thick film of filth that can build up on them over the course of several years, making it impossible to clean them.

2. Boost Curb Appeal and First Impressions

Make sure there is no filmy residue on the windows of your home to complement the unique style of your property and to make a better impression on visitors and the people who live nearby. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your windows will be considerably less of a hassle thanks to the internal grids that are included in your Pella windows.

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3. Let in More Light

When your windows are able to allow in natural light, the atmosphere in your house will be cheerier and more upbeat. When the windows in your home are clean, it is much simpler to forget about the days that are cloudy and gloomy.

Love Every Inch of Your Home Exterior for Years to Come

You should have a lovely home that is worthy of your pride and that is suited to your way of life. Therefore, as you are sprucing up your home for spring and taking care of your wonderful new windows, you should inspect the entirety of your property.

Let our staff at Siding & Windows Group know if you find portions of the outside that require an improvement, such as the siding or the doors, and we would be happy to assist you. We are here to make your home in Chicago exactly as beautiful and as fulfilling to your needs as you have always imagined it could be. Get a free estimate right away!

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