how to clean levoit air purifier

Although it may seem like a simple task, maintaining an air purifier demands a significant amount of focus and attention to detail. Make sure that you pay close attention to the instructions. When you are unsure of what you are doing, there is a chance that you will make a mess.The procedure that Levoit suggests using to clean its air purifiers is uniform across many of the company’s many models. In this blog post, we will discuss many techniques that can be utilized when cleaning a Levoit air purifier.

Step 1: Clean the air purifier’s outside surface

First, clean the outside of the air purifier. To do so;

Before you begin cleaning, check to see that the device you intend to clean is switched off.

Remove any debris from the air purifier by wiping it down with a damp cloth, being careful not to scratch the surface, and then drying it off as soon as possible. It is not recommended to make use of cleaning solutions that contain chemicals that are either abrasive or combustible.

Step 2: Cleaning the inside of the air purifier

It is essential to determine whether the Levoit air purifier has washable filters or non-washable filters before beginning the cleaning process. To get the most out of an air purifier with filters that cannot be washed, it is recommended that the pre-filters be cleaned every two to four weeks. This will make the air purifier last longer.

Levoit air purifier; How to clean its pre-filter?
  • Before beginning the process of cleaning the Levoit air purifier, it is necessary to identify whether or not the filters are washable. Non-washable filters are the more common option.
  • It is recommended that the pre-filters be cleaned anywhere from once every two weeks to once every four weeks in order to get the most out of an air purifier that has filters that cannot be washed. Because of this, the air purifier will have a longer lifespan.



  • To clean the filter, use a gentle tossing motion while holding a soft brush and removing the dust particles. As a direct consequence of this, the pre-filter will be cleansed of dust, hair, and large particles of dust.
  • After that, you will need to be very careful as you reinstall the filter, and then you will need to replace the lid.
  • Because moisture might have an effect on HEPA filters, pre-filters need to be fully dried before they can be used.
How to Clean Levoit air purifier’s HEPA filter?
  • It is not recommended that the HEPA combo filter be cleaned since the act of cleaning it can cause pollutants to be released back into the air, which would result in the filter being permanently damaged. It is recommended that only the pre-filter be cleaned.

Step 3: Cleaning the Air Quality Sensor on Levoit

Dust can block not only the filters, but also the air quality sensor, which brings about a reduction in the system’s overall effectiveness. Therefore, this component likewise needs to be cleaned. You can accomplish this by carrying out the following steps:

  • Take off the cover of the air quality sensor so that you can get to the sensor itself.
  • Cotton swabs can be used to clean the lens of the sensor.
  • Clean the lens thoroughly with a cotton swab that has been dried off.
  • After the cleaning process is finished, the sensor can be put back into its housing.

Once more, your gadget will begin the process of purifying the air.

Note: The frequency with which these filters should be changed is directly proportional to the quality of the air. If the air quality where you live is poor, you should probably change the filter every three to six months on average.

When To Replace The Air Purifier Filter?

It is absolutely necessary to go through the Levoit air purifier’s user manual before doing anything with the device, including turning it on for the first time, cleaning it, or replacing any of its parts.
There is no question that keeping your air purifiers clean can help them function more effectively, but you will still need to replace the filters every few months if you want to ensure that they are doing their job properly. In addition, replacing air purifiers is a straightforward activity that does not demand a significant amount of effort.
Carbon filters should be changed every three months, HEPA filters should be changed every twelve to eighteen months, and permanent filters should be changed whenever they become damaged.
To ensure that the replacement of the air purifier filter goes well, be sure to give the user manual a thorough reading and follow the recommendations contained within it.

What Makes Levoit Air Purifier Filters Stand Out?

In addition to using a True HEPA filter, the Levoit air purifier has a filtration mechanism that is composed of three stages. The manufacturer asserts that each stage serves a unique role with the intention of increasing the product’s capability of removing minute airborne particles.

The following describes each of the three steps of filtering:

  • The fine preparatory step is the initial stage in the process, and it is where detritus such as hair, pet fur, and even lint are captured.
  • True HEPA filtration: Particles of the air at the microscopic level, such as bacteria, dust mites, and pollen, that have made it through the first stage are now being neutralized in this step.
  • High-efficiency activated carbon: The unpleasant smells in the home, such as those caused by cooking, smoking, and pets, are a trap in this stage.

Are Levoit’s Air Purifier Filters Washable?

Levoit is well-known in the industry for providing air purifiers that are of a high level and cover a broad variety of options. In addition to having high-quality HEPA filters, it also has particular cleaning requirements that must be met in order to properly clean its filter.

Checking the instructions for your air purifier can be one way to determine whether or not the filter you have purchased from Levoit is washable. If it says in the user handbook that it is “permanent” or “washable,” then you should treat it in accordance with those terms.

You are aware that HEPA air filters have a poor resistance to liquid, which indicates that their fibers are extremely sensitive. If the HEPA filter fibers were to come into contact with water, they would readily become damaged, which would have a severe impact on the filter’s ability to capture particles.

How Often Should You Replace Your HEPA Filter?

The constant use of the HEPA filter will, over time, cause the fiber to wear out. The majority of manufacturers of air purifiers program their devices to provide an accurate warning when it is time to replace your HEPA filter.

If your air purifier uses HEPA filters, you may need to replace them anywhere from once every six to once every twelve months depending on the model. The majority of industry professionals agree that this is the typical length of time that HEPA filters will continue to function effectively after being installed.

To increase the effectiveness of your Levoit HEPA filter and to make it last for an average of longer, all you need to do is clean it. After all, it is crucial to follow the ideal advise provided by Levoit regarding when the air purifier should be cleaned or replaced.

The elimination of air contaminants by HEPA filters contributes to an improvement in the air quality found inside buildings. Members of the household who suffer from allergic reactions will find this to be of particular use.

Follow these steps for replacing the filter on your Levoit air purifier:

  • Turn off your air purifier and disconnect it from the power source. Take off the cover of the filter on your air purifier.
  • Remove the old filter from the machine.
  • Make sure that the interior of the housing has been cleaned.
  • Remove the new filter from its package, and then replace it in the housing it will be using. Check that the tabs that you pull out are facing outward.
  • After that, the filter cover should be placed on the housing.
  • After that, activate the air cleaner in your home. After that, press and hold the button labeled “filter indicator” for three seconds, and the air purifier will be reset.
  • When the filter reset procedure is finished, the indicator light that is currently present on the button will go off.

The meaning of light colors on the Levoit air purifier:

When you first turn on your Levoit air purifier, it will take between five and thirty seconds for it to detect the overall quality of the air in the room. On the LED display of every Levoit air purifier, there are rings that indicate the current air quality. An autonomous sensor that monitors for the presence of airborne particles will indicate the current air quality. The rings will alter their appearance to reflect the state of the air around them.

  • Because the Levoit air purifier’s red light signifies poor air quality, it will automatically adjust to a high fan speed in order to properly clean the air.
  • When the yellow or orange light comes on, it indicates that the air quality is moderate and that you should have the fan speed set to medium.
  • When you see the green light, you know that the air quality is fine, and you should turn the fan speed down to its lowest setting.
  • The presence of blue light shows that the air quality is very high; hence, the fan will be set to the sleep mode because there is no need to clean the air.

Levoit Air Purifier; Red Light Reset:

A red light will begin to illuminate on your Levoit air filter when it is ready to be used. This is an automatic check filter light that illuminates at certain times throughout the day. You will need to reset it so that it can continue to keep an eye on the air filter and send you a notification when each period is complete.

Should I Clean Levoit’s Air Purifier Sensor?

The air quality sensor that comes with your Levoit air purifier is without a doubt one of its most impressive features. When you switch it to “Auto Mode,” it will carefully analyze the air quality in the space you’re in and adjust the speed of its fan to correspond with that analysis.

The operation of this gadget will be less efficient if you allow it to remain unclean. Because of this, your filters could become clogged very rapidly, particularly if the device is left on continuously. The sensor will become inoperable if debris continues to build up.

To thoroughly clean the sensor, follow these steps:

  • Always make sure to disconnect the appliance before doing any kind of maintenance on it.
  • Now remove the lid from the sensor device so that you can access it properly.
  • To clean the lens, you can use a cotton swab that has been dampened in water.
  • Before the cover is replaced on the sensor, make sure the lens has been well dried.
  • At long last, the cover may be fastened down with complete safety now.

What Do The Different Lights Mean On My Levoit Air Purifier?

You may find yourself perplexed as to the significance of the many lights that appear on the display of your Levoit air purifier at various points throughout its operation cycle. Don’t fret! When you see that these lights are on, it is merely an indication of the present level of your air quality.

This is a reflection of how quickly your filter deteriorates for some reason, which causes its cleaning cycle to run a lot more frequently.

The following descriptions apply to each of the lights based on the condition of the air within your home:

  • Very good air quality is indicated by a blue light. The fan operates at a low level.
  • Good air quality is indicated by a green light. The fan operates at a low level.
  • Moderate air quality is indicated by an orange light. The fan operates at a moderate level.
  • Poor or bad air quality is indicated by a red light. The fan operates at a high level. The filter becomes dirty at a rapid rate.

The most well-known contributor to poor air quality inside buildings is pollution in and of itself. These are the primary factors that lead to air pollution within buildings; therefore, it is imperative that you do everything in your power to have an adequate ventilation system and prevent being exposed to:

  • Combustive materials
  • Organic vapors
  • Bioaerosols

Also of the utmost importance is to protect both yourself and your family from any potential damage. Because breathing in the majority of these chemicals can be harmful to your health.

  • Cleaning materials
  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Fireplaces excessive emissions
  • And chemicals you set aside for a long time

In Closing

In today’s world, it is of the utmost importance to always ensure that the quality of the air within your home is clean. Maintaining a high level of efficiency in the Levoit air filter is essential to preserving the air quality in your home. Additionally, you are responsible for following the correct upkeep standards.

mainly due to the fact that this will not only ensure to retain the normal lifespan of your filter but will also keep your loved ones away from allergens. Because you are now able to clean and maintain the air filter in your Leviot, we are now free to depart in complete assurance.


1- How frequently should the Levoit air purifier be cleaned?

It is recommended that you clean the pre-filter of your air purifier every two to four weeks in order to maximize its lifespan. The use of a gentle brush or a vacuum hose can be utilized in order to clear the pre-filter of big particles, hair, and dust. In addition, under no circumstances should you clean the filter with water or any other liquid.

2- How long do air purifiers typically remain effective?

The lifespan of an air purifier might range anywhere from two to five years, depending on a variety of different circumstances. These impacts may be caused, in part, by factors such as the amount of air pollution that your device is exposed to throughout the day and the frequency with which it undergoes maintenance.

3- Is it feasible to do such with the Levoit air purifier that it is continually running?

You are able to keep your air purifier running continuously without any issues. Nevertheless, it is essential that you clean the filters about once each month. If the filters are not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, dust and allergens may collect in them.

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