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Due to the self-cleaning technology that is often incorporated in more current models of Whirlpool ovens, it is no longer required to spray harsh oven-cleaning chemicals and scrub food that has baked on and become tenacious. Because this feature warms the oven to temperatures that are substantially higher than those used for baking or broiling, the powdered ash-like consistency of the tough food sections is achieved as a result of using those food preparation methods. The self-cleaning function takes two hours to complete in ovens that have very light soil buildup, but it can take as long as four hours to complete in ovens that have a significant amount of grime buildup. On select models of Whirlpool ovens, a steam cleaning function is also included as an accessible option. This function makes use of hot water to release food that has become adhered to the oven, making it possible to remove the food without any difficulty. When compared to the other option, the one that makes use of steam can be completed in as little as twenty minutes.

Self-Cleaning Option

Take everything out of the oven as well as the drawer that is located within the oven. This includes any pans that were placed there as well as the racks that are located within the oven. Even though the racks in the oven can be left in the second and fourth positions from the top during the self-cleaning procedure, it is recommended that they be washed by hand since the extreme heat causes the racks to become discolored and makes it more difficult for them to slide. While the oven is running through its cycle of self-cleaning, you can clean the racks in the sink with a mild dish detergent, a sponge, or a steel wool soap pad, and then allow them to air dry afterward.

To clean the front of the oven and the frame that surrounds the oven door, either use a sponge soaked in dish detergent or a pad made of soapy steel wool. The frame should be cleaned in the same manner. When the door is closed, this portion of the oven is the only part of the appliance that faces the outside of the building. It is essential to avoid cleaning or otherwise upsetting the gasket that covers the front of the oven, as doing so may cause the seal to get destroyed, which in turn may harm the baking capacity in the future. This is why it is necessary to avoid doing either of these things. Remove anything off the top of the range, taking particular attention to anything made of plastic or that could potentially impede the vent for the oven. You can ventilate the room by opening a window or turning on the fan that is situated over the range. Both of these options are available to you.

Go to the control panel of the oven and push the “Auto Clean” button; on some Whirlpool models, this button may be titled “Precise Clean.” Pressing this button will clean the oven. If the Whirlpool model you have is equipped with a double oven, pressing the number “1” will clean the upper oven, while hitting the number “2” will clean the lower oven. The self-cleaning option can only be used to clean one of your ovens at a time, and there is a mandatory waiting period of 12 hours before you can clean the other oven.

Utilize the arrows on the control panel that are labeled “up” or “down” to make adjustments to the total amount of time spent cleaning. The display panel will alter its settings to an automatic self-cleaning cycle once the oven has been selected. This cycle has a length of around three and a half hours for ovens that have a moderate level of grime. The Whirlpool models have a range of cleaning times, the shortest being 2 to 2 1/2 hours for light cleaning and the longest being 4 to 4 1/2 hours for very soiled ovens. The shortest cleaning time is for light cleaning. Two hours is the bare minimum amount of time required for light cleaning.

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Pressing the “Start” button on the control panel will initiate the cycle that does the machine’s own cleaning. It is vital that the door is not opened until the duration of the cooling period has gone, and the word “Locked” will glow on the display screen to indicate that the door is locked. The door will lock itself automatically after the cooling period has elapsed. After the cleaning cycle has been completed, the oven will automatically unlock itself after it has cooled down for the remaining half an hour of the cycle.

Use a sponge that has been soaked in water to remove any ash residue that may have been left behind after cleaning the interior of the oven. This should be done after the oven has been thoroughly cleaned. Scrub the area using an abrasive steel wool soap pad if there is any debris that has not been entirely removed. In order to remove stubborn debris, it is possible that you may require the assistance of a product that has a mildly abrasive texture, as well as a little amount of oven cleaner spray. Take the racks out of the oven, and then carry on as though nothing has happened.

Steam-Cleaning Option

Take the racks out of the oven and clean each one of them by hand before replacing them. To properly clean the door frame and the front of the oven, you should use either a soapy sponge or a steel wool pad and conduct the cleaning by hand. To remove any debris that may have become loose in the oven, use a sponge to scrub the interior. Simply pressing the “Steam Clean” button on the control panel will get you started with the steam cleaning process. When using a model that has a double oven, pushing the number “1” or “2” on the number pad allows you to choose between using the upper or lower oven. After you have finished closing the door, get out a measuring cup and pour four ounces of distilled water into the very bottom of the oven. Utilizing water that has been through distillation is your best bet because this type of water does not leave any mineral deposits on the surface of the oven.

Simply pressing the “Start” button will cause the steam cleaning cycle to begin. You need to remain patient and wait for the beep that signals the completion of the cycle. This sound comes once every 20 minutes, on average. Simply pressing the “Cancel” button will return the display to its previous state, which is a blank screen. It is recommended that you make use of a sponge or a cleaning cloth in order to eliminate any lingering traces of water that may have been found within the oven. Whirlpool recommends using a scratch-free copper cleaning pad in order to remove stubborn stains and residue. This can be found on their website.

How Often to Clean the Oven

If you use the oven only sometimes, you should clean it around once every three months. If you use the oven virtually every day, you should clean it approximately once every month. After spraying the interior with oven cleaner and allowing it to sit for two hours, scrubbing it clean with a wet towel is the next step. This is an excellent alternative to making use of the self-cleaning function of the oven each time it is put to use.

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Whenever you are in the kitchen preparing food, you should position a baking sheet on a lower rack so that it may catch any food that may fall from a baking dish that is situated higher up. This assists in keeping the oven clean by preventing the accumulation of food particles that can occur over the course of time.

The vast majority of modern Whirlpool ovens come outfitted with a self-cleaning oven feature that makes it much easier and quicker for you to clean your oven. This feature is standard on most Whirlpool ovens. Your oven’s self-cleaning mechanism will function by raising the temperature to a very high level, at which time it will begin to burn any loose food and other debris that may be present. This will be accomplished by elevating the temperature to a very high level. In theory, all you need to do is turn it on, and once the cycle is complete, you can clean it up.

Your Whirlpool oven’s self-cleaning cycle should last anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how dirty the oven is before the cycle begins and how thoroughly it was previously cleaned.


Before turning on the self-cleaning mode of your oven, the very first thing you need to do is make sure that it is clean and ready to use. If you implement even a few of these recommendations, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning your oven:

Take each rack out of the oven and put it to the side. You are welcome to remove them and clean them in a separate sink with hot soapy water if you choose, but some people find it more convenient to keep them where they are and not move them at all. During the time when the oven is cleaning itself, this is an activity that you are able to participate in.

Take everything out of the oven, including the storage drawer (if this is a feature that is applicable to the type of oven you have). Because your oven reaches a very high temperature when it is in the process of cleaning itself, anything that is left on the burner or placed in the drawer stands the risk of being damaged.

Wipe the interior of your oven quickly to remove any large debris; this will assist in hastening the process of cleaning and will prevent the development of potent charring odors while the cycle is in operation. When cleaning the interior of your oven, you should never use any form of chemical product because doing so runs the danger of sparking a fire inside the appliance.


The next stage, which comes after making certain that your oven is prepared for a self-cleaning cycle, is to actually begin the process of setting the oven to run the cycle. This can be accomplished by selecting the cleaning setting that is most suited to your preferences and requirements. The vast majority of Whirlpool ovens come equipped with light, moderate, and heavy levels of built-in self-cleaning functionality. The level of filth that is currently on your oven should serve as a reference when choosing which setting to utilize.

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In the event that you are unclear, the instruction manual that was packaged along with your Whirlpool oven need to contain some pointers for you. The cycle can then be programmed once you have determined the proper settings to use.


You are free to start the self-cleaning cycle after you have determined the appropriate settings for it. When the cycle begins, it will immediately begin to heat your oven to a very high temperature in order to ensure that any loose food particles, grease, and filth are completely burned away. After that, the fan will switch on and begin to cool down your oven until it reaches a temperature at which it is safe for you to begin using it once more. Depending on the kind of oven you have, the time it takes for the self-cleaning cycle to complete can range anywhere from two to six hours. You should plan on leaving your oven to complete the cycle. For instance, the entirety of the self-cleaning procedure for wall ovens can take anywhere from four to six hours to complete.

  • You will not be able to open the door of the oven while it is running through its cycle because it will lock. Because the interior of the oven reaches very high temperatures, this is done to ensure that you and other members of your household do not come into contact with it. The following are some additional preventative measures you need to take:
  • It is crucial that you keep all of your pets, especially any birds or other tiny animals, out of the kitchen when the self-cleaning cycle is running on your oven. This is especially important if you have any birds in your household.
  • Be extremely cautious about allowing small children into the kitchen while the cycle is running. This is because it is possible for them to inadvertently touch the oven, which may get very hot even on the exterior.
  • During the time that you are cleaning your kitchen, you should ensure that it has sufficient ventilation by throwing open the windows and turning on the extractor fan that is located in your kitchen.


The very last thing you need to do is clean up the mess that was made in your oven. Because your Whirlpool oven has a unique enamel coating on it, thankfully, doing this is fairly simple and straightforward. Your oven’s surfaces only need to be wiped down with a cloth until all of the leftover debris has been removed from it. All you have to do is grab a cloth. After that, you can replace each of the oven racks and begin utilizing your (now really clean) oven once more.

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