how to clean out mascara tube

If you just got a lash or eyebrow serum, and it didn’t come with an applicator brush, you might be thinking how you can use it if you don’t want to go out and get an entirely new product. As long as the tube and wand of the mascara applicator are spotless, they can be used to store growth serums. Mascara containers come equipped with a tube and a wand for applying the product. It only takes one afternoon to clean out your mascara tube and convert it into a brand new product that you can use on a daily basis. You may do this by reusing the container.

How to Get Old Mascara Leftovers Out Of the Tube?

In order for you to be able to reuse the mascara in the future for something else, you will first need to remove any residual product that is wedged inside the tube.

Fortunately, the procedure is pretty simple.

  • prepare some soapy water
  • Take the wand of mascara out of its case.
  • It can be cleaned with some dish soap and a little bit of warm water. It is recommended that you soak your mascara brush in warm water for roughly 15 minutes.
  • Use some paper towels to dry it off.
  • Makeup remover containing water should be poured into the tube of mascara until it is completely full.
  • To break up the consistency of the mascara, simply rotate the wand inside the tube. Simply give it a few good stirs all over.
  • Remove the cap and wait three hours for the makeup remover to completely soak the interior of the tube.
  • Makeup remover should be poured out of the tube onto a piece of paper towel.
  • Make sure there isn’t a rubber insert in your mascara tube, and if there is, take it out.

This is the basic instruction, of course, but even with this straightforward list of things to do, you will be able to wash old mascara out of the tube (assuming, of course, that it is still wet enough to do so).

Having said that, your mascara tube does not appear to be sufficiently cleansed.

Your mascara tube needs to go through a rinse process in addition to the cleaning process in order to guarantee that the tube is completely clean and does not contain any remnants or traces of the previous product.

How to Clean the Mascara Residue Out?

The residue that may still be present in the mascara tube needs to be removed before moving on to the next stage of the cleaning process.

This is functionally equivalent to rinsing the item. And what we want to inform you is that the residue will most likely still be there because mascara is a substance that is difficult to remove completely.

This is the reason why you need to follow the directions to the letter:

  • Put your mascara wand and the tube into a bowl of warm water containing some dish soap.
  • Make the mascara within the tube easier to spread with the help of the mascara brush.
  • To remove the soap residue, completely submerge the mascara tube in clean water.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the tube as well as the brush.
  • Everything should be let to air dry on a paper towel.

As was the case with the technique that was outlined earlier, the following is merely an example of a generic order of events.

In the following paragraphs, you will find a number of minute details and nuances that need to be taken into mind if you want to ensure that your old mascara tube is spotless and ready to be reused when you are finished reading this part.

Soaking the Mascara Tube in Makeup Remover

1. Take the wand out of the mascara, and then clean it using a small amount of soap and warm water. Ten to fifteen minutes should be spent soaking the mascara wand in warm water before using it again. After washing the wand with dish detergent and hot water, pat it completely dry with a paper towel so that no moisture remains.

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2 Use a cosmetic remover that contains water in order to clean the mascara tube of any leftover makeup.Remover for makeup will help dissolve any remaining mascara in the tube, making it much simpler to remove. This will make it possible to remove mascara from the tube. To thoroughly fill the container, eye makeup remover designed specifically for the eyes should be used.

  • Removers that are oil-based do not mix well with water and may leave a residue in the mascara tube if they are used.
  • You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove eye makeup if you don’t have any eye makeup remover.

Tip: Because they do not dissolve in water, the mascara in waterproof mascara tubes is far more difficult to remove than the mascara in regular mascara tubes.

3 To dilute the mascara, simply rotate the wand inside the tube several times. Place the wand of the mascara back into the tube, and then rotate it several times to mix the product. If you can, use the wand that comes with the mascara to try to lift some of the loose mascara up and out of the tube.

  • In the event that you intend to reuse the mascara wand, this will also assist wipe it off thoroughly.
4 Remove the cap from the tube and wait three hours while the makeup remover soaks the interior. Put the cap back on the mascara tube while leaving the wand inside, and then leave it to soak in the makeup remover for a minimum of three hours. If you want to wipe out a tube of waterproof mascara, let it sit out on the counter overnight.
  • The mascara within the tube can be broken down more by the makeup remover if you let the tube sit for a while, which also makes it easier to clean.
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5 Makeup remover should be poured onto a paper towel after it is removed from the tube.Remove the wand from the top of the mascara tube, then use a paper towel to absorb as much of the makeup remover as you can. It is possible that it is simply wedged in the bottom of the tube, so there is no need to worry if only a small amount comes out.

  • It is best to avoid pouring your makeup remover and mascara down the sink because doing so could eventually cause the sink to become clogged.
6  If your mascara tube has a rubber insert, locate it and pull it out before applying the product. Inside of some mascara tubes is a rubber stopper that prevents mascara from drying out. To get the rubber piece loose from the tube so that you may clean it, you can use the prongs of a fork to do the job.
  • It is necessary to remove the mascara from underneath the rubber because there is a possibility that it has mascara stuck underneath it.

Cleaning out the Residue with Soap and Water


1 Put the mascara wand and tube into a bowl of warm water with some dish soap in it.Warm water should be added to a bowl or sink first, then one to two drops of dish soap should be put in the water. Mix the dish detergent with the water by swishing it around in a circular motion. The next step is to place your mascara wand and tube into the water and ensure that they are completely submerged. This will allow the water to completely fill your mascara tube.

Tip: Dish soap that eliminates grease will provide you the greatest results.

2 Make use of the mascara wand to break up the mascara that is contained within the tube.Once more, place the wand of the mascara inside the tube and move it around inside. If possible, use the wand to lift lumps of mascara from the bottom of the tube and remove them.

  • If you find that you are still removing a significant amount of mascara with your wand, add one drop of dish soap to the interior of the tube, and then work the dish soap into the mascara using your wand.

3 To remove the soap from the mascara tube, submerge it in a bowl of clean water.Empty the soapy water from your sink or bowl and set it aside. After it has been refilled with clean, warm water, place both the mascara tube and wand into the container. Repeat this process several times until there are no longer any soap bubbles emerging from your mascara tube.

  • If you find that you have any mascara on your hands, you can remove it with some dish soap.

4 Use the rubbing alcohol to clean up the tube as well as the wand.To prepare your mascara for use, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to its container. After placing the wand inside the tube, replace the lid, and shake the tube several times in both directions. Empty the tube of its contents of the rubbing alcohol.

  • When you want to reuse the mascara tube and wand for a different product, you should sanitize them with rubbing alcohol first. This is necessary since bacteria can be transferred from one product to another.
5 Allow the tube and the wand to dry naturally in the sunlight. Keep the cover off of the mascara tube and place it, along with the applicator wand, in a location that will receive direct sunlight for approximately six hours. Before you put a new product into your mascara tube, you need to make sure that the tube is fully dry.
  • After inserting the wand into the tube and rubbing it over your hand, you may determine whether or not the tube is clean. If some mascara gets onto your hand when applying it, you will need to clean out the mascara tube once again.

6 If you’d like, you can add more products to the tube of your mascara.Replace the rubber piece that has been removed from the top of your mascara tube. You can apply your new items by pouring them into the tube of mascara and using the wand that comes with it.

  • The majority of eyelash and eyebrow serums contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that promote the growth of follicles on your face.

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