how to clean malachite

Malachite is a beautiful gemstone that can be found when copper deposits have been found in the ground. It is well-known for the vivid green hue that it possesses. You need to clean it on a consistent basis in order to keep its lustrous appearance intact. If you have malachite in your home, you are probably wondering how to clean malachite, and you are in the right place. Malachite is a stone that may be cleaned by immersing it in water that is warm and soapy. The next step is to take the stone out of the water and see what comes off of it after giving it a light brushing with a dry brush. It is not a good idea to soak the malachite stone in water for an extended period of time. This is because the stone contains copper, which has certain chemical qualities that induce this effect. Copper is a malleable mineral that can become harmful to people if it is exposed to water for an extended period of time.


The vast majority of individuals who wear malachite stones also take care to keep them clean because they believe in the magical powers that they possess.

Healers are of the opinion that the malachite stone possesses innate curative properties. They also believe that it purifies their atmosphere and removes any negative energy that may be present within the community.

Malachite is another stone that is used for its protective qualities by miners. They believe that because it is derived from the earth, it should be able to shield them from danger while they are at work.

People clean it because they believe it has a powerful influence over the heart. They have the misconception that cleaning prepares them for love and romance.

How to Clean Malachite Without Causing Damage?

Copper gives malachite its characteristic green color.

Copper can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken before cleaning malachite, which contains the mineral.

It is preferable to acquire knowledge of the material’s physical and chemical properties before beginning the cleaning process.

The Physical Challenge when Cleaning Malachite

It is hard to clean the malachite because of its physical properties.

A high concentration of copper in the stone will make it soft.

It also gives a green color to the malachite. Green stones are rare in nature.

The softness of the malachite enhances its toxicity.

There are many ways malachite can harm your health while you are cleaning it.

It will produce toxic dust because most materials can scratch the malachite.

It has a hardness score of 3.5 to 4 on the Moh hardness scale.

You cannot polish it without protective gear as it may produce toxic dust.

Most people put stones in the water to clean them.

You cannot put the malachite for a long time because it will give toxic fumes into the water.

Copper can dissolve and react with the water to produce toxic fumes.

These fumes are detrimental to your health.

Sellers put a sealant on the malachite to prevent the harmful effects. It is better to care for the sealant.

Any damage to the top layer of malachite will result in the production of toxic dust or fumes.

You should clean the malachite as little as possible.

You should not clean the malachite unnecessarily.

You can follow these steps to reduce the chances of copper toxicity during malachite cleaning when you have a recently collected raw stone.

  1. During the cleaning procedure, the malachite should be stored in an area that has adequate ventilation.
  2. Put on protective gloves that do not let any dust through to your hands.
  3. In the event that the stone contains malachite dust, you should wear protection gear to safeguard your hands, nose, mouth, and other body parts.
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When the malachite is covered in dust, you might use a different procedure to work with it.

  • It is very recommended that safety gear be utilized during this operation as well.
  • To eliminate the residue of dust from the malachite crystals, brush them with a toothbrush.
  • After you have submerged the stone in the water once, you should scrub it.
  • If the dust won’t come off, you can try soaking it in the soap solution for a few moments to see if it helps.
  • In the event that the dust does not come off, you might choose to keep the malachite in the soap water for some time.

Because using a tumbler to clean or polish malachite might lead the stone to become scratched or chipped, this method is not one that we advocate.

You may try putting it in the tumbler with some mild polishing grit for a little period of time.

In order to protect the malachite crystal, the grit’s hardness should be comparable to that of the malachite.

Because the copper solution contains copper, it is best to get rid of it because copper is harmful.

How To Clean Malachite?

Malachite is a fairly well-known stone because of the metaphysical properties it possesses. Healers who rely on metaphysical principles feel it has the potential to alleviate arthritis symptoms. They also believe that it has the ability to soak up destructive energies.

Malachite stones are stunning, but if they are not handled properly, they pose a health risk to human beings. They contain chemical components that, when combined with water, generate potentially dangerous vapors.

In order to get rid of the negative energy that the malachite gemstone has taken in, it needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.

If you follow the methods below, you will have a much easier time cleaning your malachite stone.There are four different ways that a malachite stone can be cleaned, and they are as follows:


In order to clean malachite salt using sea salt, you will need the following materials: salt that has not been iodized, a porcelain dish, and a shovel.

  • The first thing you need to do is sprinkle some coarse sea salt onto the bottom of the ceramic bowl. After that, you can put the stone on top of it, and then leave it out in the moonlight all night. The placement of the stone in the moonlight is completely voluntary. However, moonlight is a natural component that will be of assistance in the process of cleaning.
  • The following day, empty the dish of its salt and replace the stone in its original location in the dish. After adding a few other dry herbs, leave it out in the moonlight for another night.
  • Following this, make a hole in your garden using the malachite stone, and place it there. The minerals and nutrients from the ground will assist in the cleaning of the malachite stone. It is safe to leave it in the ground for a few days at a time.
  • Following this step, lay the malachite on top of the quartz. Quartz is a stone that is considered to be neutral, and it has the ability to absorb natural energy from other stones. You should leave it there for the night.
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After you have completed all of these stages, the malachite stone you are working with will be clean and ready for use.


Sage is an excellent cleaner for malachite stones and can be used to do so.

In order to clear the energies in the home, sage is frequently employed. It has a history of being linked to beneficial energies, as well as wisdom, healing, and protection.

The following is a step-by-step guide that can be followed if you want to use sage to clean a malachite stone.

  • After lighting a white candle, place your malachite stone directly over the flame so that it can draw the energy from the candle into itself.
  • Place the white candle and the malachite stone inside of a dish that has been filled with salt.
  • Make it a point to keep your hands off the malachite stone until the salt has completely soaked up all of the destructive energy.
  • When all of the negative energy has been soaked up, you can next proceed to wash the items together in the bowl using clean water.
  • To clean the malachite stone, run it under some running water from the faucet. After that, you need to make sure that everything is totally dry.


In addition to using water, one of the most efficient methods for cleaning your malachite stone is to use salt. If you wish to clean your malachite stone using water, the steps you need to perform are as follows:

  • Get a bowl and fill it with distilled or spring water. You can use those waters to clean your malachite stone, as they are the purest water available.
  • Put the stone completely under the water and let it sit there overnight.
  • In the morning, you should clean the stone by rinsing off the residue.
  • It is imperative that you use a fresh cloth to dry it.


When exposed to sunshine, malachite does not lose its color or become less vibrant. The frequent contact with sunshine is what causes the fading to take place. If you need to clean a malachite stone with sunlight, then you should take it out of the sun after a few hours at the most.

You should not use the Sun as a cleaning method on your malachite stone if there are any indications that the stone is beginning to lose its color. Alternately, you could use alternative gentler techniques of cleaning in order to prevent the stone from being damaged.

If you intend to use water to clean your malachite stone, it is imperative that you do so while wearing protective gloves. The chemical component of the gemstone could be harmful to your fingers, but these gloves will protect them.

If the method you use to clean involves the use of dust, you should additionally protect your face by using a mask.

If you own hematite and want to learn how to clean hematite, you should read our guide, which is titled “How to clean hematite.”


The stone of malachite can be cleaned with water if necessary. On the other hand, it shouldn’t spend too much time in the water. This is due to the presence of a copper complex within the stone, which produces toxic vapors when the stone is exposed to water for an extended period of time.

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When you wish to take a shower, you need to take the malachite stone out of its setting first. Harmful gases will be produced when the stone is combined with water and shower gels, and these fumes can cause damage to the body.


Polished malachite is the refined form of malachite. So, it can be washed. It does not need to be immersed in water for a long time. Instead, it can be washed and dusted with a light brush to remove the dirt.

The raw malachite is polished so that it can be worn as a bracelet, earring, or necklace.


The sun’s rays are capable of purifying the malachite stone. It is recommended, however, that you protect it from direct sunlight so that it does not fade.

Do not use sunlight as a cleaning procedure on your malachite if it has already lost its vibrant color. You might, as an alternative, employ a method of cleaning that is less harsh.


If the malachite stone’s shine becomes dull, you can use a soft polishing cloth to gently buff the stone back to its shiny self.

If the stone does not regain its shine, you can take it to a jeweler to have it re-polished.


At auctions, the price of a natural malachite slice might reach up to one thousand dollars. However, the cost of ordinary malachite minerals is approximately $50 per ounce.

The utilization of malachite stone is a primary factor in determining the value of the stone. For instance, certain malachite stones are employed in the production of desires. The size and level of artistic skill of the piece are taken into consideration when determining the worth of these cravings.

The stone known as malachite is also fashioned into ornaments for use in jewelry. The prices are determined not only by the quantity of jewelry but also by its design.

Don’t Use Bleach

You cannot use the same methods to clean the malachite as the other stones.

Some experts put the high hardness stones in the acids and the bleach for weeks.

They do it to remove the unwanted impurities from the crystals.

You cannot do it for the malachite because of the toxic fumes and low hardness.

People put the malachite in bleach or acid to remove the calcite deposition on the stone.

Removing these deposits can also damage the crystal structure.

We recommend using Dremel tools to remove the dust and calcite depositions.

The methods involving bleach are unsafe.


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