how to clean DynaVap VapCap

Combining the characteristics of a vape with those of a cigarette led to the creation of the retro method of smoking herbs known as the DynaVap VapCap. It is safe to say that using it affords you the advantages of both the old and the new ways of doing things. However, it might be difficult for those who are just starting out, particularly if you have no prior experience with smoking etiquette.

There are a lot of people who complain to me that using DynaVap is a lot of work, but after a few days, they end up becoming fans of the product. The key is to train your brain to anticipate what comes next. Why, since everything worthwhile demands some effort on our part, should indulging in the act of smoking beautiful herbs and flowers be an exception to this rule?

You start to look forward to the procedure, the slow drags, and the process of discovering new ways to create clouds of vapor.

This article is your definitive guide to utilizing a DynaVap Vapcap because it will take you step-by-step through the process and provide you with tips on how to handle the airports, the ideal lighter, and the procedure for cleaning it. Continue reading since there is a possibility that you will pick up something new, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced user.

A dry herb vaporizer that is kept clean like a VapCap can create a lot of vapor with pure flavors.Fortunately, due to DynaVap’s dedication to modular design and the use of simple components, VapCaps can be cleaned with relative ease. In order to thoroughly clean everything, you will need to disassemble some of the items first; however, there is no need for alarm because the process is rather easy and consists of only a few straightforward stages.Because of the wet and gloomy conditions in which it is typically found, the grout in your bathroom is one of the most likely sites to contain black mold. If you have observed that the grout surrounding your shower or sink has turned black, there are several things that you can use to remove it. If you have discovered that the grout has turned black, you can use these items. Continue reading to find out more information about the method that has proven to be the most successful in our research for removing this black mold from your home.

DynaVap VapCap Clean up: Quick summary

  1. Fully take apart your VapCap
  2. Wipe down the inside of the cap
  3. Soak all the other metal pieces, rinse and dry
  4. Apply wax to wood pieces
  5. If necessary, soak o-rings, rinse and dry
  6. Reassemble

DynaVap Cleaning Guide: What you’ll need

In spite of the fact that you could be tempted to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the VapCap pieces, DynaVap advises against doing so. However, if you find that your VapCap is extremely clogged, you might try soaking the metal pieces in isopropyl alcohol for a short period of time. After this, make sure to clean them well and give them plenty of time to dry before using them again.

In the majority of instances, using hot water with soap added or any other non-hazardous cleaning product will do the task just fine. To properly soak the components, you will need a container of some type; the tube that the VapCap came in is an excellent choice in this regard. If you have a VapCap M, you can also just place it in the silverware basket of your dishwasher. This option is available to you if you have this device.

Pull it apart

To begin, take the VapCap vaporizer and disassemble it into its individual parts. There are neither latches nor levers; to separate them, you just simply pull in opposite directions. To separate them requires some physical effort, and an occasional twist may be necessary to make the process go more smoothly.

Your objective is to totally deconstruct your VapCap into three groups of components, each of which should be categorized according to the type of material it is made of. Aside from the cap, metal components can be immersed in the liquid contained within the plastic tube. Wooden components should be put to the side because they should not require cleaning, but they could profit from a light application of DynaWax. Because the O-rings and gaskets are so easy to misplace, you should clean them only if they become dirty. To clean them, immerse them in warm soapy water in a separate glass.

Wipe out the cap by itself

You may clean the interior of your DynaVap cap if it has a tiny amount of buildup on it by soaking a cotton swab in some isopropyl alcohol and then swiping it around the inside of the DynaVap cap. Although you shouldn’t put the cap itself in water, you can put it in the dishwasher if it has some buildup on it.

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Soak the metal parts

The metal components can be cleaned by soaking them in hot, soapy water, pipe cleaning solution, or isopropyl alcohol; however, you will need to properly rinse them afterward. Put the metal parts in the tube, fill the tube up to the halfway point with the cleaning solution of your choice, and give it a vigorous shaking.

Floss with pipe cleaners

After giving the pieces of the VapCap a good shake and soaking them, you should be able to dry them off and put them back together. In such case, the easiest and most effective way to clean them is to run a pipe cleaner through them like floss. It is an especially effective method for ensuring that the interior of the condenser is completely clean, which is essential for achieving a smooth draw.

Replacing the rings

When it comes to replacing the two o-rings on the VapCap, things can get a little hairy. First, apply a small amount of water or DynaVap’s very own DynaWax on the rings in order to lubricate them. The smaller ring should go further inward on the condenser tube and settle into the groove after it has done so. Position the bigger ring around the end of the condenser tube so that it is flush with the end of the tube.

What’s in the box?

You won’t have to go all Ikea on the DynaVap because it already comes fully assembled and boxed up for you to take it with you. The earlier editions came with a colored plastic tube for storage, however with the release of their most recent M 2020 Edition, DynaVap developed a cardboard container that is more favorable to the environment.

You can disassemble the various components of the DynaVap VapCap for the sake of cleaning or merely to satisfy your natural curiosity; however, you should do so with a solid understanding of how everything should be put back together.

The Steps to Using DynaVap VapCap-

Step 1:

The DynaVap arrives already assembled, so the first thing you need to do is place the herbs in the section of the device that is specifically designated for them. To accomplish this, you will need to take off the cap. It is the piece that is emblazoned with the brand name and resembles the top of a pen in appearance.

Your preferred method of smoking will determine the consistency of the herb that you use. In order to complete the operation, I make use of a Santa Cruz 4-part herb grinder. A packing tool or even just a stick can be used to give it a little tap while the chamber is being filled up to the level of the tip. You don’t need to be concerned about packing it too tightly as the vape will still operate even if you do so; nevertheless, as you continue to use it, you will find the consistency that works best for you. It is my recommendation that you experiment with a variety of consistencies to determine which one suits you and your “high”ness the most effectively.

You can also load your herbs by placing the tip in the shredded herbs and sucking on the mouthpiece at the same time. This is an additional method. Because of the vacuum, the herb may settle down in the chamber, and you can avoid getting sticky residue on your hands in the process. When doing this, you need to be careful not to grind the herbs too finely, as otherwise some of the particles could get stuck in the screen and wind up in your mouth.

Nobody enjoys uninvited food!

Step 2:

After ensuring that the herbs are evenly distributed around the chamber, you will replace the lid before proceeding to heat them.

When you don’t know how the temperature affects your smoke, manually heating your herbs can be a little bit of a challenge. This is especially true when you first start out. Permit me to elaborate on that for you.

Although it may be done successfully with lighters of any kind, it is recommended that you use a butane lighter for the process. The first thing to do while heating something is to figure out how to keep the temperature under control. That’s not impossible at all!

Where the “D” of the logo is located is the region of the vaporizer that acts at a lower temperature. This region is located near the beginning of the cap. The temperature will continue to rise the further you get away from there.

If you have ever used a portable vaporizer that allows you to regulate the temperature, you are aware of the fact that your choice contributes to the production of those thick clouds of smoke. However, if you are new to smoking, the following is a helpful guide that will walk you through the process.

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Now that you know where to position the flame, let’s speak about another factor that affects the heating: the length of the flame and where it is placed.

Maintain a flame length of 1 centimeter, as this is optimal for use with our DynaVap VapCap. Because it is the most intense section of the flame, the light blue halo that surrounds the dark blue portion of the flame should be utilized by you in order to heat it.

During the heating process, you should rotate your DynaVap VapCap like you would a roasting chicken. This will guarantee that the material is heated uniformly and that all sides are reached. It is possible to burn your herbs if you concentrate your flame on one end, which would undermine the point of using a vape to smoke them.

Maintain the DynaVap at an angle between 30 and 45 degrees and rotate it until you hear the click.

Hold on, what exactly is the click? Let me clarify.

Step 3:

Users of DynaVap are prompted to “Respect the click” on the website, and this is something that should be done.

The process of clicking will now be explained.

As you heat up the DynaVap VapCap, it begins to achieve the ideal temperature, which is the point at which your valuable herbs will start to catch fire. At that point in time, when the temperature is at its highest, you should hear a click. That is a signal that you should cease heating and begin smoking instead.

You have to come to terms with the fact that heating it farther than the click won’t do any sort of magic or miracle. You will only taste the acrid, poisonous smoke that has been burned, and it will fill your lungs.

After the first click, you could hear a second click that is a little bit louder than the first. This second click is simply there to ensure that you heard the first click. You have the option of beginning to drag immediately after the first click or waiting until the second, louder click.

As soon as you light your first cigarette, it is only natural that your body temperature will begin to drop. You will hear a click again when it is below the level at which you are able to vape; this will serve as an indication for you to begin heating the tip of the vaporizer.

When using a DynaVap VapCap, all you have to do to “Respect” the product and ensure your safety is click it twice, once at the beginning and once at the conclusion.

Although lighting up and taking hits might be your thing, it can be a little distracting when you’re trying to enjoy a movie or have a good time with your friends. If that’s the case, the DynaVap Apollo heater is quite the piece of equipment! All you have to do is press the button on your vaporizer, wait for it to heat up, and then inhale the smoked herbs. No lighter, and not a worry in the world.

Step 4:

When you hear the initial click, it is ready to take a drag on the e-cigarette. With the help of the arrows that are located on the side of the gadget, you are able to make adjustments to the vapor. Usually, it is just a little hole on the body of the DynaVap VapCap, but on their most recent M 2020 Edition, we saw that there were chiral airports. In either case, it enables you to control the resistance by covering or exposing the airports as appropriate.

The most common method is to use the index finger to cover the ports and then rotate the device while dragging to cover or uncover the ports. This is the most common method.

You can also leave it totally covered for heavy clouds and a slow drag, or completely bared for a wide-open draw. Either option will produce the desired effect.

You can also discover the consistency you’re looking for in the middle. The goal here is to get consistent outcomes with the use of moderate levels of effort.

Just keep trying new things until you find the perfect combination of lovely puffs and flavorful vapor!

Step 5:

Using DynaVap is similar to the process of smoking in that it involves heating, smoking, reheating, and repeating.

After you’ve taken a drag and heard the click sound, it is a good indicator that it is time to reheat the material. When you are finished with your session, all you have to do is wait for the material to cool down before removing it with a scoop.

You can purchase a magnetic holder that will assist in maintaining the position of the DynaVap until it has cooled down to the point where it can be safely handled with bare hands. You might also acquire a product called the DynaStash, which holds your gadget in a magnetic holder in addition to providing storage space for it.

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After the apparatus has cooled down, you can remove the material by scooping it out with the extended section of the cap. Do not store it with the discarded material because doing so could cause your screens to become clogged and give off an unpleasant taste.

If you use your DynaVap on a regular basis, you should clean it so that you may avoid having to utilize the deep cleaning feature. Even though the displays are interchangeable and the body is nearly indestructible, you will still need to perform some maintenance on it on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to function as efficiently as possible. To keep your hands from getting burned, you should wait until the DynaVap has cooled down before you empty the chambers.

So there you have it! Since you are already familiar with how to use a DynaVape, you should go ahead and give it a shot.

Picking the perfect lighter

Because of their quick heating period (five to seven seconds) and precise flame, butane torches are the most effective tool for heating a DynaVap. You can use a conventional lighter with a mild flame, but keep in mind that it may take a longer amount of time to heat the material and that it will leave soot markings on the tips. It is recommended to use torches with a large number of flames since they heat the DynaVap more rapidly; however, these torches do not offer exact temperature control.

The majority of lighters are reasonably priced, and you can get one without placing undue strain on your pocket when doing so.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The convenience with which the DynaVap may be maintained and cleaned, in addition to its ruggedness and mobility, is one of the product’s most appealing qualities.

To begin, disassemble the DynaVap by drawing the pieces apart and then twisting them in opposite directions. Your DynaVap is comprised of the body, the rings, and the metal bits, which are all separate components.

Although a lot of people soak the metal components in isopropyl alcohol, I wouldn’t recommend doing so. On the official DynaVap website, it is written quite plainly to steer clear of utilizing any chemicals. To soak the rings and metal components, you can either use a dishwasher or any kind of gentle dishwashing detergent. You can use a Q-tip to clean the regions that are resistant to cleaning and are tough to reach.


How often do I clean my DynaVap?

It is entirely dependent on the context. It is possible that it will work for up to ten days if you are a very light user. It is possible to use it without cleaning it for up to four or five days, even with very intense usage. When pulling on a vape, most people wait until they can feel the reclaim in their mouth before they clean it. This is an indication that the vape needs to be cleaned.

Does VapCap smell?

It is well-known to be a stealthy method of smoking, but in terms of the odor, it is dependent on the variety of the herb that you are smoking. The use of DynaVap by itself will not eliminate the odor.

How many hits can you get from the DynaVap?

Before you need to reheat it, it should be able to produce one to two clouds of smoke that are dense and flavorful.

At what temperature does the DynaVap click?

Between 300 and 340 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for the DynaVap in terms of temperature.

The DynaVap VapCap Guide has reached its conclusion at this point.

You are now aware of how to use it, how to clean it, the most effective method to heat it, and which lighter is the most effective. You can either go ahead and acquire a DynaVap if you don’t already have one, or you can just take one from your collection, put it in your mouth, and inhale deeply.

Are there lingering questions that keep popping up in the back of your mind? Leave a comment below, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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