How To Clean Puffco Plus – Everything You Need To Know

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The chamber should be warmed up after one cycle of Sesh Mode if it needs to be cleaned generally. The mouthpiece must be unscrewed. Clean the chamber and Dart with a cotton swab tightly wound. Remove threading by wiping it. In case of need, repeat the process.

Your Plus chamber is normal to darken or blacken in the bottom over time, much like a ceramic nail would over time. Overall performance of the chamber should not be affected by this.

A cotton swab dipped in ISO can be used to clean the mouthpiece, battery, and threading. Puffco Plus gunmetal parts shouldn’t be soaked in rubbing alcohol.

How Do I Use My Puffco Plus?

  • Lock and unlock the unit by clicking the cloud button five times consecutively.

  • Changing the temperature can be accomplished by clicking the cloud button four times consecutively. (Green – Low, Blue – Medium, White – High).

  • The cloud button should be held down and inhaled for regular use. After eight seconds of use, the pen will shut off automatically.

  • Sesh Mode can be entered by clicking two consecutive times on the cloud button. There will be a 12-second delay between pressing the pen and turning it off. Sesh Mode can be exited by pressing the button twice more.

  • Sesh mode should not be used more than three times

  • Puffco Plus should not be used with any other products. A 510 thread is present on the battery. Puffco Plus parts should not be used with any other products, despite this being a common thread.


How Do I Load My Puffco Plus?

Puffco darts are recommended for loading the chamber. Our recommendation is to load the chamber one at a time for the best Puffco experience. Leaks and clogs can occur as a result of overpacking.

Tips: During each use, use between .2g and .3g of darts, then switch to “Sesh mode.” and use until chamber is empty. Fill chambers as needed. Ensure pen contents are heated efficiently by holding it vertically. Low batteries may reduce vapor production. The best result will come from a fully charged battery. As long as they’re not super runny, sappy or liquid, there are no restrictions on what can be used in the Puffco Plus.

How Do I Charge My Puffco Plus?

Whenever the Plus battery needs to be recharged, it will flash 10 times.  Your Puffco kit includes a charger that can be used to charge the Puffco Plus battery. Any USB outlet can be used to power the charger. Connect the charger to the battery and screw it on the other end.

In the event the pen battery is uncharged, a white light will appear when the pen is attached to the battery. A green blinking light will indicate that the pen has finished charging. Uncharged batteries will cause the charger’s light to turn red when screwed onto the charger. Taking the battery out of the charger is as simple as unscrewing it. A wall unit is the best way to charge the battery. Recharging the battery is indicated by the battery light flashing 10 times. Depleted Plus batteries should be fully charged within 35 minutes with super chargers.

How Long Should My Battery Last?

Using the Plus battery in Sesh Mode on its highest setting, it should last for 30 cycles. If the battery is used frequently or in Sesh Mode, the battery will be depleted more quickly. In order to determine if this is not the issue you’re experiencing, please check whether the same issue occurs with both of the atomizers included in your kit. To ensure that there are no connection problems, dip a cotton swab in ISO after cleaning the gold connection pins between the battery and atomizers.

The smallest bit of debris can occasionally cause an interference in the pen’s connection, resulting in it not working or charging properly. Compared with the Puffco Pro, the Plus atomizer consumes more power, which reduces battery life. Our older model’s battery life would be similar, if not better, if you used the Pro atomizer with the Plus battery.



What Is The Puffco Plus Used For?


Essential oils can be used with the Puffco Plus. As long as they are not overly runny, sappy or in liquid form, essential oils of any consistency and flavor can be used in the pen. The chamber can also be damaged or shorted by dry herbs, so you should never use them in your Puffco.


What Is Sesh Mode?


Sesh Mode can be entered by clicking the cloud button twice. If the pen is not held on the cloud for 12 seconds, it will stay on. If you wish to exit Sesh Mode, press twice more on the button. In Sesh Mode, no more than three shots should be fired in a row.


Can I Use My Plus Battery With E-Cig Atomizers?


It can also be used with the same 510 threading as your pen battery to use an e-cigarette atomizer along with a Puffco chamber. In addition to green and blue, our PLUS battery also delivers 3.7 volts in white and 2.7 volts in green. Remember that many e-cigarette batteries operate on higher voltages than our battery.


Can I Use My Puffco Plus Atomizer With Other Batteries?


In order to increase the chamber’s lifespan and functionality, it is not recommended to use non-Plus batteries. Only a precisely calibrated Plus battery can provide the power and strength needed to deliver large, focused heat as intended. Batteries other than the Plus chamber should not be used in the Plus chamber.

Cleaning and Troubleshooting


How to Clean Your Puffco Peak


Warm your chamber when cleaning the chamber for general purposes by entering the Sesh Mode for one cycle. The mouthpiece should be unscrewed. Remove any remaining byproduct from the chamber and Dart by using a tightly wound cotton swab. Threading should be wiped. In case of need, repeat. Over time, your Plus chamber’s bottom will also darken, just as a ceramic nail does. As a result, the chamber itself should not be affected in any way. A cotton swab dipped in ISO can be used to clean the mouthpiece, battery, and threading. The Puffco Plus should not be soaked in rubbing alcohol if it has gunmetal parts.

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These instructions will show you how to clean the original smart rig of the Puffco Peak.

This post will show you how to make your Peak look brand new by the end.

Puffco Peak Cleaning Instructions




Disconnect the Puffco Peak glass attachment gently to begin the cleaning process. It should be easy to remove the glass by carefully pulling it from the base.

The atomizer should be removed from the base once the ceramic bowl has cooled down.

Disconnect the base from the atomizer by unscrewing it counterclockwise.

In order to take apart your Puffco Peak atomizer, you must take each piece apart by hand.



99% isopropyl alcohol should be filled about halfway in your Puffco Peak glass before shaking. Almost all residue should be removed by this method.

Overnight soaks are recommended for deeper cleaning of glass.

Allow it to dry completely after it has been cleaned with water.

99% isopropyl alcohol should be soaked for an hour or two after your atomizer and carb cap are fully assembled.

You will see a brownish color change in the isopropyl alcohol as the pieces soak.

The atomizer should not be cleaned with water when it is being cleaned. An atomizer that has been exposed to water may be damaged, resulting in it malfunctioning.

Using your cotton swab, soak it in 99% isopropyl alcohol in order to complete cleaning your atomizer, then gently wipe the gold connector pin on the atomizer and base of the atomizer with it. By using your cotton swab, you can achieve the best cleaning results.

WARNING: The Puffco Peak base should not be allowed to get wet in any way. There is a possibility that it will break because of this.

In order for all parts to dry completely, it is necessary to complete all the steps above.



If you are ready, you can screw your atomizer back on the base once you have put the pieces back together.

Water should be filled until the air holes in your Puffco Peak glass are covered. In order to avoid damaging the Puffco Peak base, it is always recommended that you fill your glass attachment far away from it.

Using the air holes on the glass, align them with the holes in the base in a way to affix the glass back to the base.

After all the pieces are reconnected, take a draw to make sure the air is flowing properly once it has been reconnected.

The Puffco Peak should be cleaned after about 20 uses if you want it to last longer.

Dry Run


After you’ve finished cleaning your Peak it’s time to put it through a full heat cycle to ensure that all the dirty has been removed.

You will need to turn the Puffco Peak on and set the temperature to White on the control panel.

After your Peak has heated up and completed a full cycle, let it cool down again.

Several times should be done before you load your concentrates for a real session, so that you get a good grip on the procedure.

Extra cleaning tips


It is recommended to load your ceramic bowl with less concentrates in order to avoid frequent atomizer cleaning.

It is very likely that you will need to experiment with different temperatures and load sizes before you find the combination that will allow you to fully enjoy your concentrates without leaving behind a lot of leftover residue behind when you are done with them.

It is also very important to rinse out the glass attachment on your Peak as often as possible to prevent a buildup of dirt from the dirty water while keeping your Peak clean.

Keep your Puffco Peak at peak performance by following these tips and instructions for keeping it clean and running at its best.

How Often Should I Clean My Puffco Plus?


In order to prevent any buildup in the vapor path, we recommend that you clean your Plus using the instructions that are included in the package every few uses. In order to ensure that your contacts do not become sticky from wear and tear if you are a heavy puffco user, you need to make sure to clean your swabs dipped in ISO and keep them clean on a fairly regular basis in order to prevent the threading and connections pins from becoming sticky.


How Do I Clean My Dart?


An easy to clean black silicone grommet is used to hold the dart into the mouthpiece. This allows the dart to be removed easily for cleaning. Due to the fact that the dart is made out of ceramic, you should be fairly gentle when handling it. In order to remove the dart from the mouthpiece, you should push a cotton swab through the top of the mouthpiece with the aim of pushing it out through the top of the mouthpiece by pushing the cotton swab through the top of the mouthpiece. In terms of the dart itself, any metal parts of the unit can be cleaned using ISO, but alcohol solutions should not be used to clean any parts made of gunmetal within the unit.


My Chamber Is Not Heating, What Do I Do?


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There is a possibility that you may be experiencing a connection issue if your battery is working as intended, but you are not experiencing any heat in your chamber. Whenever this happens, it is always a good idea to clean not only the gold connection pins found on top of the battery but also on the lower side of the chamber, as well as the gold connection pins on the underside of the chamber. It is possible to do this by dipping a cotton swab in ISO and wiping the atomizer and the battery together with the solution. This will alleviate any problems that might arise between them. When a pen becomes clogged even with the tiniest piece of debris, it will not function at its optimum level.


My Battery Light Just Flashes When I Try To Use It, What Should I Do?


An issue with the connection is usually the cause of this type of problem. Even a small piece of debris can sometimes cause a bad connection with the pen’s connector, preventing the pen from functioning at its best.  Normally if you are experiencing any issues with your battery and atomizer connection, the first step you should try to do is to clean the gold connections that are connecting your battery and atomizer to see if that fixes any problems you may be experiencing between them.

With a cotton swab dipped in ISO you can wipe the area with a cotton swab wiped over it. You should not only ensure that the battery and charger are connected cleanly, but you also want to make sure that by the time the battery has been fully charged, it is fully charged to the maximum possible.


My Chamber Is Clogged, How Do I Fix It?


While clogging in the chamber is unlikely to occur when used for a prolonged period of time, it is possible with prolonged use. As well, what you must take into consideration is the fact that there are a wide range of substances, consistencies, and flavors of essential oils that can be used to get the desired results, as long as the latter are not too runny, flexible, or liquid in form. It can also be remedied by unscrewing the mouthpiece and holding the pen upside down over a paper towel or holding the pen upside down by using your Prism and initiating Sesh Mode for a cycle or two.

This will allow any bi product to drip out of the tiny holes located in the chamber. This simple process may need to be repeated several times depending on how severe your problem is, so if you have a lot of clogs in your pipes, you may need to repeat it several times depending on how many clogs you have in your pipes. In such a case, we recommend allowing the pen to cool down after 2-3 sessions of Sesh Mode in order to prevent the pen from becoming too hot and causing damage to the pen.


My Atomizer Has Been Leaking Product Through To The Battery, How


Do I Prevent This?


As the Plus was designed for maximum efficiency and strength, we recommend that your load should be kept to a minimum (.2 grams or .3 grams) at a time, and that you refill every few times for the best results. You should also keep the pen vertical when it is hot. There are tiny holes on the walls of the chamber where air can flow through, but if the pen is not held upright, these holes may be damaged and it may cause the contents to leak out.

If the pen is not held upright, there is a possibility of the contents leaking out from other parts of the chamber. By dipping a cotton swab in ISO solution and applying it to the battery and threading, you will be able to clean them of any leaky product that may have leaked. There should be no sticky mess left after you do that, and the battery should still be able to perform as expected.


PuffCo Warranty


What does the Limited Warranty Cover?


The electronic base and battery of the puffco are covered for a period of one year under Puffco’s warranty. If a retail purchase is made within twelve months of the date of the original retail purchase, then the warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for as long as a retail purchase is made within that one year period. Glass, atomizers, normal wear and tear, and damage resulting from accidents or abuse are not covered by a warranty from Puffy.

It is easy to get service by contacting support@puffco.com or visiting Puffco.com/warranty for more information. If you want to be covered by this warranty, you need to provide proof of purchase details as well as a picture of the device itself in order to make a claim. Puffco Peak’s base cannot be opened by anyone who has attempted to do so. In the event that you do this, your warranty for the product will be void immediately.


How long is the product warranted?


The product is covered by a one year limited warranty period beginning the day of purchase by the purchaser. After the limited warranty period has started, the product will be covered by a one year warranty period. As far as this warranty is concerned, a claim must be made within a Limited Warranty Period in order to be valid. Regardless of whether their original Limited Warranty Periods are still applicable to the repaired, replaced, or refurbished products, they are covered for at least 30 days following the date of repair or replacement.

Will the limited warranty always apply?


Please note that the following is not covered by this Limited Warranty:

  • In relation to any Puffco product that is resold by the Purchaser or is purchased by the Purchaser directly or indirectly

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Retailers and resellers who are not authorized to sell our products. In order to issue refunds to customers who purchase products from retailers who sell on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com on behalf of Puffco, resellers are not authorized to do so.

  • If a Product lacks the performance it should have, it may be caused by the Purchaser failing to maintain the Product properly. Considering the fact that an atomizer is a replaceable part, purchasers should be aware that it is expected to last between 1 and 3 months, depending on the amount of use, and they must be cleaned regularly so that they maintain their functionality.

  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of aftermarket accessories such as mouthpieces that have not been approved or endorsed by Puffco. If the Product has been used with such accessories, then the warranty will not apply.

  • When the product is damaged cosmetically, such as scratches and dents, or is not performing as it should due to normal wear and tear or regular aging, a warranty will not be issued. Battery performance degradation is not covered by the Limited Warranty, as it is one of the standard characteristics of batteries.

  • Puffco reserves the right to dismiss any claim that has been made regarding improper use, alteration or tampering with the Product in any way.

There is no guarantee that a product will not fail, see to the fact that it is used correctly, may not have been altered, or that it will be used according to the instructions that are provided in its manual.

  • In the event that warranty claims are made fraudulently or that misrepresentations are made.

  • Whenever a serial number is intentionally altered, defaced, or removed from a product, the serial number can be considered as being altered, defaced, or removed.

How will PuffCo make things right?


It is the policy of Puffle Co. that if there is a valid claim made within the Limited Warranty Period regarding any defective Product that is reported to be defective, the product will be repaired or replaced at its discretion. It is possible to replace your product with a refurbished or reconditioned one that is the same model as the original one, if a replacement product is needed.

When a product or part is replaced, the property of that product or part becomes the property of Puffco. To ship replacement or repaired products to the country where the original product was purchased, Puffco can only do so within the same country that the original product was purchased in.

What should I do if I think my product is defective?


In case you have any questions or if you have any issues regarding your product, please go to https://www.puffco.com/pages/support if you have any issues related to it. There are many online support tools available if you are experiencing problems with your product, and there is information on how to resolve those problems as well.

Puffco offers a one-year warranty on its products, and if you need service under this warranty, please contact Puffco at support@puffco.com or puffco.com/warranty, and a Puffco representative will provide instructions on what to do next.

A claim under the Limited Warranty must be made by sending Puffco an original receipt of purchase, together with a copy of the defective product, to Puffco for inspection, in order for a replacement product to be sent to you. There must be additional information on the receipt, in addition to the product purchased, such as the price paid for it, the date when it was made, and the name of the retailer from which it was purchased.

The Limited Warranty can be claimed only if you have obtained a Return Merchandise Authorization along with your claim.

Please complete the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form before returning a product to Puffco Support until the number for the RMA has been received. Those products that are returned without an RMA number cannot be processed and will be returned to you or discarded without being processed. Puffco will provide a pre-paid shipping label for all orders placed within the United States of America, if the purchaser is located within that country. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for international returns.

The return label or the address that is provided by Puffco Support has the address where returns should be sent. Puffco Support is unable to guarantee that the product will be located and processed for warranty support if items are returned to any address other than the one specified by Puffco Support.

If you wish to return only the particular part that Puffco Support has requested, please do not return the entire device.

Before a package can be mailed, all items need to be cleaned by the postal service. In the event that any item is mailed to Puffco uncleaned, Puffco reserves the right to dispose of the item or charge a fee of $100 for the item before returning it to you. In the event the item has been shipped to Puffco uncleaned, Puffco reserves the right to dispose of the item or charge the fee.

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