How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine: Step-By-Step Guide

On a hot day, if you’re like the majority of people, you probably appreciate having a nice glass of iced water or ice cubes to drink. And if you own a Scotsman ice machine, you can take pleasure in all of those things whenever the mood strikes you! However, in order for your Scotsman ice maker to maintain its ability to produce clean and fresh ice, it is necessary to clean and descale it on a regular basis. Take a look at our detailed tutorial below for a Scotsman ice machine to learn how to properly clean it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine

The Scotsman brand is well-known for producing ice of superior quality and for doing it in an efficient manner that requires little to no maintenance. Icemakers, like all other home equipment, require some routine maintenance, and this is especially true if the water supply originates from a region with hard water. Clean a Scotsman ice machine carefully and on a routine basis to ensure that it continues to produce ice of the highest quality for your household Scotsman ice maker.

How Often Should I Clean my Scotsman Home Ice Machine?

It is vital to clean your Scotsman ice machine on a regular basis, normally once every six months although this might vary depending on the water quality and how often it is used. If you wait too long between cleanings, the ice maker will have to work harder to generate clean ice, which will lead to costly repairs if you do not keep it clean. If you have hard water, minerals may accumulate in the machine more quickly, necessitating more frequent cleaning of the Scotsman ice maker. This may be necessary because of the hard water.

Supplies to Clean and Descale Scotsman Home Ice Maker

Have you discovered that the ice produced by your Scotsman ice maker tastes off or that it produces significantly less ice than usual? All of these are indications that it is time to clean and descale the ice maker in your home.

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For proper cleaning and descaling, gather the following supplies:

  • Clorox Bleach (unscented liquid)
  • Cleaning Solution of the Scotsman Brand for Ice Machines
  • A sizable bucket with the capacity to hold at least three gallons.
  • a mild sponge or brush, in addition to a fluffy cloth.
  • Rubber gloves

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine

After you have put on your rubber gloves and gathered all of the necessary tools, you can begin descaling and cleaning your Scotsman ice maker by following the instructions below:

  1. One push of the button will turn the device on. After the completion of the final batch of ice production, the ice machine should flash a green light before dispensing the finished product.
  2. When the very last batch of ice has been discharged, clear out the whole bin of any remaining ice.
  3. While simultaneously holding down the power button and the “clean reset” button, perform a five-second reset of the device. The start of the cleaning mode will be indicated by the illumination of a yellow light, which will begin to flash.
  4. Proceed with caution when you pour the Scotsman Cleaning Solution into the reservoir (the exact amount to be poured in will change depending on the model). Please consult the owner’s handbook for further information.)
  5. It will take the ice maker roughly half an hour to process the solution once it has been introduced into its system. It is typical for the interior of the ice maker to have a very slight foaming.
  6. Press the power button once more once the Scotsman domestic ice maker has finished purging the system with the cleanser. Performing this action will kick off the process of washing the cleaning solution out. After a moment, the blinking yellow light will stop flashing and turn into a steady-state yellow.
  7. Give the device some time to completely flush the system. It’s possible that this will take another half an hour.
  8. After the entire process of flushing has been finished, push and then let go of the power button to cancel the flushing procedure. The ice maker’s indicator lights will all go out at the same time.
  9. When cleaning the trash can with additional Scotsman Cleaning Solution, make use of the gentle cloth and brush, or the sponge. Scale and other mineral deposits should be removed carefully.
  10. Take out any excess solution that may be in the ice bin, and then give the whole thing a thorough washing with hot water.
  11. Make a bleach solution by adding one ounce of Clorox to two gallons of hot water in the bucket. Use the bleach solution to clean the bucket. Pour the solution into the container very carefully, then wipe down all of the surfaces to ensure that it is completely clean.
  12. Take out any excess bleach solution, and then give the entire container another thorough washing with hot water.
  13. Simply pressing and releasing the power button one more will complete the process of restarting your Scotsman domestic ice maker. The device ought to power back up now.
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The exterior of your Scotsman ice maker can be cleaned, but doing so is not required. However, doing so will give it a more professional appearance. When cleaning the exterior of a Scotsman ice machine, a soft cloth and a light soap are the best cleaning tools to use.

Repeat the cleaning process described above for your Scotsman ice maker if you are still experiencing troubles after doing so. If you are still having issues with your device, we suggest that you have Don Bacon, a Factory-Authorized Scotsman ice machine repair technician, take a look at it. So that you can get back to enjoying clean, crisp ice, the team of specialists that we have at our disposal will clean, examine, and perform any necessary repairs to your ice machine. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange a service call.

Things To Take Note of When Cleaning Your Ice Machine:

Regularly Employ Deep Cleaning Process every 6 months

  • Your ice maker should ideally be cleaned once every three to four months. Due of the caustic chemicals contained in the cleaner, this task cannot be performed weekly or monthly.
  • WARNING Only use cleaning products and sanitizing solutions that have received NSF certification. A product that bears the NSF certification demonstrates that it satisfies the stringent requirements imposed by the National Sanitation Foundation. Because of this, we can guarantee the health and safety of our customers.
  • Your Scotsman ice machine will have a longer lifespan if you routinely remove any mineral buildup or mineral deposits that may have accumulated in it.
  • You must never let the equipment run without first having it cleaned on a consistent basis.
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When to Clean Your Scotsman Ice Machine

  • A flashing yellow “TIME-TO-CLEAN” indicator light will be seen.
  • It is possible that you need to clear it out if you are suffering one or more of these symptoms.
    • Visible Mineral Build up and Mold
    • Ice developed Unusual Taste
    • Decreased Capacity
    • No Ice or Incomplete Ice formed
    • Hollow Ice or Misshaped Ice formed
    • Machine Producing Unusual Noise
    • Indicator “Time to Clean Light” is On

If you have a certain type of ice machine, you may wish to consult the guidance that is provided below in order to determine the appropriate action to take.

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