How to Clean a Hookah

Let me guess. The flavor of each new bowl of hookah tobacco is starting to become monotonous. Or perhaps you have just loaded the bowl of your hookah with Starbuzz Pina Colada, but all you can taste is the Tangiers Maraschino Cherry from the hookah session you had the night before. It’s possible that your hookah is anxiously waving a white flag for help!SOS! Help! Wash over me!

Your level of hookah expertise and the satisfaction you get from your sessions will improve dramatically if you are familiar with the appropriate way to clean your hookah and actually put that information into practice. So get your hands on that untidy hookah, get your hands on some cleaning products, and let’s bring it back to life!

1. Disassemble your hookah: Remove the hookah bowl, the grommets, the tray, the hose(s), the adapters, and the diffuser, if you are using one. Also, detach the stem of the hookah from the base. Unscrew the down stem from the shaft of the hookah if it becomes detached from the upper stem. This problem is most commonly seen in Mya Saray and Sahara Smoke hookahs. If the shaft becomes detached from the hub, you should also detach the hub. To put it simply, you will need to disassemble your hookah until it is down to its component pieces in order to be able to clean every nook and crevice in which shisha juice or moisture could accumulate.

Learn your way around your hookah and all of its components. You should be familiar with the process of putting it together, taking it apart, and being able to solve or troubleshoot any problems that may occur with it. It won’t take you more than a few attempts at performing it on your own before you get completely familiar with your hookah.

2. HOT WATER. Use it. Always and forever. Avoid going from a warm to a chilly environment or vice versa. Alterations in temperature will eventually cause the base of your glass to fracture, which will be offensive to us nerds. When my Mya Saray Diva Base failed on me, it was a painful and expensive lesson to learn. Do some research on kinetics and entropy if you are curious about the reason why cleaning with hot water is more effective than cleaning with cold water. This is not the appropriate place to discuss that subject. Where had I left off? Right. You should thoroughly clean both the base and the shaft with hot water.

3. Shaft, hub, and downstem: Always keep in mind that cleaning brushes are your allies. It only takes a few passes from end to end to scrape out any residue that could be remaining behind if you clean your hookah shaft frequently, which you should do. If you clean your hookah shaft frequently. It’s possible that you’ll need to spend a few extra minutes scrubbing your hookah if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

If you look down into the shaft of your hookah after washing it and there is still accumulated shisha juice, or if you don’t see that shining metallic surface of the stem, then it is possible that it is time to replace the cleaning brush. Take note that cleaning brushes are very similar to toothbrushes in many ways. They will soon acquire a soiled appearance and acquire bristles that do not perform as well as they were designed to in the beginning. You wouldn’t use an old, worn-out toothbrush to clean your teeth, and similarly, you shouldn’t use unclean, worn-out cleaning brushes to clean your hookah. It’s just not a good idea.

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4. Hookah Base: Hot water is ideal for standard cleaning, but many people also use non-toxic glass cleaning solutions like Bling and/or lemon juice. These are excellent options for deep cleaning and have a mild odor or taste that can be easily covered up by the flavor of hookah tobacco that you are smoking during your next session.It is also possible to use dishwashing detergent; however, if you do so, you will need to ensure that the hookah is completely rinsed with plain water afterward. If the hookah is not thoroughly rinsed, the dishwashing soap will leave a strong and unique flavor in the tobacco that is smoked through it.

Right about this is when your compact brush for cleaning the base will come in handy. Be certain that every crevice has been washed, that there are no residual things hidden in the corner, and that you have ensured that every crevice has been scrubbed, and that you have ensured that the base has been swirled with hot water to loosen up those particles that are difficult to reach. Continuing on.

5. Grommets and Adapters: It is basically only necessary for you to check that each grommet (and diffuser, if you are employing one) has been cleaned thoroughly. You could also find that applying a gentle soap to the grommets and the Heba Diffusers is helpful in addition to that.It is not necessary to use cleaning brushes to scrub them. To get rid of any buildup that may have occurred on your hose adapters, you could either give them a quick soak in hot water or run a thin cleaning brush over them, if the former option is available.

6. Purge Valve: In the event that this valve is not cleaned on a regular basis, rust may form inside of it, which may cause your BBs to become trapped inside of it. In the event that you have to clear the smoke from the base of your hookah, you won’t be able to do so if your BBs are sticking.And if you aren’t careful, you can also end up sucking water all the way back up the stem and into the bowl of the hookah, which would ruin what would have been an otherwise enjoyable session.

Before replacing the metal ball bearing in the valve, you should first make sure to scrub it with a cleaning brush or some steel wool to remove any built-up oxidation. After that, you should add a drop of vegetable oil to the BB and then replace it in the valve. This is an excellent solution. Because of the additional lubrication provided by the vegetable oil, the bb will continue to move freely within the valve during subsequent sessions.

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Therefore, scrub your hose adapters, and check to see that your BBs haven’t become stuck. Got it? Good.

7. Hookah Bowl: Consider it to be a bowl for cereal. Do not put it on the ground where Scratches the Cat can reach it in order for him to drink from it. That’s not what I’m saying. I am recommending that you give it a thorough cleaning each time. If shisha residue is left behind from bowl to bowl, then you will be heating that residue over and over again, which can really muddle the flavor that you should be getting from your session. If shisha residue is not left behind from bowl to bowl, then you will not be heating that residue over and over again. Always make sure to rinse and scrub your bowl on a regular basis. If there is any thick buildup around the rim of the bowl, you may use steel wool as a wonderful alternative for scouring it away.

8. Hoses: If you have Washable Hoses, you should clean them by rinsing them in a solution consisting of hot water and a touch of lemon juice.After plugging one end of the hose with your thumb and pouring in the water and lemon juice mixture, plug the other end of the hose with the other hand and give it a good shake to combine the ingredients. Your mixture ought to now be able to circulate from one end of the hose to the other and cover the entirety of the hose’s circle as a result of doing this.

After you have finished rinsing the hose, you should let it dry completely before using it again. This will ensure that you do not inhale a mouthful of water the next time you light up.

If you would rather let nature take its course in drying your hoses, you should always hang them from a hook or the handle of a door, with the tips of the hoses pointing downward.Because of this, water will be able to flow in a direction that is downward and towards the ground. If you tip the ends upward, moisture will build up in the middle of your hoses, and standing water is an open invitation to all kinds of bacteria and mildew that you do not want. Also, make sure that you place a towel or newspaper underneath the hose tips so that you don’t wind up with a floor that is like a slip and slide!

Alternatively, if you are using a hose with removable tips and have an area where you can swing the excess water out of the hose such as a backyard, bathtub, or apartment patio then you can go ahead and remove the hose tips, hold the tubing in the middle, and swing that hose like a windmill! When this is complete, centrifugal force will be utilized to extract any excess moisture from the hose, and once the hose is dry, you will be able to reattach the hose tips.

If you do not have hoses that can be washed, the only other option I can suggest is to let them air out. First, you need to make sure that all of the smoke has been blown out of them. After that, you should swing them in a circular manner so that you can remove as many undesired particles as you possibly can.

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9. Tray: Before beginning each hookah session, it is preferable to have a shiny tray, but it is not necessary for the tray to be completely clean. You won’t run into any problems as long as the tray doesn’t have any residue on it that could cause your coals to stick to it if they were placed on it. A word of caution, though: if you wash your tray with water, be sure that each and every drop of moisture has been dried off with a towel before you put coals on it. A damp coal is not a good thing. Not good.

10. Put everything back the way it was!

Take pride in your hookah and make the most of the experience by smoking it in the most enjoyable way you can. Since you now know how to clean your hookah, there is no reason why your hookah should ever have to ask for assistance again now that you are familiar with how to clean it. If you keep your hookah clean and well maintained, I can almost guarantee that it will take care of the rest for you! Repeat the process of smoking your brand new shisha for the very first time.Happy Smoking!

How to clean a hookah hose

A tube that is used to suck smoke from a hookah is called a hookah hose. Regular cleaning of a hookah hose is necessary to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, old smoke and odors, residue, and other contaminants. Many different kinds of hookah hoses are sold with the claim that they are “washable,” which means that they may be cleaned with water. If your hose is one of those, then simply follow these straightforward steps:

1. Dismantle the hookah hose by taking out the mouthpiece, the adaptor, and the spring (if you have one). Do this in reverse order.
2. Use some warm water to clean the hose of the hookah. You may also use baking soda, lemon juice, or a cleaner in this process. Just make sure to give your hose a second thorough rinsing this time.

3. Before using the hookah hose again, make sure it has had the time to air dry thoroughly.

If you follow these easy instructions, you should be able to keep your hookah hose clean and in good shape for many smokes to come.

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