how to clean gua sha tool

There has been a rise in the number of people using Gua Sha tools, and as more people who are interested in skincare are using these beauty tools, it is essential to be aware of how to properly care for them. The following is an easy-to-follow method that will teach you how to clean a gua sha tool at home.

To properly clean your gua sha, just follow these easy instructions.

  • To begin, pour some water into a bowl. You can use water that is either at room temperature or lukewarm.
  • To remove any oil or serum that may have built up on the surface of the Gua Sha, submerge it in the water for one minute.
  • The next step is to use your regular facial cleanser to your fingertips and clean the Gua Sha device. Perform a thorough massage with the cleanser, being sure to reach all of the crevices and surfaces.
  • Perform a thorough washing of the Gua Sha with water until there is no trace of soap remaining.
  • Before placing the Gua Sha back in its box, let it to air dry first by placing it on a towel.

If you plan on cleaning your gua sha in the sink, create some cushioning for it by placing a towel inside the sink before you start. After that, you can carry on with the steps from above. I would suggest placing a towel in the sink so that in the event that you lose your grip on the gua sha tool, it won’t be able to hit the bowl of the sink and chip it.Believe me, I should know because it’s happened to me a few times!

  • Instead of using a cleanser, if you are performing this procedure at home, take a basin of lukewarm water and add some salt to it.
  • If you are interested in taking a more natural approach and you live in close proximity to the water, you should go there and practice holding your gua sha in your hands while the waves pass over you. The salt water will do a wonderful job of cleaning your instrument.


How do you clean a Guasha tool?

To eliminate any bacteria that may be present on Gua Sha implements, first moisten a towel with warm water and soap (your regular facial cleanser should do the trick), and then wipe the Gua Sha. Whether or if it has that “squeaky clean” feeling after being washed.

What is the recommended cleaning schedule for my Guasha?

We advise cleaning the roller or Gua Sha instrument with a soft cloth or towel both after and before each usage. This should be done after each use. This helps prevent any bacteria from migrating to your skin and causing an infection.The Jade Gua Sha or Beauty face Roller can be washed in warm, mildly soapy water to thoroughly clean it (we recommend doing this once every three to four days).

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Should I wash my gua sha once I’ve finished using it?

Make sure that your gua sha stone is well cleaned after each use. For a more thorough cleaning, you may just wipe it off with a gentle towel, or for an even better result, dip it in some tepid water. You should avoid using any strong chemicals or even hot water on the stone because it could potentially get damaged. After washing the stone, make sure that it is completely dry by patting it down with a towel before putting it away.

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