How to clean the Mighty Vaporizer

The majority of folks are going to put off cleaning their vaporizer for as long as they possibly can because it is not the most enjoyable chore. The frequency with which you clean your vaporizer is a decision that is ultimately up to you, but cleaning it as frequently as you are able to can extend the device’s lifespan and ensure that it continues to function at its highest level for many years to come. If you have invested your hard-earned money in one of the top-of-the-range gadgets, like as the Mighty by Storz & Bickel, then you need to understand how to clean it as effectively as possible to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of it.

The initial presentation of these Mighty cleaning tips may be seen in the video titled Mighty Tips & Tricks. During the extended coverage of the Mighty vaporizer that we did on the Thinktank, we took a few minutes to provide a summary of the most efficient and straightforward approach to clean the Mighty. Check out the video that’s been embedded above for the approach, or use the method of soaking that was discussed earlier.

Maintaining your Mighty Vaporizer

How frequently you need to clean your vaporizer is going to be heavily influenced by how frequently you use the device itself. It is highly recommended by Storz & Bickel that you clean your equipment at least once every seven days. Some people like to use a cotton bud to clean the interior of the device after each usage, while others prefer to wait for a longer period of time and perform a thorough cleaning once in a while. You should give your vaporizer a thorough cleaning if you notice that the airflow coming from it is starting to become restricted and if you are experiencing some severe draw resistance.

If you are going to clean your Mighty vaporizer for the first time, or if it has been a while since you’ve done so, it is important that you know what steps you should take. After giving your Mighty vape a thorough cleaning, there are a few additional actions you need to take to make certain that it is in the best possible condition.

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OLD WAY to Clean the Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty is a fantastic electronic cigarette. It’s definitely one of the top weed vaporizers on the market today. It is imperative that you keep your Mighty vaporizer clean in order to get the most out of it. If you find that you use your Mighty more than any other vaporizer you own, we strongly suggest investing in the three-pack of cooling units. If you have four separate cooling units, you can rotate through all of them at once and clean them in their entirety. This equals one-fourth of the energy needed for cleaning!

How Often to Clean

Because it is used on a daily basis, the cooling unit will need to be cleaned once every two weeks, on average. If you use the Mighty less frequently than that, you simply need to clean it once every month. Vaping at higher temperatures and/or with finer grinds will result in a greater need for maintenance and cleaning on a more regular basis. I recommend grinding it to a medium-to-coarse consistency.

What you need:

  • q-tips
  • ┬ámetal poker tool or wooden skewer
  • 91% isopropyl alchol
  • paper towel
  • jar or container(s) for soaking
  • 3x Cooling Units (recommended)

Disassembly of the Mighty Cooling Unit

When I initially start using a new vaporizer, the first thing I do is take the mouthpiece out of the cooling unit. Personally, I prefer to clean the mouthpiece by hand.

To begin the process of removing the top section of the cooling unit, you will first need to slide the plastic locking mechanism to the side. While the cooling unit is still attached to your Mighty, begin to wiggle it from left to right to assist in dislodging the top section. This should be done while the cooling unit is still secured. In the event that you, like me, use your Mighty on a daily basis, reclaim will accumulate inside the cooling unit. Because of this, removing the top portion of your cooling unit could prove to be challenging at times. Attaching the cooling unit to the body of the Mighty and utilizing the vaporizer as an additional grip and source of leverage is beneficial.

Removing The O-Rings From Mighty Cooling Unit

Because to the excessive reclamation, the O-ring that surrounds the cooling unit may become stuck in its position at times. Storz & Bickel anticipated this need and incorporated a small groove into the cooling unit as a solution. Put your stir stick into the groove, and then gently move the o-ring so that it is no longer in its original position.

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After the silicone rings have been removed, the Mighty cooling unit (or units) are doused with an alcohol solution that contains 91% isopropyl. I believe that a percentage of 91% is appropriate. The 99% option is not appreciably faster and comes at a heftier price premium. In comparison to 91% and 99%, 71% is a joke and doesn’t even come close to being affordable. The 91% brand offers the best value and can be purchased easily at CVS, Walgreens, and through Amazon Prime.

Take away the Mighty Screens.

When performing routine maintenance on the Mighty, I do not believe that the screen should be removed. The longevity of these screens is likely to decrease if they are removed frequently. My cooling unit has been submerged in water for the past year while I’ve kept the screen intact, and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects as a result of this practice.

To clean the Mighty Bowl, dip some Q-tips into the alcohol and then use them to gently scrub the chamber and the area around it. In the event that you do not utilize concentrates, the chamber should stay basically clean. If you use five or six Q-tips, you should be able to effectively scour the bowl clean. Take caution with the alcohol, and make sure that none of it gets into the convection heater on the Mighty.

Remove any debris from the silicone o-rings and bands.

Now might be a good time to clean the o-rings and silicon bands. It is in everyone’s best interest to reduce as much as possible the period of time that these silicon bands and o-rings are exposed to ISO alcohol. I like to use a spray bottle filled with ISO alcohol to clean the o-rings and silicon bands that are on the paper towel. To ensure that the bands and o-rings are completely dry, use a clean paper towel to do the drying.

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Clean the Air Conditioning Unit.

After removing the components of the cooling unit from the alcohol, complete the cleaning process by using q-tips and instruments designed for skillets and poker tables. In order to make the pieces easier to clean and require less scrubbing, I like to let them soak for at least ten minutes in the solution. It is essential to remove all the sticky debris from the region surrounding the vapor channel and clean it thoroughly. If the gunk is very tenacious, apply additional alcohol to the area or soak it for a few more minutes. Any crud that is lodged in the corners can be easily removed with the help of a needle, a wooden skewer, or the dabber or poker tool of your choice.

Cleaning the various elements

After you have soaked and scrubbed the remaining components, you should give them a final rinse in as hot of water as you are able to stand. This will ensure that there is no unpleasant taste of alcohol present in your very first vaping session. If there are any sticky areas that are still present, you should complete the removal process by using another Q-tip or some ISO.

Put Back Together the Powerful

Replace the bands on the individual components of the cooling unit. When you reassemble the parts, make sure the locking mechanism is in the unlocked position before you press the components back together. If the outer silicon band has become pliable but is still resistant to removal, apply a thin layer of water to it. Replace the mouthpiece in its slot.

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