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Do you have a tennis ball that’s a little bit too dirty looking for your liking? How to properly clean tennis balls is always one of the most common inquiries I get. Who in their right mind would want some dirty balls in their tennis bag?Since tennis balls are pretty pricey, it is only natural that you would want to preserve them for as long as possible in their original condition.

Don’t be concerned. We are here to be of assistance! The process of cleaning tennis balls is going to be broken down into a few easy steps for you in this instruction. If your tennis balls are stained with grass or dirt, or if your pet uses them as a toy, and you are concerned about the state of their cleanliness, you do not need to worry since we have you covered. Keep reading for some of the best advice we have on how to restore the pristine appearance of your tennis balls.

Can You Wash Tennis Balls?

Either by hand or with a washing machine, tennis balls can be cleaned by letting them soak in warm water for a while. The technique of cleaning is pretty uncomplicated. It doesn’t call for any pricey equipment or detergents, and it won’t take you more than an hour of your time. The process to thoroughly scrub your tennis balls is broken down into the following steps.

Cleaning Tools Checklist

The most important aspect first! What kinds of supplies are required for the cleaning? You probably don’t need as much as you think, and all of these things are probably already in your house.

You are going to require the following items in order to clean your tennis balls by hand:

  • A bucket or a sink
  • Liquid soap
  • A sponge
  • An old toothbrush
  • Warm water

If you prefer to clean them with a washing machine, you will, of course, need water and some standard laundry detergent, the same kind that you use for your clothing. If you opt to clean them by hand, you will not need any of these things.

How To Clean Tennis Balls By Hand

The ideal way to clean tennis balls is by hand, as this is the one that is both the safest and the one that delivers the most accurate results.

To get your tennis balls back to their original condition of having a diamond shine, you should follow these instructions in order:

1) Container And Warm Water

First, find a container that is large enough to hold all of the balls while they soak. It doesn’t matter what kind of container you use as long as it’s big enough to hold all of the balls, like a bucket, for example.

Place the balls that need to be cleaned inside the container, and then fill the container with warm water.

However, the water temperature shouldn’t be too high or it could end up damaging the rubber used in the tennis balls.

Even if you use cold water, you won’t be able to remove the dirt effectively because it needs to be warm. The same line of reasoning that you would use when washing dishes.

If you can put your hands in the bucket without feeling uneasy about the temperature, then it is at an appropriate level.

2) Add Detergent Or Liquid Soap

After the balls are soaked in warm water, it is time for you to add some detergent or liquid soap.

The same kind of detergent you would use for your clothes is excellent. You can also use dishwasher soap, although we prefer the first one because it is less abrasive.

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How much detergent should you use to clean your tennis balls?

About the same you would for washing your dishes.

3) Let The Tennis Balls Soak

After the detergent has been incorporated into the mixture, give the balls some time to absorb it before giving them a thorough cleaning.

Because of this, the dirt will be able to gradually separate from the felt of the ball, which will make the process of washing the ball much more manageable.

Before going on to the following stage, it is strongly recommended that you let the tennis balls soak for at least half an hour up to an entire hour.

4) Scrub

After letting the balls sit for some time in the warm water containing the detergent, you will find that the majority of the dirt on the balls has been removed.

To get rid of any lingering filth, you can either use a scrub or a cloth.

At this point, your tennis balls should be completely free of any dirt or debris.

5) Rinse

After the tennis balls have been scrubbed, it is time to rinse them to remove any trace of detergent that may still be present.

We recommend that you use water that is warm, approximately the same temperature as the water you used to wash them.

It is extremely important that this step not be skipped, since allowing the detergent to dry on the surface of the ball could result in the felt becoming deteriorated.

Before you dry them, check that they are well cleaned and that there is no trace of detergent left.

6) Dry

It is time to dry the tennis balls now that they have been washed completely and there is no more detergent residue on them.

After you have finished washing them, it is recommended that you dry them right away.

The use of an air dryer will result in a more favorable outcome. In the event that you do not have access to one, thoroughly dry the items using a towel, and then place them in a dry location to finish drying.

You should now be aware of the most effective method for cleaning tennis balls.

How To Clean Tennis Balls Using A Washing Machine

It is possible that cleaning tennis balls in a washing machine will be more convenient for you if you need to clean a large quantity of them.

If you follow the methods below, there should be no problem with this at all. You won’t risk hurting the balls or the washing machine itself.

1) Set The Machine To A Low Temperature

To begin, you’ll need to reduce the temperature on your washing machine to its lowest setting.

Your tennis balls could be damaged if the temperature is too high, as this could cause the rubber to melt or deform them beyond repair.

2) Turn Off The Spin Cycle (Or Set It To Very Low Spin)

It is imperative that you stop the spin cycle completely, or at the very least reduce its intensity, so that nothing is harmed.

It is possible for washing machines to spin at very high speeds; as a result, the tennis balls you use in them may become damaged, or even worse, the washing machine may become damaged.

Therefore, exercise extreme caution with this.

3) Add Laundry Detergent

It is now time to step back and let the machine to complete its task.

Start the washing machine by turning it on and allowing it to complete the cycle.

5) Dry

Your tennis balls should be completely spotless at this point.

They should be dried right away after being washed.

If your device has a built-in drying function, check to see that it does not get too hot, as this could cause the balls to become damaged.

You could also use an air dryer, but if you don’t have access to one, you could completely dry the items with a towel and then put them in a dry location to finish drying.

Cleaning Tennis Balls Using A Kleenball

Kleenball is the name of an old technique for cleaning tennis balls that goes by the name kleenball. It is the very first tennis ball cleaner to receive a patent.

It was invented in 1905 and features a surface made of wood shaped like an egg on the exterior, while the interior is lined with brushes. It is cut in half so that the ball can be inserted inside and scrubbed away with it.

The same kind of thinking should be applied while cleaning golf balls.

However, because this is a collector’s item, acquiring it will not be simple; the price is above 200 pounds, and they are very sometimes made available (most commonly through auctions). Make good use of the fact that you are one of the very few people in the world who possesses one of them.

Tennis Balls in the Dryer: Is it Safe?

“Will the tennis ball wreck my dryer?” “Will the tennis ball ruin my dryer?” If only I had a cent for every time someone has asked me this, I would have a lot of money by now. Not only can you safely put tennis balls in your dryer without fear of causing damage to the machine, but you may also be surprised to learn that using tennis balls can actually speed up the drying process. Additionally, it will lessen the appearance of lining and creases while simultaneously fluffing and softening your laundry. This is an old tactic, but it never fails to deliver the goods.

Put your tennis balls in with the rest of your laundry, particularly the items that have thicker materials, such as towels, sheets, or jeans, which have a tendency to not dry uniformly no matter the surface they are placed on. You are going to see a significant improvement, and you are going to adore the end outcome.

Nevertheless, there are a few things about which you ought to maintain vigilance in case of an emergency:

  • The use of tennis balls in conjunction with one’s other garments, according to the assertions of some individuals, results in the garments smelling like rubber. Therefore, it is best to utilize this tip with bulky clothing or stuff that you don’t wear very often.
  • It’s possible that the fluorescent colour from the tennis balls will rub off on your clothes, especially if those clothes are brand new.
  • The noise that is created by the tennis balls during the drying process can be extremely loud, to the point where some individuals are unable to tolerate it.
  • The balls are not going to survive temperatures that high.

You have the option of putting the tennis balls in the dryer or not, but at the very least you should give it a shot. It’s possible that this will become your all-time favorite laundry hack.

Will the Tennis Balls Lose Bounce if You Wash Them?

When you wash your tennis balls, all you are doing is getting them clean; there is no other benefit. It will have no effect on their performance, regardless of whether it is an improvement or a decline. Due to the fact that the balls are hermetically sealed, it is physically impossible for water to enter them unless there is a hole in the ball itself.

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It is impossible for pressureless tennis balls to become deflated or lose their bounce. Some people believe that washing pressurized balls will cause them to lose pressure, but the reality is that this process begins the moment you open the can, and it is impossible to stop it once it has begun.

However, one piece of advise that I can give you is to remove your pressurized tennis balls from the washing machine as soon as the cleaning procedure is over. This will ensure that the balls do not become chilly. If you are concerned about the quantity of bouncing that your tennis balls have, you can simply avoid using the washing machine and clean them by hand instead.

FAQ About Cleaning Tennis Balls

If you put tennis balls in the dryer, is it safe to do so?

The answer is yes, you can clean tennis balls by tossing them in the dryer.

However, ensure that the dryer is set to a low temperature; failing to do so may result in the balls becoming ruined.

When Playing a Match, Should You Use Tennis Balls That Have Been Cleaned?

It depends.

If you are more of a recreational player and just want to play tennis for enjoyment, you are free to do so.

If you take your sport seriously and hit the ball at incredible speeds, you can discover that the ball’s performance suffers as a result.

If you take your game to that level of seriousness, though, you will need to replace your balls virtually every time you play, even if you don’t bother to clean them.

Please feel free to read our post on the subject if you are unaware about when it is necessary to replace your tennis balls.

Should Tennis Balls Be Cleaned, Or Should You Replace Them?

The performance of a new tennis ball will almost always be superior to that of a used one that has been cleaned. The quality of tennis balls begins to decline the moment the case containing them is opened (and sometimes even earlier!).

If you are only going to use the balls for practice, though, cleaning them will not affect their usability at all.

It Is Possible To Use Washing Detergents To Clean Tennis Balls, Right?

Yes. To clean tennis balls, you can use any detergent that you would normally use to wash your clothes or dishes.

Because it contains fewer abrasive ingredients, laundry detergent is the one that we recommend using for washing dishes.

Can I Give My Dog Tennis Balls That Have Been Washed?


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