How To Clean Stan Smiths

The excitement of opening a brand-new package of sneakers is something that every sneakerhead looks forward to. The sensation is very similar to that of being fully hypnotized. When you first lay eyes on your fresh kicks, you can’t help but guffaw out of pure joy and excitement, and you simply can’t wait to put them on. However, if you are a fan of the Stan Smith, you should be aware that the majority of Stan Smiths come in white leather because that is the most common color. Although there is also a colorful selection available, the sneakers that are white are the ones that are currently the most fashionable and the most in demand. You won’t go somewhere without seeing at least one other individual sporting a pair of those stunning white Stan Smiths. If you want to learn the correct way to clean your Stan Smith sneakers, you should continue with us.

However, the most significant challenge that they present is the fact that they have a propensity to become notoriously unclean and demand very careful upkeep in order to present a clean and authoritative image. It is essential that you get the knowledge necessary to effectively clean your Stan Smith sneakers due to the fact that dirt might make them appear to be the most terrifying of sights. As a result of the fact that white is a hue that brings out the best in clothing of any color, sneakerheads who wear dirty white shoes attract immediate attention and give off the impression that they are irresponsible and indifferent.

You may walk with the kind of self-assurance and flattering enthusiasm that only glistening white sneakers can help you exude by following these steps to keep them looking clean and brand new each and every day. Find out how to clean your White Stan Smiths by reading the following.

Getting done with the shoelaces

Now is the time to take the shoelaces off of your shoes so that you can clean them and also clean your shoes with much greater ease in the future. Because there is no use in maintaining clean sneakers with dirty shoelaces, the shoelaces that come with your Stan Smith sneakers need to be given a nice quick rinse as well. So let’s start:

Take a bowl and fill it up with water that is just above room temperature. After that, pour one spoonful of detergent into it, and use a toothbrush to thoroughly combine everything. To see soapy suds lining the rim of the basin, mix the ingredients thoroughly. Now, remove the shoelaces from your shoes and place them inside of this solution. Allow them to remain there for the next half an hour. After that, remove them from the solution and give them a light scrubbing with a toothbrush or another brush with soft bristles to remove the dirty appearance. After that, run cold water over them under the faucet, and then dry them in an area with plenty of ventilation.

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Starting on with the Stan Smiths insoles

After you have finished tying your shoelaces, it is time to move on to the insoles of the shoes. Your Stan Smiths’ insoles are likely the dirtiest part of the shoe and require special attention if you want them to look as nice as new again. Now, let me show you how to proceed.

Put one tablespoon of liquid soap and one tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl. Then, take the bowl and set it aside. The mixture should be brought to a finer consistency by the addition of a little water. When you are ready, take a toothbrush, submerge your insoles in the solution that you have prepared, and gently rub the bristles of the toothbrush back and forth on the insoles until you notice them brightening. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and whitening agent that is particularly efficient in its application. It has the ability to effectively kill germs, particularly those that are hiding in the nooks and crannies, and it can also assist in the destruction of the various bacterial growths that are hiding in the soles.

After giving your insoles a thorough rinsing, you can now wash them under the faucet with some warm water to finish the process. Check to see that every trace of the baking soda has been eliminated. If you don’t want your insoles to get wet, you may alternatively use a dry cloth to wipe away the baking soda solution after you’ve applied it. In a separate room, you should let them air dry.

Cleaning the Stan Smiths uppers

The restoration of the uppers’ gloss and luster is the primary focus here, and cleaning those uppers is the primary way to accomplish this goal. After all, those who are considered to be in higher management are the ones who garner the most attention. As a result, they ought to have a gleaming and spotless front in order to convey the message that you keep your favorite shoes spotless and take good care of them.

So here’s how you can start cleaning your uppers. 

Put 1 and a half tablespoons of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a basin of appropriate size and stir the mixture well. Perform a thorough mixing using swift motions. To ensure that the solution is thoroughly combined, just add a touch of water. After being combined with water, the solution will take on the consistency of a paste and develop a foam. Now, using the toothbrush, spread this thick mixture evenly throughout the whole surface of the shoe. In addition to that, clean the tongue of the shoe, as this is where dirt and debris tend to hide. To remove the dirt stains from the Stan Smiths, use a brush with soft bristles and rub them in a circular motion.

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The paste made of vinegar and baking soda will also ensure that your shoes are transformed into a dazzlingly beautiful shade of white. After that, you can remove this solution with a clean towel that is dry. To get rid of the baking soda and vinegar solution completely will require numerous passes with a wipe.

Cleaning with soapy solution:

This is just another approach for keeping the blinding white splendor of Stan Smith’s wonders clean. A small amount of soap detergent can be placed in a bowl, and then some water can be added to the bowl. After thoroughly combining, begin scrubbing the upper of the shoes with the solution along with some water. Continue doing this until you have effectively removed all of the dirt stains. Give the shoes the night to air dry completely. By including newspaper balls in the container, the drying process can be sped up significantly.

Do and don’t of keeping Stan Smiths tidy and clean:


  • Do not expose your shoes to the sun in order to dry them out. Dry them at a temperature equal to the room’s ambient air.
  • When cleaning the Stan Smiths, you shouldn’t scrub extremely hard at the stain spots. When you are scrubbing your shoes, exercise a little bit of patience and show some loving carefulness.
  • Under no circumstances should you wash your Stan Smith shoes in a machine. The intense cycles will ruin their form and make them unrecognizable.
  • It is not recommended to make use of really harsh cleaning products such as bleach.


  • Always be sure to check your Stan Smith sneakers for any scuff marks or stains, and immediately clean any that you find. It is important to be vigilant and to not put off washing because it requires more effort to eliminate stains that have been there for a long time rather than those that are brand new.
  • You should try deodorizing them on and off again in order to assist control the shoe odor and maintain the sleek and elegant appearance of your sneakers at all times.
  • You may avoid the hassle of constantly having to clean your shoelaces by purchasing a few extra pairs, which will also help you save time and create a nice look for yourself.

How Can I Clean My Stan Smith Leather Sneakers?

You can’t disagree with the current fashions, especially when it comes to sneakers, which are everywhere right now. They are available in a wide range of hues, styles, and materials, but only the most courageous individuals will wear a pair of pink sneakers. On the other hand, given that white is the modern alternative to black, the vast majority of individuals, including me, have a pair of white shoes in their closets.

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Personal experience demonstrates that white styles will become soiled despite your best efforts, but before you toss them out and buy new ones, you might want to finish reading this post first because it could help you save both time and money.

You need:

  • Dish soap
  • A bowl
  • Wash cloth
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Soft toothbrush

How to clean white Stan Smith sneakers?

Dish soap should be poured into the bowl of water. The next step is to take your shoelaces off so you may move more freely across the shoe and cover more of its surface area. Scrub the shoe vigorously using a washcloth that has been dipped in the soap and water mixture, being sure to reach every part of the shoe. Check that the washcloth has a sufficient amount of soap but not an excessive amount of water. If you would prefer use a toothbrush, you should continue with the same method and scrub all of the small crevices and nooks. When you are through, use a towel to pat the shoes dry, and then set them aside to air out for a few hours.

Cleaning the shoelaces is another step that will help repair the shoes. You can put your shoelaces in the washing machine, or more specifically, you can put them in a mesh laundry bag and let the machine clean them for you.

Using toothpaste to clean the sole of your sneakers is an option. To get rid of the yellowing that may eventually appear on the rubber sole, you might try cleaning it with toothpaste. Brush the sole of the shoe’s rubber well with the toothbrush, and then wipe away any surplus with a wet cloth. It may be essential to repeat the process.

Remove bad odors

Remove any unpleasant odors that your Stan Smith shoes may have absorbed from your feet by cleaning them. Put a baby powder or dryer sheet into your Stans and leave it there overnight. When you wake up in the morning, they will have a clean scent, as if you had never set foot in them before.

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