How To Clean Michael Kors Purse

Is the inside of your Michael Kors purse starting to seem a little bit dirty? Purses, like most other types of personal objects, need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to retain their pristine appearance over time. It’s time to learn how to clean a Michael Kors purse, so grab some soap, a cloth, and a brush and let’s get started.

How To Clean Michael Kors Purse

At the upmarket department store Michael Kors, you can buy a variety of leather items, including purses, among other things made of leather. The vast majority of women are seen walking around with a handbag made of leather by Michael Kors; nevertheless, the brand also offers handbags made of cotton that are easily accessible.

As you go through this post, you will become familiar with the procedure that has proven to be the most successful for cleaning the interior as well as the exterior of leather and fabric Michael Kors purses.

How To Clean Leather Michael Kors Purse

What You Will Need: 

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Soft bristle Brush (optional)
  • Leather Soap
  • Towel

When looking for cloth Michael Kors purses, you may also utilize this strategy to obtain fantastic results, and I highly recommend doing so.

Step 1: Prepare Clean Surface Area

  • Before you can continue on to sanitizing your workspace for yourself, you will first need to clean the dirt and dust off of your MK purse. Locate a flat surface such as a table, lay a clean towel down on top of it, and then put all of your materials in close proximity to the towel.

Step 2: Remove Everything From The Purse

  • Remove all of the items that are stowed inside the purse and set them aside, so that you will be able to clean them if and when it becomes necessary to do so in the future. At this point, you should also remove any supplementary chains or clip-ons that have been fastened to the exterior of the purse.

Step 3: Identify Targeted Cleaning Areas

  • You are extremely familiar with all of the compartments and compartments that are contained within your purse because you are the owner of a purse. To prevent the spread of the filth and grime throughout the building, it is necessary to identify which areas of the structure need to be cleaned first.
  • On the base of the purse, there are typically a large number of dirty areas that need to be treated quickly.

Step 4: Remove Dust and Dirt 

  • To ensure a thorough cleaning of the purse, use a damp microfiber towel to scrub both the inner and external surfaces. This removes the top layer of dirt and dust particles, allowing you to focus later on the more serious stains that need to be removed.
  • If there is a substantial amount of dirt or dust, you should give some thought to using a vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a brush attachment. When dealing with leather, it is essential to avoid exerting an excessive amount of pressure, as the material is prone to becoming scratched easily.

Step 5: Remove Heavy Dirt and Oils

  • Combine some leather soap with water, and then thoroughly combine the two to form a cleaning solution. When the solution is ready, get a damp microfiber towel and begin wiping off the interior as well as the exterior of the leather handbag. This should be done after the solution has been created.


  • It is essential to make certain that any folds on the interior of the bag are removed, that all pockets and nooks are reached, and that the exterior straps are also investigated. After thoroughly cleaning every surface of the bag, you can consider it to be in good condition.

Step 6: Let The Bag Dry

  • Before moving on to the next step in the process of protecting the Michael Kors leather, it is crucial that the bag be given ample time to completely dry.


  • To accomplish this task in a basic method, simply flip the bag so that the inside is facing outward and set it on a towel, making sure to rub it periodically. It shouldn’t take more than an hour for the purse to dry out after being washed.

Step 7: Protect The Leather

  • Make use of the Michael Kors Rain & Stain Protector to ensure that your Michael Kors purse will continue to exude an air of unblemished elegance for many years to come. To use, first spritz the exterior of the bag, including the straps, and then take a cloth made of microfiber and massage the liquid into the surface in small circular motions all over the bag.
  • This product will protect your Michael Kors wallet from becoming ruined by the rain or any other type of water, and it will also stop stains from appearing. These links will take you to additional leather cleaners that you can try if you’re not satisfied with the one you currently have.

Michael Kors Leather Scratch Repair

  • Even if the leather used in the production of Michael Kors handbags is of the highest possible quality, the bags can still be scratched under certain circumstances. This is the case despite the fact that Michael Kors uses only the best leather available.The items listed below are what will be necessary in order for you to fix them.


  • Quality Leather Cream
  • Low Gloss Clear Nail Polish
  • Microfiber Cloth

Leather Repair Instructions:

Step 1: Massage the Scratches With Cream

  • It is recommended that a speck of leather cream, approximately the size of a dime, be applied to each scratch on your Michael Kors purse. Applying the cream to the scraped areas and massaging it in with a towel made of microfibers until the scratches become much less visible or completely gone is the best way to treat them.

Once the cream has had time to settle, remove any excess with a clean towel and get ready for the next step.

Step 2: Seal the Scratches In

  1. It is recommended that a very thin layer of clear nail polish be applied to the region that has been scratched. This will smooth out the scratched area, making it less obvious or, at the absolute least, completely invisible.
  2. If you do this on a bag that already has a natural shine, you will get the best results since the glossy nail polish will blend in with the sheen of the bag. This is because the bag already has a natural sheen.

When you own a luxury handbag of any kind, you will inevitably find yourself in need of scratch repair. It is suggested that this procedure be carried out once every few months or after the handbag has been subjected to severe wear and tear, whichever comes first.

Michael Kors Leather Strap Repair

When it comes to Michael Kors handbags, the straps are often the first component to show signs of wear and tear over time. You shouldn’t let something like this get you down!Determine a method for repairing the leather straps that are located further down.

What You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Leather Adhesive
  • Needle and matching thread color
  • Cotton Swab

1. Remove any excess material from the straps, as well as any frayed fringe that may have accumulated at the edges.

2: Directly on the portion of the strap that is falling apart, apply a minuscule amount of leather adhesive and rub it in. This will secure it in position quite firmly.

3. To ensure that the strap won’t unravel, take a needle and some thread and stitch the raw edge that you just cut closed. Always proceed with extreme caution if you are working with the needle.

4. Allow some time for the leather adhesive to dry before continuing. Utilizing a hairdryer will allow you to complete this task in a more expedient manner.

5. Use a cloth made of microfibre to wipe down the exterior of your purse to remove any traces of dirt or dust that may have accumulated there.

6. If the leather has any scratches or imperfections, use a cotton swab to apply leather cream to them, and then rub it in with your fingers. The only way to entirely get rid of them is to apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish over the top of them.

Congrats! You have done an outstanding job of keeping the leather straps that come on your Michael Kors handbags.

Michael Kors Purse Zipper Repair

It is one of the few things that can be more frustrating than other things, and one of those things is when the zipper on your purse stops working.Should I just go ahead and throw the bag away right now? No!

Learn, with the assistance of the graphic guidance that follows, how to replace a damaged zipper on any one of your Michael Kors handbags by following the steps in the guide. It won’t take up much of your time, but doing so will lengthen the duration that your bag serves you well.

Cleaning Michael Kors Leather Handbags

Michael Kors is known for producing luxurious handbags that are made of leather. These handbags are the ultimate of grandeur. Because of the wide range of their surface textures and coatings, each one requires a specific method of upkeep in order to look its best. For example, the leather used for Michael Kors Saffiano bags is embossed in a crosshatch pattern, which not only makes the leather highly resistant to stains but also makes it simple to clean; all you need is a soft cotton cloth and some warm water. It is important to exercise caution when handling handbags made of quilted, pebbled, or smooth leather, and to clean them with a product that is designed specifically for leather. Maintaining leather that has embossing or metallic embellishments calls for an even greater level of care and attention.

Remove surface dirt. To use, bring some water to a boil, and then wet a microfiber cloth that has been meticulously scrubbed. Use a moist cloth to clean the leather and remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on it. To ensure that the purse dries out fully, let it sit there undisturbed for a few minutes.

Cleaning will get rid of any stains and oil buildup that may have occurred. After dampening a microfiber cloth, a little amount of leather cleaner should be applied to the surface of the leather using the cloth. There is no possible scenario in which leather cleaner may be applied directly on the purse. After applying the cleanser to the leather, massage it in with your hands using a circular motion to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

Pay special attention to the areas that surround the handles and the clasp, and make sure to remove any oils that may have been left behind from handling the bag. In particular, pay attention to the areas that are surrounded by the handles. Utilizing a microfiber cloth that is both clean and damp can be used to remove the leather cleaner. Proceed with the method again if the stain is still there. Be careful to apply only the slightest amount of pressure at all times.

In order to maintain the trademark Michael Kors lining, please clean it. When the leather has had sufficient time to dry, you should turn the handbag inside-out so that the interior is facing out, and then you should clear out any dirt or debris that you find in there. Separate the lining from the leather and lay it out on a towel after you have done so. To make a cleaning pad, first saturate it with water, and then apply a small amount of cleaner to its surface. The lining should have a light layer of pressure applied to it, and this should be continued until the lining is thoroughly soaked. Maintain an open bag until the liquid has entirely evaporated.

It is recommended that the hardware be cleaned and polished. Dampen a melamine foam eraser. Use it to give the hardware of the purse, including the Michael Kors distinctive emblem, a little buffing. Take extra precautions to ensure that the leather does not come into direct touch with your skin.


If the leather on your handbag is embossed or metallic, you need to be extremely careful when using leather cleaner. This is especially important if your handbag was made by Michael Kors. The finish of the purse will become scratched if you apply an excessive amount of pressure. Use a product that has a lower concentration, and apply very little pressure to the area. After the bag has had time to dry, you can still use the method on stains that are difficult to remove.

Michael Kors Purse FAQ

Are Michael Kors Handbags Waterproof?

  • Each and every handbag offered for sale by Michael Kors is crafted with Saffiano leather that is of the greatest possible quality. It can be stretched without breaking, and it is immune to the damaging effects of water. In order to take further preventative measures, you could treat each of your purses with the Michael Kors Rain & Leather protectant.

Are Michael Kors Bags Real Leather?

  • Yes, you may rest assured that genuine Saffiano leather was used in the construction of each and every leather bag offered for sale by Michael Kors. This is the same leather that is utilized by Michael Kors for the watch straps, wallets, belts, and other accessories that are manufactured by the company.
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