how to clean white huaraches

Restore your Nike Air Huaraches to their former glory.

Do you own a pair of white Nike Air Huaraches that are past their prime in terms of their appearance? Do you want your treasured Huaraches to look as good as they did when you first got them? You’ve arrived at the right destination, then!

If you are familiar with the correct procedure for getting started, cleaning white Nike Huaraches can be a simple and speedy operation. This cleaning guide will cover all you need to know, including the needs and the materials. You will be able to follow our comprehensive overview of the required steps for cleaning (spoiler alert: everything that you will require is easily accessible).

The Huaraches from Nike are a contemporary spin on the traditional sandal form. Huaraches are a type of Mexican sandal that date back to before the time of Christopher Columbus (who discovered America, not Columbia, the country). Nike’s take on the Huarache is a little bit different; while maintaining the same level of comfort as the original Huaraches sandals, Nike’s version of the Huarache shoe is extraordinarily comfy.

They made their debut in 1991 and had a design that was both simple and unique at the same time. The almost sock-like neoprene upper was undoubtedly the most surprising aspect of this product. The fact that huaraches “hugged” the feet of the wearer contributed to their widespread popularity. Become widely known thanks to the slogan “Have you hugged your foot today?” that was used in the company’s advertising campaign.

The Nike Huaraches are great for wearing around the house or for activities with a lower level of intensity. You can use them for running on tracks or fields, as well as for hiking with a moderate amount of energy.

Can your white Nike Huaraches be saved?

It is common knowledge that white shoes require more care than other colors of footwear. They need to be cleaned and maintained on a consistent basis. If you own a pair of white Nike Huaraches, there is a good probability that they reveal and carry the marks of every dirt road and field that you have used them on. This is especially true if you wear them frequently. If you follow the techniques below, you will be able to make your Huaraches seem as good as new again.

How to clean your white Nike Huaraches at home

An old proverb states that taking preventative measures is preferable to treating an illness after it has already developed. You can keep the white color of your Nike Huaraches by adopting a few simple precautions, such as the following:

  • If you enjoy sports like jogging, running, or trekking in the great outdoors, you should clean the white Huaraches you wear frequently with a brush that has soft bristles after each use.
  • You can remove any dirt or debris by using a damp cloth to wipe it away; for this purpose, a microfiber cloth will perform quite well.
  • You should make it a habit to give your white Huaraches a thorough cleaning once in a while. Cleaning your shoes thoroughly will prevent them from turning yellow over time.

You are going to want to make sure that your white Huaraches are always spotless if you want them to last as long as possible. The appearance of your shoes can be kept in good condition with very few efforts, and you can do so by utilizing components and instruments that are commonplace in the majority of homes.

Materials needed for cleaning:

  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Damp Cloth
  • Dish Wash Liquid
  • Baking Soda
  • Bleach
  • Plastic Tub
  • Gloves

Steps to clean your dirty white Nike Huaraches

  • Taking the laces off of your white Nike Air Huaraches is the first thing you need to do in order to clean them properly. You can clean any debris or dust that may be on your shoe with the bristle brush that is included. In the event that you have a few stains that refuse to go away, you can also clean them place by spot.
  • If your white Huaraches have mud that has caked on, you need to make sure that you remove as much of the caked-on mud as possible before continuing with the cleaning process.
  • Put one cup of water, one drop of your dishwashing liquid, and one teaspoon of baking soda into the plastic tub. Mix it all together. Make sure everything is thoroughly combined.
  • Now, apply this solution to your shoes using the bristle brush, and gently scrub them in circular motions.
  • Rinse the solution out of your shoes once the majority of the dirt has been removed. It is not recommended to completely submerge your footwear in the solution, nor should you leave it on your footwear for an extended period of time.
  • It is recommended that you clean one shoe at a time, and immediately rinse each pair with plain water after they have been cleaned.
  • After you have cleaned your shoes, you may next put them outside to dry in the fresh air. If the area in which you live is exposed to a significant amount of natural light, you may be able to air dry your shoes there.
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How to use bleach to clean white Nike Huaraches

If you have been using your Huaraches in filthy and muddy arenas, cleaning them may require a little more work than usual on your part. Because using bleach to clean more thoroughly is typically not a technique that is encouraged, you should exercise extreme caution if you decide to go in that direction. Even though routine cleaning will go a long way toward maintaining the quality of your white Huaraches, you may need to resort to using bleach if the stains are very resistant to removal.

Bleach is a typical household product that is utilized on a regular basis for the purpose of cleaning the hard surfaces that can be found in bathrooms and kitchens. Bleach, when used in appropriate amounts, can also be put to use in the cleaning of your white Nike Huaraches.

The measures that need to be taken in order to clean your white Huaraches with bleach are as follows:

  • Prioritize protection! Before beginning to work with the bleach, it is imperative that you protect your hands by donning gloves and a mask.
  • Check that your white Huaraches don’t have any stains on them. Clean your shoes of any mud, grime, or debris that may be on them. When you clean your shoes with bleach, it is important to remember to take the time to remove the shoelaces first.
  • Put some bleach and water in the plastic container at a ratio of 1:4, which means you should use 1 tablespoon of bleach for every cup of water. You need to ensure that there is sufficient water in the bathtub so that your shoes can be submerged.
  • Put your shoes in the water and let them sit there for three minutes. Be sure to soak them in the opposite direction of normal. After the allotted time has elapsed, take the shoes out of the water and allow them to dry naturally. When you have bleached the white Huaraches, you may next put them out in the sun to make the white hue even more brilliant.


In spite of the fact that bleach is so commonly used for cleaning, you must always exercise extreme caution when working with it. Because of its acidic nature, bleach can have an adverse effect on a wide variety of household items. Bleach and ammonia together constitute the most lethal combo. When combined, they produce a gas called chlorine, which, when inhaled, can irritate the lungs and nasal passages. When working with bleach, you should always make sure that you are in an area that has adequate ventilation and that your supplies do not pose a threat to curious children or animals.

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Frequently asked questions about cleaning white Nike Huaraches

Is the washing machine an appropriate cleaning method for Nike Huaraches?

Because of the potential for the washing machine to inflict severe damage to your white Huaraches, it is in your best interest to avoid cleaning them in the washing machine. By far the most effective method is to perform the cleaning by hand.

What happened to make my white Nike Huaraches turn a yellowish color?

Oxidation, or being exposed to air for an extended period of time, is typically thought to be the culprit for the yellowing that frequently occurs on white Nike Huaraches. In addition, the more you wear your Nike Huaraches, the more likely it is that they will come into contact with various substances such as dust, dirt, mud, sweat, and so on. They will also turn a different color if they come into contact with substances that have these properties.

How can I get rid of the nasty smell that has accumulated in my white Nike Huaraches?

As a result of your moist feet, your shoes might become smelly and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Leaving your shoes open so they can breathe is one of the most effective strategies to deal with this issue. You can keep them outside in the dirt and sun to get rid of the smell more effectively.

What can I do to prevent the creases in my Nike Huaraches?

The Nike Huaraches, just like the vast majority of other types of shoes, are susceptible to creasing, which can ultimately result in a less desirable appearance and, more crucially, causes them to be less comfortable. It is essential to keep and protect your shoes by making use of foam crease protectors that can adapt to the shape of your shoes and mold themselves to them. A shoe’s shape is maintained by crease guards, which also shield the shoe from wrinkles. This, in turn, maintains the shoe’s aesthetic and, more significantly, its level of comfort.


Even though it could take a little bit of work to keep your white Nike Air Huaraches in good condition, you will find that the investment was well worth it in the end. Shoes that have become yellowed or otherwise discolored do not look very good. Shoes that have been cleaned give off a more positive feeling, regardless of the purpose for which they are worn.

Because cleaning your white Huaraches is so quick and easy, there is absolutely no excuse for you to let your most prized footwear fall into disrepair due to a lack of maintenance.

How can you clean white huaraches in a simple way?

If you have white huaraches, you can clean them by scrubbing them with a toothbrush and some water to remove any stains or grime.
Another option for removing any discoloration is to use a whitening toothpaste on your teeth.

How exactly does one remove the yellow stain from white rubber shoes?

A solution of baking soda and water can be used to remove yellowing from white rubber shoes. This is one method for doing so. Baking soda will assist in breaking down the yellowing, and water will assist in rinsing it away when it has been broken down.

How is baking soda supposed to be used to clean white sneakers?

Making a paste out of one teaspoon of baking soda and a small amount of water will allow you to clean white shoes with baking soda. After applying the paste to the sneakers with your finger, wait a few minutes for it to dry. Remove the paste with a clean towel, then wash the sneakers well.

Is it effective to clean shoes using baking soda?

Because baking soda is an all-natural deodorizer, using it to clean your shoes is an excellent approach to remove odors. It will help eliminate any filth or stains that may be on your shoes, and it will also get rid of any unpleasant odors that may be present.

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Is it possible to wash white huaraches in the machine?

There is no problem with washing white huaraches in the machine. However, in order to prevent them from becoming too rigid, you should take them out of the oven before they are entirely dry.

What is the best way to clean white sneakers?

A solution of baking soda and water can be used to remove yellowing from white rubber shoes. This is one method for doing so. Baking soda will assist in breaking down the yellowing, and water will assist in rinsing it away when it has been broken down.

If I put my Nike shoes in the washing machine, will they get ruined?

To clean white Nike shoes in the washing machine, you must first flip them inside out before beginning the process. The next step is to place them in a pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag and then to secure the top. Last but not least, put it through a mild cycle wash using cold water and detergent. After cleaning the shoes, let them dry naturally in the air.

What is the best way to clean a pair of red Nike huaraches?

To clean a pair of red Nike huaraches, all you need is a toothbrush, some soapy water, and a good scrubbing to get rid of any grime or stains. After that, you should be sure to fully rinse them out.

What is the best way to clean a pair of black huaraches?

You can clean a pair of black huaraches by scrubbing them with a toothbrush and some water to get rid of any stains or grime. In addition to that, if necessary you can use a very small amount of soap. After you’re done, you should give them a quick rinse and then let them dry naturally.

What can I use to get the color back out of my white shoes?

There are a few different approaches you can use to restore the white color to your shoes. You might try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or you could use a paste composed of baking soda and water. Both of these options are available to you. If neither of those solutions does the trick, you could also use bleach. Be sure to test the bleach by applying it to a small, out-of-the-way part of your shoe first to ensure that it will not change the color of the shoe.

Is it possible to clean white shoes using baking soda and peroxide?

It is possible to clean white sneakers with baking soda and peroxide. Baking soda is going to assist in the removal of any dirt or stains, and peroxide is going to assist in brightening the color of the shoes.

Is it possible to clean white shoes using vinegar and baking soda?

Indeed, white shoes can be cleaned using vinegar and baking soda. The two components, when combined, are an excellent way to clean stains and debris from shoes.

Are huaraches still worn by a lot of people?

Huaraches are still popular, that’s for sure. Sandals of this variety feature a thong between the toes in addition to a strap that wraps over the back of the heel. In most cases, leather or suede is used in their construction.

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