how to clean lookah seahorse Pro Plus

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus contains a battery that has a capacity of 650 maH and a straw that is see-through, allowing users to gauge the size of the hits they are receiving. The tip is detachable, and you can get replacement tips in a wide variety either online or in stores. In addition, you have the option of purchasing an attachment online that enables water filtration, which results in hits that are more consistent and enjoyable. A cleaning brush, a charging wire, and an adaptor tube that allows you to connect your Seahorse Pro Plus to any water piece to smoke through are all included in this set. It will be much simpler to take hits out of a smaller water pipe, therefore I highly recommend utilizing one of those.


Since 2009, Lookah has been producing glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs that are known for their creative designs, high quality, and hand-blown construction. The company has only recently begun producing vaporizers. However, ever since they released their first product, they have quickly established themselves as one of the most innovative brands in the vaping industry. a producer that consistently appears to have an abundance of new products available for purchase. Naturally, the majority of their accessories are made out of glass, making them an ideal compliment to the pipes that they sell.

The Lookah Seahorse Honey Straw also comes in a version that is limited to just the Pro function, however the most up-to-date model is called the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus (purchase). The appearance of the gadget is consistent throughout all three variants, but their dimensions are distinct, and the Pro Plus is the only one that supports charging via USB-C.

A glass vapor path, a replaceable glass mouthpiece, a see-through quartz tip, variable voltage, dual-use modes, and a 650mAh battery are some of the features that come standard with the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus.

Features Snapshot

  • Unique Design
  • Removable Glass Mouthpiece & Vapor Path
  • Compatibility with Water Pipes
  • 650 mAh Battery and USB-C Charging
  • See-through Quartz Tip & 510 threaded connection
  • Variable Voltage and Dual-Use Modes

Kit and Accessories

The majority of the time, Honey Straws are sold in very sparse kits that contain only the absolute essentials. The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus kit, on the other hand, comes with a significant number of additional accessories, such as a connection hose made of silicone and an adaptor designed for use with water pipes.

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Kit includes:

  • Seahorse Pro Plus
  • Magnetic Tip/Coil Cover
  • Connection Hose & 14/18mm Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Type 5 Seahorse Coil

Ergonomic & Unique Design

Although the majority of Honey Straws feature designs resembling pens, which render them extremely unremarkable. The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus retains the pen design but has a more columnar appearance than other Lookah products. On the shorter side, you will find the port for charging through USB-C as well as the battery. This is the side that forms the ergonomic grip, which makes it more simpler to use with a grip similar to that of a pencil.

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The glass vapor route, mouthpiece, and firing button are all situated on the same side of the device.The Seahorse Pro Plus is only 5.2 inches tall and 1.3 inches wide, which makes it a very portable device that you won’t have any trouble carrying around with you in your pocket or in a small purse.

Removable Glass Mouthpiece & Vapor Path

Glass components are almost certainly among the nicest qualities that may be discovered on any vaporizer. Glass is an inert material that prevents vapor from being impure or polluted. In the case of Lookah, they have definitely mastered this material, which is why they showcase it so heavily across all of their vaporizers. Glass is a neutral material.

You can watch the vapor flow from the heating element all the way to the mouthpiece, which is a really cool and unique feature that isn’t found on very many different types of devices. The Glass Tube/Vapor Path is transparent.The mouthpiece can be removed and then magnetically attached back onto the device after use to ensure that it stays in place securely.

Compatibility with Water Pipes

A green silicone tube is included in the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus package. One end of the tube is designed to fit securely over the glass mouthpiece, while the other end is designed to suit the accompanying adapter.This adapter is compatible with downstems that have a 14mm or 18mm joint, and the whole assembly enables you to filter vapor through water, which effectively lowers the temperature of the vapor and removes any potential pollutants from it.

Although once you get the hang of it, it is quite fascinating and handy, using it can be a little bit tough due to the fact that the Lookah Seahorse is difficult to handle and difficult to keep upright when it is hot and being used. In addition to this, there is the possibility of bending the silicone tube, which, when bent, slightly folds in on itself.

650mAh Battery and USB-C Charging

The Seahorse Pro Plus is powered by a battery that has a capacity of 650 mAh and can be recharged using USB-C. It takes one full hour to recharge the battery, which can power approximately ten to fifteen dabbing sessions.

USB-C is a port that I really like, therefore it’s exciting to see it showing up on more and more modern products. There is no need to fumble around for the appropriate side to charge, and USB-C is just a lot more stable and transfers power much faster than the outdated Micro-USB that can be found on older devices and on the Lookah Seahorse Pro.

Variable Voltage and Dual-Use Modes

You have the option of selecting from three different temperature settings, and the ring of LED lights that surrounds the firing button will show you which setting you are now using. Simply press the button five times to turn the gadget on, and then press it twice in rapid succession to move through the temperature options.

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The Seahorse’s variable voltages are:

  • 3.2V (Blue)
  • 3.6V (Purple)
  • 4.1V (White)

The session mode can be activated by pressing the same button three times in a row.A flashing light will let you know when you’ve entered session mode. This mode will pre-heat the device for fifteen seconds before maintaining the voltage you select for thirty seconds. Before taking your first hit with the Seahorse Pro Plus in On-Demand mode, I suggest pressing and holding the button for around three to five seconds to allow the coil to get up to temperature.

See-through Quartz Tip & 510 threaded connection

The quartz tip of the Lookah Seahorse can be seen through, and it both generates and dissipates heat at a rapid rate.No matter whatever temperature settings you choose, the vapor will always be dense, intense, and hard-hitting since the tip has been made more porous and is more robust than its predecessors.

You have the option of using the device with the oil cartridge of your choice or replacing the coil with one of Lookah’s other available coils because it has a 510 thread that is attached to the Seahorse and serves as the attachment point for the coil. Lookah gives you the option to select from four different coils, each made of a unique material that contributes to the final product in its own unique way.

The Seahorse has a secure magnetic glass cover that you should always be sure to place back on after each session in order to keep the coil free of any dirt or lint that may have accumulated on it.

how to clean lookah seahorse?

  • The lookah seahorses are simple to maintain and wash.
  • To clear any debris from their body and fins, you should to make use of a gentle brush.
  • In addition, you can use a net to scoop them up and place them in a clean tank after you’ve done so.

Do you put wax directly on coil?

This question does not have a single response that can be considered final. Some people do place wax directly on the coil, while others believe that doing so is neither required nor desirable because it only serves to further complicate matters. Experimenting and discovering what works best for oneself ultimately falls under the purview of the individual.

How do you clean a coil that has been burned?

There are a few different approaches to cleaning a charred coil. The first option is to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a hose attachment in order to extract the charred debris. There is also the option of soaking the coil in a bowl of hot water mixed with dish soap. Another option for cleaning the coil is to use a wire brush.

When using Lookah Seahorse pro, how do you make use of the carts?

The Lookah Seahorse is an excellent tool that may be utilized for moving huge or cumbersome goods. Because of the carts, moving the objects about and stowing them away when they are not in use is a breeze.

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How exactly does one strike a seahorse?

It is possible to capture a seahorse using either a net or a harpoon.

Is the Lookah seahorse capable of being used to smoke shatter?

No, you cannot light up a joint with a Lookah seahorse and smoke shatter.

How hot does Lookah seahorse get?

Lookah seahorses get quite hot. They are capable of reaching temperatures as high as 36 degrees Celsius.

How long does it take for the Lookah Seahorse Pro to charge completely?

Lookah seahorses get quite hot. They are capable of reaching temperatures as high as 36 degrees Celsius.

For dabbing, how do you use the Lookah Seahorse Pro?

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is an excellent piece of equipment for dabbing. It can be used to heat your nails and get them ready for dabbing if you put it to that purpose. It is also an excellent method for holding your dab rig while you are in the process of dabbing.

How do you clean quartz coils?

Isopropyl alcohol is the liquid that must be utilized in order to properly clean quartz coils. After soaking a cotton ball in the alcohol, wipe the coils clean using the cotton ball. You can even scrub them clean with a brush if you want to.

Which Lookah Seahorse tip would you recommend I use?

Due to the fact that everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, there is no one right response to this issue. However, the following are some suggestions that could be of assistance:
-When use the Lookah Seahorse, experiment with a variety of strokes and speeds.
-Try out different levels of pressure when writing with the pen.
-while drawing fine details, use light strokes, but while drawing thicker lines, use firmer strokes.

How long do quartz coils last?

There is no one right response to this issue because the answer is contingent on a number of different aspects, including the kind of coil, the wattage or power that is used, and the frequency with which the device is utilized. Quartz coils, on the other hand, tend to have a lifespan that is far longer than that of other types of coils.

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