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The PlayStation 3 is rather simple and uncomplicated in terms of its cleaning process. You shouldn’t have to open the case of the machine because it has an in-built function for self-cleaning, so make sure that it’s turned on. In most cases, cleaning a PlayStation 3 entails nothing more than running the auto-cleaning function to clear out the interior and washing down the exterior of the console on a regular basis to prevent dust accumulation. If you haven’t given your PlayStation 3 a thorough cleaning in a while and the console has been gathering dust for years, you may open it up by removing the screws that are located in the back and bottom of the system. After that, you can wipe it down and use compressed air to blow the dust away.

Method 1. Wiping the Case

  • Stop the power supply from running and remove the plug from the system. A switch can be found on the back of previous models of the PlayStation 3 that allows users to change certain settings. To turn it off, you need to flip the switch, and then remove the power source. Unplugging the device and then removing it is all that is required for newer models.
    • Remove every other cord from its appropriate port on the computer. This encompasses the power supply as well as any controllers that are wired.
    • Cleaning the casing of the machine will prevent dust or filth from accumulating around the machine’s holes on the outside.
  • Apply a disinfectant wipe to the flat surfaces, and then wipe them down. Utilizing a disinfectant wipe, give the exterior of the PlayStation, both the top and the bottom, a light rubbing. Pass the cloth along the perimeter of the machine as it is being cleaned. It is not appropriate to use the wipe on the buttons that are located on the front panel or the ports that are located on the back.
  • If you have a strong desire to do so, you can rub the panels on the rear, but you shouldn’t touch any of the ports or openings.
  • To clean the areas surrounding the ports and vents, you can use cotton swabs.To clean the area around the rims of the ports at the back, use a little cotton swab and use it. To clean the back vents, run the head of the cotton swab in between the panels where they are located. When cotton swabs become soiled, throw them away and replace them with fresh ones.
  • Utilize a disinfectant wipe and a toothpick to thoroughly clean your controllers.Make use of a toothpick to remove the muck that is lodged in the seams between your buttons by working carefully with it. To clean the seams where the plastic case is put together, invert the controller and use the toothpick to get in between the pieces. To clean the surface of the buttons and the casing, use a disinfectant wipe and give it a light rubbing.
  • If you are concerned about scratching or otherwise damaging your case, a cotton swab is a better option than a toothpick to use.

Tip: It is not really worth the effort to disassemble a PS3 controller in order to clean it. There are many cables, tabs, and screws that are easily damaged, and you can easily purchase a replacement controller for around $5–10 dollars.

Method 2. Performing a Self-Cleaning

  • To turn it off, either flip the switch on the back of the device or remove the plug.If you want to use the self-clean feature of the PlayStation 3, you have to turn the power off completely first; using this feature in standby mode is not possible. If you have an older model, the power switch is located in the back of the device; simply flick it to turn the power off. After putting your PlayStation 3 in standby mode, make sure to unplug your slim model PS3.
  • You are not actually turning off the power to the PlayStation 3 when you click the power button on the front of the console or turn it off using the controls on the dashboard. The system immediately enters standby mode, which is analogous to the hibernation mode on a personal computer.
  • Before continuing, remove any CDs from the PS3’s optical drive. Even though it’s unlikely to be harmful to children, it’s best to err on the side of caution anyhow.
  • A few quick blasts of compressed air should be sprayed in an angled pattern into the vents on the back.While the console is turned off, you should direct a can of pressurized air toward the vents located on the rear of the PlayStation. Pull the button or trigger to release air while holding the nozzle a distance of three to five inches (7.6 to 12.7 cm) from the vent. It is important to hit each section of the vent with short, controlled blasts of air. Spray at an angle that is distant from the center of the vent to prevent the spray from directly hitting the fan and causing damage to it.
  • Spray the side seams to push any dirt or grime toward the back of the frame.

Warning: Take care not to abuse the use of the canned air. Before using the self-clean function, the dirt only needs to be broken up slightly, and if you spray for an excessively lengthy period of time, you run the risk of letting moisture into your case.

  • Simply press and maintain pressure on the eject button.Find the eject button on the front of your PlayStation while the power is still off. This button is located on the face of the device. The eject button is located in the middle of the device and has the shape of a line with a triangle on top of it. Maintain pressure on it using your index finger and press it firmly. You don’t need to push the button very firmly in order to keep it depressed.
  • While you are holding down the eject button, either plug in the PlayStation or turn it back on. Keep your finger on the eject button and don’t let go. Either plug in your newer model or turn the power switch on your older model using the free hand you have available to you.
  • If you feel that plugging it in and holding the button down at the same time is going to be difficult for you, you could ask a buddy for assistance.
  • When you hear the sound of the fan turning on, you can safely let go of the eject button.The PlayStation 3 will produce a beeping sound before going back into standby mode as soon as you either plug in the power cord or flip the button to turn it on. The fan will begin to rotate significantly faster than normal. When the fan starts to make a noise that is significantly louder than it would ordinarily, take your finger off the eject button and let it continue to run.[9]
  • This starts the PlayStation 3’s built-in cleaning routine when you press this button. In essence, the system will continue to speed up the computer until the dust is cleared away.
  • It is possible that a significant amount of dirt and dust will be seen emerging through the vents. Paper towels should be used to clean it up.
  • This procedure could take anywhere from one to five minutes.
  • Cotton swabs should be used to clean the vents in the back of the vehicle.After the sensors in the system determine that there is an adequate level of cleanliness within, the fan will automatically slow down and turn itself off. There will be a significant amount of dust caked onto the vents. Dust can be removed by using a cotton swab that has been thoroughly cleaned and then moving it back and forth between each panel.[10]
  • It is possible that you will want a few cotton swabs, but this will depend on how unclean your vents are.
  • To reset the PlayStation 3, turn off the power and then turn it back on.If you execute a self-cleaning on your PS3 without first resetting the machine, pressing the power button thereafter will not cause the console to switch back on. To accomplish this, simply turn the machine off by toggling the power switch or unplugging it from the back of the device. Ten seconds must pass before the switch may be reactivated or the plug can be reinserted. After that, you will be able to use your PlayStation 3 and turn it back on again.
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Method 3. Cleaning the Inside of the Case

  • Put your PlayStation into standby mode and remove all of its cables.To turn off the machine, either pull the plug or turn off the power switch. After that, disconnect any ethernet cables and controller wires. Put a clean towel on the surface underneath your PlayStation after you move it to a level surface and place it there.Take off any stickers and screws that are on the back.Remove the stickers from the rear in order to have access to the screws that are hidden underneath. To remove the two screws located in the top right and top left corners, you will need a TR9 screwdriver. After that, remove the stickers and, with the same screwdriver, unscrew the screws that were hiding below them.
  • Depending on the specific model of the device, there may be a total of three or four screws.
  • Because of their size, these screws are easily misplaced; thus, exercise extreme caution when removing them.
  • If you peel off any of the stickers, the warranty will no longer be valid.
  • To remove it, give it a light light pull on the back panel.If you apply a lot of force, you run the danger of breaking the back panel, so try to avoid doing that. Put your fingers all the way around the outside of the case, and then give it a little bit of a pull. It ought to come out really easily. In the event that it does not, you can try to peel it off from the top using your finger or a dull knife.[13]
  • If it is sticking a little bit and you have to pry it off by starting on one side, you should have no trouble popping it off after you get one edge lifted off. If it is sticking a little bit and you have to pull it off by starting on one side.
  • The back panel should be cleaned with a can of compressed air and a paper towel once it has been sprayed.Spray both sides of the back panel with compressed air from a can while the panel is held away from the rest of the machine. Make sure to clean the panel on all sides by using a paper towel. If it is extremely sticky, you can scrub the plastic with a disinfectant cloth to get the residue off.
  • After using a disinfectant wipe to clean it, you will need to let it air dry for at least half an hour before reinstalling it.
  • Remove the screws by inverting the PlayStation 3 so that the bottom is facing you.In the upside-down position, locate the one TR9 screw on the bottom of your PlayStation as well as the two TR9 screws that are located on the sides. You can unscrew these pieces with your TR9 screwdriver, and then set them to the side. Remove the two larger screws located in the four corners by using a screwdriver with a Phillips head.
  • When compared to TR9 screws, Phillips screws have a length that is somewhat greater. It is possible that you will need to use a flat edge to gently pull them up somewhat.
  • Simply lift the lid in order to gain access to the interior components and the power supply.Raise the panel by gently pulling it up with the tips of your fingers from either side. You’ll see that there’s one side that won’t open up where the hinge is positioned. Open the panel carefully so that it opens in the direction of the hinge. Turn it all the way open to gain access to the components contained within your computer.
  • Compressed air and paper towels can be used to clean the power supply of any dust that may have accumulated.Use a clean, dry paper towel to remove any dust that is visible. To clean dust or grime from places that are difficult to access, use a can of compressed air that has a thin nozzle attachment. Spray the air in these spots, and then blow it out. To remove the buildup that tends to become lodged in that area, run a cloth under the lip that surrounds the case’s edges.
  • The end of the nozzle adapter that comes with the can of compressed air resembles a very skinny pen. It’s a solid piece of plastic with a hole in the middle that funnels air into one specific spot.
  • In this particular location, you should not use any disinfectant wipes, soap, or water at all.
  • Reassemble the device using the screws that were previously removed. After you have finished cleaning the power supply, return the panel to its previous place with the door closed. To begin, take the Philips screws and screw them in until there is a significant amount of resistance. After that, fasten the three TR9 screws into the bottom panel of the system, and then turn it around so that the back panel is facing you. Plug the machine back in once you have screwed in the three or four TR9 screws.
  • The decals that you peeled off were not essential to the structure in any way. You can go ahead and get rid of it like that.
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Warning: Stop applying pressure if you feel a significant amount of resistance coming from the screws in the device. You don’t want to give away your secret, do you?




How exactly does one clean a PS3 slim without having to open it up?

There are a number different methods that may be used to clean a PS3 slim without having to open it. One method is to clean the inside of the system by spraying it with compressed air from a can and then wiping it down. The system can also be washed by placing it in a dish filled with hot water and soap and then scrubbing it.

How exactly does one go about cleaning the interior of a PS3?

There are a number different approaches of cleaning the interior of a PlayStation 3. One method is to remove all of the dirt and dust by blowing on it with a can of compressed air. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner that has a hose attachment is yet another viable option. Before attempting to clean the PS3, you should make certain that the power has been turned off to the device.

What is the proper way to clean the fan on my PS3 Super Slim?

There is no special way to clean a PS3 Super Slim fan, but simply using a moist towel should do the trick.

Can you vacuum PS3?

Yes, you can vacuum PS3. However, due to the ease with which dust and grime can become lodged in the filters of the vacuum cleaner, doing so is not suggested because it can lead to a variety of issues.

How do you fix a PlayStation 3 that won’t read the discs that you put in it?

If your PlayStation 3 won’t read discs, there are a few troubleshooting steps you may take. Check the disc first to determine whether it is filthy or has any scratches on it. Verify that the laser on the PS3 is functioning correctly by attempting to play a disc that is known to be compatible with the console after you have ensured that the disc is spotless. If the laser continues to be inoperable, you will probably need to replace the optical drive in the PS3.

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How can I tell if my PlayStation 3 is getting too hot?

You will see the following warning appear on the screen of your PS3 if it detects that it is overheating: “Your PS3 has been turned off to protect it from overheating.” In the event that this takes place, please proceed as follows:
Restart your PS3.
Wait 5 minutes.
Start up your PS3 once more.

How can I prevent my PlayStation 3 from getting too hot?

You may try to keep your PlayStation 3 from getting too hot by following a few different preventative measures. First things first, check to see that the system has adequate cooling. Second, examine the condition of the fan and make any necessary adjustments. Third, examine the power supply to guarantee that it is sufficient. Last but not least, be sure to keep a close eye on the temperature of the system and to take corrective action if it rises to an unsafe level.

How do I find out what the temperature is on my PlayStation 3?

A built-in thermometer is included with each and every PS3. Simply restart the console by pressing and holding the power button for around ten seconds, and then hit the system button to access the primary menu. This will allow you to check the temperature. From this menu, pick “Settings” and then “System Information.” It is recommended that the temperature be shown at the area close to the bottom of the screen.

How do I fix my PS3 super slim disc reader?

There are a few different things you can do if the disc reader on your PS3 ultra slim console is not reading discs. First things first, check to see that the disc has been properly loaded into the reader. After that, try wiping out the reader’s laser with a gentle cloth or a solution of dish detergent and water. Last but not least, if everything else fails, you always have the option of finding a new reader.

What do I need to do to get the laser on my PS3 fixed?

There are a couple different approaches to repairing the laser on your PlayStation 3. The most straightforward method is to use a hairdryer to warm up the laser until it turns back on again. One further method is to remove the cover from the laser assembly and then use a screwdriver to crank the component until the laser activates. In the event that neither of these solutions works, you will likely have to replace the laser assembly.

Will a PS3 even power on if it doesn’t have a hard drive?

It is possible to power up a PS3 without a hard disk being present. On the other hand, you won’t be able to play any games or watch any movies on the machine.

What can damage PS3?

The PlayStation 3 can be harmed by a few different ways, but the one that happens most frequently is being dropped. In addition to those items, water, dust, and heat are all capable of causing damage to a PlayStation 3.

What might be causing my PlayStation 3 to overheat so frequently?

There are a few different things that could be causing your PlayStation 3 to overheat. A piece of furniture or another large object could be obstructing the flow of air through the system, which would be one of the possible explanations for the problem. If this is the case, you may need to move the furniture or object out of the way, and then try to clean up any debris that may be blocking the ventilation system. If this does not work, you will need to move the furniture or object out of the way.

I have a PS3 that has a yellow light of death. Can you fix it?

There is no one correct response to this question because the yellow light of death on the PS3 can be triggered by a wide number of different problems. If you notice that your PlayStation 3 is displaying a yellow light of death, your best bet is to take it to an authorized service center so the technicians there can take a look at it.

Why does my PS3 freeze whenever a game is loaded onto it?

When loading a game on your PlayStation 3, your console may become unresponsive for a number of different reasons. There is a possibility that you do not have sufficient space available on your hard drive. If the game you’re trying to install requires more than 2 gigabytes of storage space, your PlayStation 3 might not be able to locate it on the hard drive, causing it to freeze. There is also the possibility that your PlayStation 3 has reached its memory capacity.

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