How to Clean n64 Cartridge?

If your Nintendo 64 game cartridges do not operate, the problem may be that they are not clean enough. You can rapidly remedy this problem by cleaning them, and if you don’t know how to do that, you’ve found the proper place to learn how to do it. Let’s look at the proper way to clean an N64 cartridge, shall we?

How to Clean n64 Cartridge?

The grooves in game cartridges make them more likely to accumulate dust, debris, and lint, which can lead to malfunction after extended usage in the absence of maintenance if the cartridges are not cleaned.

Make sure that you follow all of the methods for disassembling the N64 cartridge before you move on to cleaning it. If you make a mistake at this stage, you could end up losing the cartridge entirely.

Step #1: Disassemble n64 Cartridge

This is the first step toward helping you clean it in an effective, speedy, and comprehensive manner.

  • To disassemble the cartridges into their component parts, use a screwdriver with a 3.8 mm Gamebit bit to separate the panels and the cartridges.
  • By removing the shielding, you can gain access to the circuit board.

When taking apart the N64 cartridge, it is of the utmost importance to use extreme caution and to do so in the correct manner.

Step #2: Clean the n64 Cartridge

After it has been taken apart, you can then begin cleaning it. There are three distinct approaches to taking care of this matter.

Method #1: Try an Air Duster

It will be successful despite the fact that there is a warning against it.

  • Make sure that the entire length of the N64 cartridge slot is clear by using an air duster.
  • Check to check if the game can be played after you’ve done that.

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. The reason for this is that rather than being a method for cleaning, it is more of a maintenance operation.It cleans the insertion slot, which frees it of any dust or bacteria that may have been hiding in there.

If you don’t have an air blower, you can use your mouth to make some noise instead.However, you should try to avoid sending too much moisture while you are at it because doing so can, in the long run, ruin the game.

Method #2: Use Alcohol

This approach is more efficient than the one that was proposed previously. Gather the following items before you begin:

  • Alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • After you have obtained them, proceed as follows:
  • Apply a small bit of alcohol on the cotton swab, but make sure that you only use a very small amount.
  • Put the cotton swab that has been dampened into the N64 cartridge insertion gap.
  • Make sure to give the inside of the N64 cartridge a good cleaning with the cotton swab as well.
  • Drag them across the cartridge’s copper contacts using the same swiping motion.
  • Continue to switch out one cotton swab for the other until the cartridge continues to be spotless regardless of how many times you insert and remove it from the N64.
  • After the dirt has been removed completely, let it air dry for five to ten minutes.
  • Test the game to determine if it is functioning properly.

Tips when using the method:

  • When you are moistening the cotton swab with alcohol, be careful not to use too much of it.
  • When wiping the copper contacts, use a circular motion in a rectangular pattern.
  • Throughout the entirety of the cleaning process, maintain a solid stance while remaining cautious.
  • When drying the cartridge, you should not use a hairdryer.
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Method #3: Use Metal Polish

This approach is comparable to the one that makes use of alcohol, but it is reasonably efficient. The following instruments are required:

  • Metal polish such as Brasso
  • Q-tips Cotton swabs

After you have obtained them, proceed as follows:

  • Just two drops of the metal polish should be placed on the cotton swab that you have.
  • Put the cotton swab that has been dampened into the N64 cartridge insertion gap.
  • Utilizing the cotton swab, thoroughly clean the interior of the N64 cartridge.
  • Make sure that you do this with the copper connections of the cartridge as well.
  • Continue this process by switching out the cotton swab until you get one that is free of any residue.
  • Test the game to determine if it is functioning properly.

Tips when using this method:

  • A pencil eraser can make the process faster
  • After some time has passed, use a cotton Q-tip that has been dried off to remove any dirt, dust, or other particles that may have accumulated.

Step #3: Reassemble Your n64 Cartridge

After it has been cleaned, it can then be restored in the following manner:

  • Place the metal shield back in its original location, then use a screwdriver to screw the lid back over the pins and the circuit board.
  • Return the metal shielding to its original position on one-half of the cartridge.
  • After it has been installed, you should reassemble the cartridge’s two halves.

Important Tips in Cleaning your N64 Cartridge

There are a few different approaches you may take to give your used video game cartridges the appearance and performance of brand new ones.

The cartridge can be removed from the console and then reinserted for the simplest solution. This gives the console and the game a second opportunity to correctly align the copper pins so that they can establish a connection with one another.

People who possess video games frequently believe that they can make the game operate by removing it from its case and blowing into it. On the other hand, there are a few problems with cleaning the game in this manner.

To begin, when owners of N64 games take the game from the console and blow into it, the act of blowing air into the game isn’t always what causes it to function properly.

Simply removing it and replacing the game in the system was all that was required.

To continue, there is a rationale for why I recommended utilizing compressed air rather than simply blowing air into the cartridge. The air that comes out of our mouths is quite moist and contains little particles of moisture.

If that moisture comes into contact with the copper pins, it has the potential to cause the pins to corrode or otherwise get damaged. Therefore, blowing inside the cartridge will never help your games in any way.

On the other hand, one of the best ways to aid increase performance is to make use of compressed air that is not saturated with moisture.

The game cartridges and the slot in the console can both benefit from being cleaned with compressed air. The connection between the game and the console can occasionally be disrupted by dust that has accumulated over time.

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A More Intensive Method

If you find that your Nintendo 64 game cartridge has some accumulation on it or is beginning to show indications of deterioration, it is possible that a more thorough cleaning process may be required.

Take off the case before you attempt to clean the game properly.

After the rear of the case has been taken off, you will be able to view the connection pins that are fully exposed on the back of the game. It will be essential for optimal performance with the system that you take good care of these metal pins.

However, if there is accumulation or degeneration, rubbing lightly with a cotton swab won’t be enough to get rid of it.

Therefore, you might want to go all out and invest in some metal polish contact cleaner that is made specifically for electronic connections. This material is designed to assist in the removal of buildup and polish up those pins so that they can function to their full potential.

If you are trying to save money, a regular pencil eraser can be used in its place to remove any accumulation or degeneration by being rubbed off gently.

After the corrosion has been removed, you can polish the pins using a cotton swab that has been dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Allow the game to air out and dry for at least ten minutes after you have cleaned and polished the connection pins on the game.

After that, you may put the game back together on the cartridge and test it out on the system.

Cleaning the Console

It’s possible that the actual Nintendo 64 console, and not the game itself, has to be cleaned at some point. Fortunately, a lighter cleaning that requires less effort will frequently do the trick.

When it comes to cleaning the console and the cartridges, you will require the same supplies.

In the same way that the game contains connection pins that might need to be cleaned for the game to function properly, the video game console also has comparable pins that might become corroded or unclean over time.

The same methods that are used to clean the games can also be used to clean the pins.

The first thing that may be done would be to clean the debris from the inside of the game slot. I cannot stress this enough: do not blow air into the area using your mouth. Instead, clean the connection pins with using compressed air to remove any dust.

In the event that this does not work, take some isopropyl alcohol and some cotton ear swabs and carefully polish the pin connectors in the slot to eliminate any dust or debris that may have accumulated.

Finally, if that doesn’t work to improve performance, you can use an eraser or metal polish to thoroughly clean the connection pins within the console. This should be done only if you’ve already tried everything else.

However, use extreme caution with the substances that you bring near the electronic components and the amount of moisture that you let in.

Also, always keep in mind how important it is to give the alcohol plenty of time to evaporate. When there is still moisture present in the area close to the electrical components, you should not hurry back and start using it too soon.

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Materials Not to Use

The use of brute force is not necessarily the most effective method when cleaning electrical components. It is essential to exercise caution when handling electronics so as not to break their delicate components.

Never use water; it will wreck the cartridge as well as the circuit boards and electrical components in the console. Water should never be used. It is not recommended that you use water as a cleaning substance for your games or your Nintendo64.

In addition, when cleaning the metal pins found in the cartridges, you should not make use of any abrasive scrubbers such as a wire brush, iron wool, or any other similar instruments.

These heavy-duty scrubbers have the potential to produce grooves in the pins, which will allow the pins to gather more dust and lead to additional damage further down the road.

Although using rubbing alcohol on your game consoles might not be the worst thing you could do, in most cases, you should avoid doing so.

Because it contains a lower percentage of alcohol than regular alcohol, rubbing alcohol also contains more water.Isopropyl alcohol has a higher alcohol content per volume and is therefore superior for use in electrical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is It Possible to Thoroughly Clean the Circuit Board of an N64 Cartridge?

Use a bottle of electronic dust cleaner to wipe the debris and dust from the circuit board of the N64 cartridge. This will ensure that the board is clean. Keep a space of between 9 and 12 inches between the remover and the circuit board as you spray it.

How Do You Go About Cleaning the Pins on an N64 Cartridge?

A cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol are all that are required to clean the pins on an N64 cartridge. To finish, wet the latter with the former and give the pins a good cleaning.

When I am cleaning the N64 Cartridge, what Should I Try Not to Do?

When cleaning an N64 cartridge, you should under no circumstances use Windex. This is due to the fact that it will leave deposits on the contacts of the N64 cartridge. In a similar vein, you should avoid using Windex to clean stained glass because of how powerful it may be. Sandpaper is not recommended for usage for the same reason, since it will ruin the surface.

If I only have rubbing alcohol, will it be enough to ruin my games or console?

No, it is not necessary so long as you are careful and give it lots of time to dry completely. Again, I would recommend that you use isopropyl alcohol, but if that is all you have available, you can use rubbing alcohol instead. Simply ensure that the drying process is carried out completely.

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