How To Clean Cork Shoes

Shoes made of cork are not only highly stylish but also allow the foot to breathe properly during the hot summer months; yet, the fact that cork is so readily stained may make you hesitant to purchase a pair. You can, however, simply clean even the dirtiest shoes without causing any damage to them if you take the necessary precautions. The instructions below will walk you through the process of cleaning your cork clogs and sandals.

The following items are required: cork shoes or clogs, five drops of neutral detergent, half a liter of warm water, half a glass of white vinegar, a rag, a mop, a toothbrush, extra-virgin olive oil, baking soda, and a lemon.

Formulate a remedy for the cleaning: Put half a glass of white vinegar in a liter and a half of warm water, add five drops of non-toxic detergent (the detergent must be non-toxic to prevent any toxins from hurting the shoes), and mix everything together.

After wiping the cork shoes off with a rag that has been dampened in the cleaning solution, remove as much dirt as possible without damaging the cork material. The shoes will not only look better as a result of this, but their lifespan will also be increased.

Applying light pressure in a circular motion, scrub the surface of the cork with a brush. The brush should be somewhat damp, but not dripping wet, and you should rinse it every so often to ensure that there are no traces of dirt left on your shoes after using it. When you get to the spots where the larger brush can’t get to, switch to a toothbrush.

Repeat the process if there is still debris or discolouration on the cork after you have removed all soap and foam remnants from the cork. If you rub the surface of the cork any more than twice, you run the danger of causing it to become damaged. If the shoe appears to be clean, you shouldn’t rub the cork any further. After that, look over the shoes again. If the cork appears to be clean now, give them one last scrubbing with clean, warm water to remove any remaining cleaning solution, and then let them air dry for a couple of days.

Sanding the surface of the cork lightly is an option for removing stubborn stains or repairing damaged sections of the cork. It is imperative that your footwear is totally devoid of any moisture before you proceed with this step. You run the danger of destroying them. Avoid using an excessive amount of force. Sanding the surface even very lightly will be sufficient to remove practically all of the stains and dirt.

This method is only required in the event that there is damage to the cork or if the cleaning solution is unable to remove stains that are particularly tenacious. You also have the option of using olive oil of the extra-virgin variety or a solution made up of baking soda and lemon.

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How To Clean Cork Shoes: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Shoes made of cork are incredibly stylish and avant-garde. In addition to this, the majority of people find them pleasant, and they provide orthopedic support.

Why should it surprise us that they never go out of style? However, due to the fact that cork shoes are readily stained, some individuals are hesitant to purchase them.

Shoes made of cork that are covered in stains and filth are unlikely to look good with any outfit.

If you already own a pair of these classy shoes or are thinking about purchasing a pair, it is imperative that you are aware of how to clean cork shoes.

The good news is that maintaining the cleanliness of cork footwear is much simpler than you would have anticipated.

In addition, I have a feeling that you already possess everything that is necessary to clean these shoes thoroughly and return them to the splendor that they once possessed.

When it comes to cleaning cork shoes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to prevent the shoes from being harmed in any way.

Make certain that the shoes do not become drenched to an excessive degree while being cleaned, as this is the first and most significant step.

If you expose them to water, there is a considerable risk that the material could crack as it dries, which will render them ineffective.

Therefore, make sure they don’t get near the bucket! Also, you should never put them in the washer or the dryer.

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals, it is time to examine the proper approach to cleaning cork shoes.

How To Clean Cork Shoes

Just five easy steps are all you need to follow to clean your cork shoes and make them appear as good as new. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Make A DIY Cork Shoe Cleaner

The first thing that you need to do is make a cleaning solution that you will use to clean the shoes. After that, you should start cleaning the shoes.

It is possible to purchase a cleaning solution for cork at a store, but it is strongly recommended that you prepare your own at home.

By doing things in this way, you can make certain that the components you are putting into your shoes are not harmful to them.

Pour approximately half a gallon of water into a large bowl and then add half a cup of vinegar. This will be the base for your do-it-yourself cork shoe cleanser.

Before adding a few drops of detergent, combine the vinegar and water using a spoon to facilitate the mixing process.

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You are free to use whichever detergent you like, provided that it is not harsh and does not include any hazardous ingredients. Completely combine the components of the solution.

To ensure that the detergent is thoroughly combined, you may alternatively combine all of the components in a bottle and violently shake it. This works just as well.

Step 2 – Wipe The Shoes

When the cleaning solution is ready, it’s time to clean the grime and dirt off of your shoes and put them in the solution. Apply some of the cork cleaning solution to a clean, fluffy rag and then moisten it.

Before applying the wet rag to your cork shoes, make sure you give it a good squeeze to eliminate any excess moisture that may have accumulated from dipping it in the solution.

Use the damp rag to eliminate any dirt or marks that are evident on the shoes by rubbing them all over with it.

Gently wipe the shoes in a circular motion while only applying pressure where it is absolutely necessary.

The amount of filth that is removed from the shoes through wiping them will directly correlate to the amount of scrubbing that is required afterwards. Therefore, take your time and make sure the shoes are wiped out as thoroughly as possible.

Step 3 – Apply The Cleaning Solution

If you are successful in removing all of the dirt and stains, it is recommended that you skip this step. On the other hand, there are some stains that are impossible to remove with a rag.

If this is the case, one option available to you is to scrub the shoes with a gentle bristle brush.

It is often difficult to reach all areas of the shoes with a rag, which is another reason why you might want to consider using a scrubbing brush instead of a rag. This is especially true for shoes that completely enclose the foot.

To use the scouring brush, first wet it by dipping it in the cork cleaning solution, and then yank it to get the extra water out of it.

Remember that the brush should only be slightly damp and not dripping wet when you use it.

While you were cleaning the shoes with the rag, make sure to reach all of the places that you missed by moving the scrubbing brush in gentle circular motions over the shoes.

To keep from spreading dirt all over the shoe, make sure to rinse the brush every few minutes while you are cleaning it.

When it comes to cleaning your shoes, it is recommended that you use a scrub of high quality; however, if you do not have access to such a scrub, you can always use a toothbrush in its place.

Even though you might find it more challenging to scrub with a toothbrush, the shoes will come out just as clean with this method.

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Step 4 – Wipe Them Clean

When you are satisfied that your cork shoes have been meticulously cleaned, you should wipe them down thoroughly to remove any trace of soap residue.

Do not put the shoes that have been cleaned with soap under a running faucet, despite the fact that you may feel tempted to do so. Instead, you should use a clean towel that is damp for this function.

You may get a decent indication of how well you’ve cleaned your shoes by wiping them down after you’ve finished cleaning them.

If there is still a lot of dirt or stains on the shoe, you can wipe it down with the scrubbing brush once again, paying particular attention to the dirty areas.

However, keep in mind that cleaning the cork shoes too vigorously might potentially cause damage to the shoes. Therefore, you shouldn’t scrub them any more than twice.

When you are finished cleaning your cork shoes and have removed all traces of soap residue, set them out in the open air to dry naturally.

Keep in mind that the drying process for shoes made of cork might take anywhere from one to two days. Therefore, if you intend to wear them, you shouldn’t put off cleaning them until the very last minute.

Step 5 – Sand Your Cork Shoes    

Sanding is a process that involves removing the top layer of cork off shoes by using sandpaper. Sanding the shoes too much might easily cause them to become damaged, so keep that in mind.

Therefore, make sure that you only carry it out when it is completely necessary to do so. Even under those circumstances, you won’t be able to sand your shoes more than a few times before they become worn out. A

When you sand your cork shoes, make sure that they are entirely dry first. This is an important step. It is recommended that you wait at least two days after cleaning your shoes before sanding them.

It is simple to clean shoes made of cork. You are now a great fashionista because you know how to clean cork shoes, so rock your favorite shoes with confidence.

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