how to clean mochi squishies

Squishy mochi toys are wonderful for developing children’s hand strength as well as their tactile skills, in addition to giving them numerous hours of enjoyable playtime. On the other hand, just like any other well-loved toy, they might become dirty over the course of time.

Understanding how to clean mochi squishies is absolutely necessary given the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates in them. You will learn how to clean four different types of squish toys, including mochi-style toys, by following the instructions in this article.

Mochi squishies are easily washable by hand using a gentle soap and water solution. Be sure to give them a thorough washing and then let them dry in the open air.

How To Clean Mochi Squishies

The first thing you need to do before beginning to clean squishies is to identify the type of squishy you have. The following is a list of the most popular styles that we will discuss.

Types of Squish Toys

  • Silicone Squishies (Mochi Style):

    • Stickiness and diminutive size are two of the defining characteristics of silicon squishies. The majority of the time, these diminutive toys take the form of miniature animals or figures.The most well-known brand of silicone squishies now on the market is called Mochi Squishies. This will serve as the primary focal point throughout this guide.
  • Foam Squishies

    • One of the most gratifying types of stress toys is the one known as foam squishes. When handled, this particular type of squishy flattens out, and as the player continues to squeeze it, it gradually returns to its original form, taking the form of an endearing cartoon character. In order to protect the foam from being harmed, it needs to be cleaned in a very specific way.
  • Fabric Covered Squishies

    • When youngsters play with some foam-style squishies that have been coated in fabrics, it offers them a new texture to explore. The maintenance of this fabric involves an additional step, although it is not difficult to accomplish.

Mochi Squishies Cleaning Steps (Silicone Style)

Because of the sticky covering on their outside, mochi squishies have a notorious reputation for quickly becoming covered in dirt and dust.

How To Remove Dust From Mochi Squishy

  • Using scotch tape, dust may be removed from mochi toys in a quick and easy manner.
  • Remove any and all traces of dust from the toy’s exterior by rubbing it with a piece of Scotch tape in a circular motion.

Proceed with the steps that follow if the mochi squishy you want to clean still has a grimy and unclean appearance:

How To Remove Dirt and Bacteria From Mochi Squishy 

Follow these instructions to sanitize the silicone squishy even if it has a significant amount of dirt on it.

Put some dawn dish soap and ice-cold water in a container that’s large enough to hold all of the squishies.

  1. Put the squishy toys into the water, and then wait five minutes before touching them again.
  2. Rub the toys lightly with your fingertips in circular motions if the dirt has not already floated off of the silicone.
  3. Be careful not to rub any surface gems or medallions, since this could cause them to go loose.
  4. Allow the toys to dry out.
  5. Corn starch can be rubbed into the surface of the mushy after it has had a chance to dry, which will prevent it from being sticky.
  6. Utilizing a damp towel, remove any extra corn starch.
  7. If any of the decorations come off, you can reattach them with a dab of adhesive if necessary.
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Congrats! You have now completed the task of cleaning a mochi squishy.

How To Clean Foam Squishy

When it comes to cleaning foam squish toys, the fact that they can’t get too wet presents a hurdle. In that case, they will take in a lot of water and develop mold growth on the inside of the product. Fortunately, there are a few different approaches one can take to address this problem.

Option 1: Remove Dust and Dirt

Applying a damp washcloth to the surface of the foam toy can help eliminate specks of dust and grime that may have accumulated there.

Be sure to make your way completely around the surface of the foam toy in order to clear away the most amount of trash feasible.

If you wipe with too much pressure, water may start to seep into the foam, so try to avoid doing that.

Option 2: Remove Heavy Grime and Bacteria

  • Use disinfectant wipes that are appropriate for use around children to clean the entire surface of the foam squish toy. The use of the disinfection wipe will guarantee that the toy is clean and sanitary in every respect.
  • Be sure to remove as much debris from the surface of the foam toy as you can by working your way completely around its perimeter.
  • If you wipe with too much pressure, water may start to seep into the foam. To prevent this from happening, avoid cleaning with too much pressure.

How To Clean Fabric Covered Squishy

Fabric is always washed the most successfully when it is tossed into the washing machine; nevertheless, there is a problem with this method of cleaning. If you try to do this with a fabric-covered foam squishy, the squishy will mold because it will absorb an excessive amount of water.

Here’s what you can do to spot treat the fabric:

  • The surface of the cloth should have a modest amount of gentle detergent applied to it.
  • Scrubbing the fabric with a wet towel to get the detergent into the fibers can help break up any stains or particles that may be present.
  • To complete the rinsing process, pass a wet washcloth over the area one more time.

You know how nasty kids can get, so if the fabric is beyond the point where you can even touch it, you can try washing it in the machine. Be aware that doing this can render the squishy unusable forever.

  • Place your squishes inside of a cotton pillowcase, then tie a knot in the opening of the case.
  • Place them in the washing machine with a gentle detergent, and set the machine to the cold water setting. In order for the squishy to melt, the water must be really hot.
  • Keep them in the pillowcase they came in and dry the toy in the machine on the setting for air drying or cool. This will probably require more than one session to complete.
  • Do not put them on high heat because this will cause the toys to melt, and then they won’t be able to be molded as easily.

Can you air dry Squishmallow?

Squishmallow can, in fact, be dried by air. To accomplish this, place the Squishmallow on a towel and pat it dry until it is completely dry. When it is completely dry, you may then put it away in a bag or a container.

How do you wash Squishmallow by hand?

To clean Squishmallow by hand, immerse it in a tub or sink full of cool water with a very small amount of gentle dish detergent for a few minutes. First, give the surface of the toy a light scrubbing with the soapy water, and then completely rinse the item with clean water. Squishmallow can also be washed in an automatic washing machine on the delicate cycle with cold water and a very minimal amount of detergent.

How do you make Squishmallow smell better?

There are a few different approaches one can take to improve the aroma of squishmallow. Putting it in the freezer for a couple of hours is one option you have. The aroma will become more intense as a result. Alternatively, you might place it in a plastic bag along with some vanilla essence or baking soda and shake the bag.

What is the rarest Squishmallow?

The Gold Rush Squishmallow is the most difficult to find of all the Squishmallows. It was only available in a limited edition comprised of one hundred dolls.

How do you make Squishmallows fluffy again?

There is a solution available for you if the fluff inside of your Squishmallow has been lost. Put a kettle of water on to boil, then place the Squishmallow in the water for about a quarter of a minute. Take it out of the oven and wait for it to cool down before you try to fluff it up again.

Can you clean squishies?

Yes, you can clean squishies. Use a gentle dish soap and some water to clean them. Use the toothbrush to give the toy a light scrubbing to get rid of any dirt or debris. You should wash it with water and then allow it to dry naturally.

What are squishies called in Japan?

Squishies are known as “puchi kurabu” () in Japan, which literally translates to “little club” in English.



Is Mochi squishy a brand?

Mochi squishy is not a brand name; rather, it refers to a specific variety of Japanese confection. Rice that has been pounded into a powder is the main ingredient in its construction, and the filling most commonly consists of red bean paste. Squishy mochi is typically consumed either as a sweet or savory snack.

Can u put fidgets in dishwasher?

The answer is yes, you can clean fidget spinners in the dishwasher. They will emerge spotless and sanitized after the process.

How do you clean a squishy stress ball?

You can wipe down a squishy stress ball with a damp towel or wash it in the machine if you prefer a more thorough cleaning. If you decide to use a damp cloth instead of a dry one, make sure to squeeze out every last drop of water before re-introducing it into the stress ball. If you decide to wash it in the machine, make sure to select the delicate cycle, and try to avoid drying it in the dryer if at all possible.

How do you clean fidget toys?

Cleaning fidget toys can be done in a number different ways. You may either wipe them down with a cleaning cloth or put them in the dishwasher to clean them. Both options are available to you. You might also try cleaning them with some soap and water if they are particularly grimy.

Can squishies go in water?

The answer is yes, you can submerge squishies in water. However, it is possible that they will lose some of their effectiveness after being wet.

Mochi Squishy FAQ

How To Make Mochi Squishy

  • Did you know that one of the toys that your child enjoys playing with the most can be created by you right at home? Have a look at this amazing visual instruction that will show you how to make mochi squishies at home without using hitohada gel.

Can You Wash Mochi Squishies?

  • Mochi squishes can, in fact, be cleaned with water. If the surface of your mochi squishy just has a small amount of dirt or dust on it, you can clean it by using a piece of scotch tape to dab the dirt or dust off. If it needs to be washed more, fill a tub with cold water and soap, let the squishy sit in the water for a few minutes, then massage the dirt off with your fingers and let it dry.

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