how to clean dyson v7 filter

How To Clean Your Dyson Filter In 5 Steps – And How To Know If You Need A New Filter

Have you ever given any thought to the question of how to clean your vacuum, despite the fact that we rely quite heavily on our vacuums to keep our houses clean? Do not panic if you cannot recall the most recent time that you considered cleaning the filter on your vacuum, or if the concept just has never occurred to you; you are not the only one in this situation. The vast majority of people are unaware that our vacuum filters need to be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. If you want to get the most use out of your money and ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible, you should clean your Dyson on a regular basis. The topic of discussion for today is going to be how to properly clean your Dyson filter.

How often should I clean my Dyson filter?


We recommend you give your Dyson filter a thorough cleaning every month. You should also aim to replace your filter every year. Although this amount of time can change depending on how often you use your vacuum and how dirty the floors are.

Also, your Dyson vacuum cleaner can include more than one filter and they must all be cleaned to ensure the smooth operation of your machine.

Cleaning your Dyson isn’t as hard as you think, despite having the most advanced vacuum technology out there. Dyson kept their customers in mind when it came to performing maintenance on their machines.

Having a clean filter is important to effectively trap dirt and debris, collect dust, catch pollen, and finally remove bacteria and other particles that might be contaminating the air.

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How to Clean a Dyson Filter

Step 1: Switch off and unplug your Dyson vacuum.

If you own a Dyson with a cord, switch it off and unplug it from the outlet. Otherwise, turn off your handheld vacuum.

Step 2: Remove Your Dyson Filter(s)

The majority of Dyson filters may be found in close proximity to the cyclone. You are free to pick the filter up and take it away so that it can be cleaned. Because of this, they are generally dyed purple so that they are easy to recognize.

Be careful that some upright Dyson vacuums will have more than one filter installed in them. Check the back of the machine as well as the “ball,” since there may be a separate filter hidden in either of those locations.

Step 3: Rinse Your Dyson Filter Out

When rinsing your Dyson filter under the faucet, make sure to only use cold water. When it comes to cleaning your filter, Dyson suggests that you avoid using any detergents or soaps of any kind. It is sufficient to use the cold water.

It is not recommended to clean your filter in the washing machine or dishwasher.

While you are cleaning your filter, give it a light push to remove the water, and continue doing this until the water that runs through the filter is clear.

Step 4: Let Your Dyson Filter Dry

You will need to wait for the filter(s) to dry out completely before you can put them back into your vacuum. This can be accomplished by placing them in a warm location for 24 hours, during which time they will dry out fully.

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Do not place them in the dryer or anywhere near a flame that is on.

Step 5: Replace Your Filters

Once your filters are completely dry, you can place them back in your vacuum and get to cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how simply washing out your filters from time to time can improve the performance of your Dyson vacuum overall.

Need to purchase a new Dyson filter?

Your cleaning regimen and the longevity of your Dyson vacuum can both be improved by ensuring that the filters are cleaned at least once per month and replaced on an annual basis. Click this link to place an order for more filters if it’s getting close to the time of year when you need to entirely replace your current one. You can get in touch with us through this page if you have any questions regarding how to properly maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner.


Even if you clean your filter on a regular basis, it will still need to be replaced at some point. This is due to the mechanical wear that occurs to the filter over time; after some period of time, it will no longer be able to filter things as effectively as it once did.

The manufacturer Dyson suggests changing the filter once every year as a general rule. On the other hand, you might find that you can get yours to last a bit longer (we’ve gone a couple of years with ours), or that you need to replace yours sooner if you do a lot of vacuuming. This depends on how often you use your vacuum cleaner.

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If you observe any of the following, it is time to purchase a new filter from Amazon (link opens in new tab):

  • The filter is starting to lose its form.
  • On the surface of the filter, there are loose threads and pilling that have formed.
  • Despite all of your hard work, the filter is not going to get totally clean.
  • When you use your Dyson vacuum, it gives off an odor similar to dust.


The concept of needlessly wasting water when cleaning a vacuum filter is offensive to some individuals. If this is you, you can skip the rinse step and instead use a paintbrush or an old toothbrush that has been thoroughly cleaned to mechanically remove as much dust and dirt as possible. In addition to that, give the filter a solid whack with the lid of the garbage can.

It is quite doubtful that you will be able to get your filter entirely clean with this method, but it is unquestionably an improvement over doing nothing.

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