How to Clean Pax 3 : Guide & Tips

The PAX 3 is consistently ranked as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, and its vaporization technology is well regarded all around the world for being simple to operate and reliable in general. Because of its compact size and portability, it is an excellent choice for vaping dry marijuana. Do not pass up the chance to sample this incredible vaporizer product if you have not already done so.

However, due to its diminutive size, it is comprised of a large number of very small pieces that are difficult to thoroughly clean. As a consequence of this, the process of cleaning the PAX 3 vaporizer is not always the simplest one. In order to complete the task, you will need to clean two oven lids, a mouthpiece, an oven screen, and a Concentrate insert in addition to a confined vapor route. All of these components are in addition to the oven screen.

But have no fear! When you make use of all of our professional hints and suggestions, which we have gathered through the years of working with vaporizers, cleaning the PAX 3 is considerably simpler.

How to tell when your Pax 3 is Dirty

  1. If your PAX 3 is unclean, you will hear gurgling or you could have a tight draw when you vape; this is an indication of resin accumulation or a congested vapor path. Clean your PAX 3 regularly to avoid these issues. A change in taste will also be obvious, because the bitter resins that have accumulated in the oven and vapor route may make it difficult for you to taste the tastes of your pricey designer strains. This may make it more difficult for you to enjoy the high quality of your expensive designer strains.
  2. There is also a possibility that the chamber’s color will start to darken, which is another sign of resin buildup.
  3. You could also notice that the vapor clouds are considerably thinner and less dense than they normally are. This is a clue that just a small fraction of the vape is making it through.

If you have had any of these issues, it is highly recommended that you clean your PAX 3 vaporizer. In point of fact, you have to make cleaning the PAX 3 an integral part of your standard vaping practice if you want to steer clear of all of these issues in the first place.

Cleaning the PAX 3: What You Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Long, narrow cleaning brush or pipe cleaner
  • PAX mouthpiece lubricant (optional)

Disassembling the PAX 3 and Initial Cleaning

In order to get started on a thorough cleaning of your PAX 3, you will need to disassemble your vaporizer and set all of the individual pieces out on your workspace in a way that makes it simple to keep track of them and quick to get to them.

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Now take the top off the oven and use a brush to remove any herb remnants that have fallen to the bottom. The mouthpiece should then be popped out.

To remove the screen from the oven, carefully work your cleaning brush or pipe cleaner through the vapor passage that is located directly under the mouthpiece.

If you have the whole PAX 3 kit, you should have all of the components listed below, which are required to clean the unit:

    • Standard oven lid
    • Half-pack oven lid
    • Concentrate insert
    • Mouthpiece
    • Oven screen

Cleaning the PAX 3 Piece by Piece

Put your mouthpiece, lids, and oven screen in rubbing alcohol that’s been filled in a basin, and then set the bowl aside.

In the following half an hour, give the bowl a stir every so often.

After waiting for half an hour, begin stirring the contents of the bowl at regular intervals. After allowing the components to soak for a period of time, remove them from the bowl and give everything a thorough washing in the sink.

After cleaning the accessories, if there is any residue that is still there, you can remove it with a cotton swab that has been dipped in alcohol and then rinse the accessories once more.

Cleaning the PAX 3 Oven

Because there is where a significant amount of the goo invariably winds up, the bottom oven of the PAX is where you can expect to spend the majority of your time when cleaning it.

Before using the cotton swabs, make sure that the majority of the alcohol has been squeezed out of them; it is not a good idea to leave a significant amount of liquid standing in the PAX 3. After you have cleaned both of these locations, take your alcohol-soaked long brush or pipe and run it along the entire length of the vapor channel. When you are finished, the oven as well as the path for the vapor should be spotless and shining.

  • To begin, use cotton swabs that have been dipped in alcohol to clean the oven as well as the region directly behind the mouthpiece.
  • Before using the cotton swabs, make sure that the majority of the alcohol has been squeezed out of them; it is not a good idea to leave a significant amount of liquid standing in the PAX 3.
  • After you have cleaned both of these places, take your alcohol-soaked long brush or pipe and run it along the length of the vapor path to remove any residue that may have been left behind.
  • When you are finished, you should ensure that the oven and the vapor route are spotless. In point of fact, if you hold the PAX 3 up to a light source, you ought to have no trouble seeing through the vapor path.
  • Be aware, however, that even after cleaning the oven, there may be some residual discoloration if you have had your PAX 3 for a considerable amount of time. Your device’s functionality will not be negatively impacted in any way by this fact; rather, it only indicates that you have been making effective use of it.
  • When you are through cleaning the body of your PAX 3, you will need a quick method for removing any residual alcohol from inside the device. Therefore:
      • Reassemble the vaporizer.
      • Turn it on and give it a full turn (i.e., give it a chance to move through the various stages of the heating process). Turn it on and give it a full turn (i.e., give it a chance to move through the various stages of the heating process).
      • When the process is finished, there will be no trace of alcohol left. You are now prepared to vape once more.
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How to Clean Pax 2

These cleaning instructions are also applicable to the Pax 3 device.

Almost wherever I go, you can find me puffing away on my Pax 2 vape. When put through its paces on a daily basis, the Pax 2 should ideally be cleaned once every few days. When done in less than a minute, this eliminates the potential for accumulation to occur.

If you don’t mind the stench of burnt marijuana that the dirty Pax gives off, you might be able to get away with only cleaning it once a month.

Take note: the longer you delay, the more time it will take to clean up after the mess.In the game Legends of the Hidden Temple, the character Olmec would say things like, “The choices are yours and yours alone.”

After a few of uses, Pax Labs, the manufacturer of the Pax 2 and Pax 3 vaporizers, suggests cleaning the vape; this is the best practice.

What you will need to clean the Pax 3 or Pax 2:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Container
  • Q-Tips
  • Paper Towels
  • Toothpick / Needle

A quick rundown of the parts on the Pax 2:

  • Mouth Piece
  • Main Unit
  • Oven Screen
  • Metallic Oven Lid

13 Steps: Cleaning the Pax 2

1. Take off the mouthpiece, and then use a Q-tip to clean up any buildup that may have occurred on the mouthpiece. Some individuals like to put this buildup in an extra container so they can vape it later.

2. Place the mouthpiece into the container, which you will later fill with alcohol, and then take the mouthpiece out.

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3. Immerse a single strand of the pipe cleaner in the bottle of rubbing alcohol.

4. Insert the pipe cleaner into the opening located at the very top of the unit.

5. Take off the metal cover of the oven, and place it along with the lid of the container in the container.

6. Insert the pipe cleaner all the way until it breaks the screen on the oven door.

7. Toss the mesh screen from the oven into the container as well.

8. Soak a brand-new pipe cleaner in the rubbing alcohol and use it to scrub the Pax 2 airway thoroughly.

9. Start cleaning the oven by dipping a Q-tip into the alcohol and then using it. (Give it a good scrub, and replace the Q-tips as necessary)

10. Pour the isopropyl alcohol into the container that already contains your mouthpiece as well as the oven screen and the lid of the oven. Pour enough alcohol so that the goods are completely covered in it.

11. To clean anything that is now dwelling inside the bowl containing alcohol, use Q-tips.

12. After allowing them to air dry for a few minutes, wipe them clean with a paper towel and then let them air dry again.

Re-assemble your Pax 2 and enjoy!

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