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Have you given any thought to how to clean a desk mat, which is an important part of maintaining your desk space? It’s possible that you’ve already addressed some of the more visible areas, such as your keyboard, mouse, and possibly even your mouse mat. However, it is very simple to forget about your desk mat. After all, it does little but occupy space without contributing much to the situation. It is simple enough to be ignored.

If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say that your mouse pad has undoubtedly seen more than its fair share of wear and tear over the course of its lifetime. Even while the majority of mousepads are constructed to be relatively long-lasting and sturdy, this does not mean that they do not become soiled with regular use.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hand grease, dust, dirt, or even food remnants (we don’t judge! ), with time dirt can easily accumulate in your mousepad. It is possible for your job efficiency to suffer if your mousepad is unclean or cluttered.

The good news is that there are a few quick and simple ways to clean your mousepad, and if you keep these tips in mind, it won’t be long before it appears as good as new.

What kind of Desk Mat Do You Have?

In accordance with the types of materials used and the ease with which they can be cleaned, I have divided all of the desk mats into the following three categories:

  1. All soft desk mats except Leather and Suede
  2. Leather and Suede Desk Mats
  3. Hard Desk Mats
  4. RGB Desk Mats

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s go into the specific directions for cleaning and washing each variety.

1. How to Clean Soft Desk Mats: Except Leather and Suede

The majority of soft desk pads are constructed using materials such as fabric, felt, polyester, and rubber.

These desk mats, as opposed to leather or suede desk pads, are the most practical option and are far simpler to clean and wash.

A. Washing Desk Mats by Hand(Recommended):

  • Do not use hot water; using hot water might cause damage to the fibers in the fabric. Fill the sink or the bathtub with cold or warm water instead of hot water.
  • To the water, add a few drops of soap or a light detergent.
  • Put your office mat into the water and let it there for a few minutes to let it absorb the moisture.
  • Scrub both of the surfaces well with a gentle brush, some foam, or even just your fingertips.
  • Clean the desk mat by rinsing it. Check to see that all of the soap has been gone.
  • After allowing it to air dry for twenty-four hours, you should be set to go!

After the placemat has had a chance to thoroughly dry, it may, in some instances, become crinkled and uneven. You can return the desk mat to its previous state by following the directions in this article, which are as follows:How to Flatten a Mousepad Using These 8 Methods

B. Washing Desk Mats using Washing Machine:

The first approach is a fairly straightforward one, and it is the one that I would recommend to most people; but, you may still be asking if it is possible to wash your desk mat in a washing machine.You are free to wash the desk mat in the washing machine as long as it is not made of leather or suede.

Here are the steps to clean your desk mat in the washing machine:

  • Place the placemat you use at your desk inside the machine.
  • use mild detergent
  • Make sure the temperature setting on your washing machine is set to cold and use the gentlest option available.
  • After the cycle is complete, put your desk mat somewhere it can air dry for a full day.

2. How to Clean Leather Desk Mats

It does not matter if the leather desk mat is genuine or imitation; the washing machine is not the place for it.It is strongly recommended by industry professionals that you should not hand wash it.

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Instead, leather desk pads should only be cleaned by wiping them down and spot cleaning any stains that may appear.However, if wiping isn’t sufficient, the safest alternative for your expensive desk mat is to get it cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Let’s go over the measures you need to do in order to clean a leather or suede desk mat:

  1. To begin, prepare a water and soap solution in a bowl.
  2. Take a piece of microfiber cloth and dunk it into the soapy water.
  3. Clean the soiled portions of your desk mat by using circular motions to gently wipe them down.
  4. To remove any excess soap and water from the leather, you can either switch to a new cloth or use the dry portion of the one you just used.
  5. After allowing it to air dry for twenty-four hours, you should be set to go!

3. How to Clean Hard Desk Mats

The majority of hard desk pads are constructed of either hard plastic or wood, and some are even made of glass. Hard desk pads are rather simple to clean.

In the same way that you may easily use water and cleaning solutions on other surfaces, including your desk itself, in the event that you need to:

  • To begin, take a dry rag and wipe away all of the dust particles on the surface.
  • First, dampen the desk with water or spray it with a cleaning solution, and then begin washing it down with a microfiber cloth.
  • To get rid of the excess water and cleanser that is on the mouse pad, you can use a dry cloth.

4. How to Clean RGB Desk Mats

Because they include electronic components, RGB desk pads SHOULD NOT GET NEAR WATER OR OTHER CLEANING LIQUIDS OF ANY KIND.You are nonetheless still able to clean the non-RGB areas by following the methods that are below:

  1. Unplug your RGB mouse pad or desk pad.
  2. Take a gentle sponge and wash it thoroughly with water.
  3. After that, put some liquid hand soap on the sponge.
  4. Begin to scrub the desk mat with the sponge, making sure not to get the sponge or yourself too close to the edges or the RGB module.
  5. After giving it a sufficient amount of washing, remove the soap from the desk pad by using a wet rag or a wet towel.
  6. After that, swap to a dry rag or a dry towel, and wipe away any trace of water or soap that may still be present.
  7. After allowing it to air dry for twenty-four hours, it will be ready to use.

Methods for Cleaning Your Desk Mat

By Hand

Hand washing your mousepad is the method that is recommended for use while cleaning it.If you do this, it will be washed more carefully, and it won’t get harmed.

If you need to clean a mouse pad made of a soft fabric, you can wash it by submerging it in a tub of warm water with a light detergent and water, then using a towel or rag to gently scrub away any debris that may have accumulated. If your mouse pad has been stained by coffee or any other substance that is difficult to remove, you may need to soak it for a little bit longer and give it a good scrub.

When cleaning a leather pad, you should avoid using any kind of cleaning agent and instead simply wipe it down with a towel that has been dampened with a solution of warm water and water. When allowed to soak in water for an extended period of time, leather pads can sustain damage that is beyond repair.

After giving the pad a thorough cleaning with water, place it somewhere it may remain undisturbed while it dries. Keep the pad out of direct sunlight if you don’t want the colors on the design to fade.

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When scrubbing your mouse pad, you need to be careful not to damage it. If the pad has stitched edges, it should be fine in water as long as the amount of scrubbing force is sufficient. If the edges of the pad aren’t sewn, however, even light scrubbing has the potential to cause the pad to shred along the edges. This does not render it unusable, but with time it will cause the mat to deteriorate and become unusable, in which case it will need to be replaced.

By Machine

If you wash your mousepad in the washing machine, you shouldn’t have any problems with it. In order to prevent the rubber backing and padding of your mat from melting, the washing machine must be set to use cold water at all times.

As was previously said, leather pads should never be soaked in water, thus the only way to clean them properly is to do so by hand.

The majority of mousepads made of fabric can be cleaned in a washing machine without much difficulty. Washing a pad that has stitched edges will not cause the pad to tear at the edges and corners of the pad, making it a safer option for use in a washing machine.

Under any and all situations, you should avoid drying the pad in the dryer. Place the mat on a surface that will allow it to dry while it is out in the open. If you don’t keep it out of the sun, the color and pattern can wear off.

Tips for Maintaining Your Mouse Pad

Frequently Wash

Your pad will last for far longer if you give it a thorough cleaning once every few months.

However, if you push yourself too hard, the pad may eventually give out on you. However, if you don’t wash your pad for weeks, months, or even years in between uses, the stains and grime will just become embedded into the rubber layer of the pad.

Wipe Down Daily

If you clean your pad on a daily basis using a moist paper towel or an antibacterial wipe, you may eliminate or significantly minimize the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates on it over time.

If you do this one easy thing, your mouse pad will have a lot longer lifespan and will require cleaning much less frequently.

Avoid Spilling Drinks

Coffee served hot? Soda ice cold? Water? You name it, I’ve probably done it. However, I’m not going to quit drinking water or coffee at my desk simply because it can be messy if it overflows.

On the other hand, I’ve learned to place my beverages on the desk with a great deal more caution;

for example:

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