How To Clean Poly Furniture

Even after a long and hard winter, poly lumber patio furniture is simple to clean and maintain, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular choice. Poly lumber patio furniture’s simplicity and longevity make it an attractive option. Since poly lumber is made of weather-resistant materials, cleaning it only requires a quick wipe down and does not require vigorous scrubbing or the removal of rust stains, unlike cleaning outdoor furniture, which may be a hard task.

In this article, professionals in the field of outdoor living spaces reveal the four simple methods they take to clean poly timber furniture and get it ready for summer.

How To Clean Poly Lumber Furniture

There are a few various strategies for cleaning poly timber furniture, and the one you choose to employ will depend on how extensively the furniture has been soiled and how thoroughly you want it cleaned. However, the process for applying each solution is the same, which makes it simple and fast to clean your best outdoor furniture. This is just what you need when the sun begins to make an appearance.

You Will Need
  • Mild detergent
  • OR Vinegar
  • A soft brush or cloth
  • Water
  • A microfiber towel
  • Optional – A sealant

1. Clean the Area of Any Loose Garbage

According to Zahid Adnan, a professional gardener at The Plant Bible, a good place to begin cleaning poly timber furniture is by removing any loose debris, such as leaves, dirt, cobwebs, or dust. This should be done in the same manner as when cleaning any other part of your backyard. This can be done using a clean brush or cloth; start at the top of the piece of furniture and work your way down towards the legs. This will avoid you from brushing dirt back onto portions of the furniture that are already clean.

2. Prepare The Cleaning Solution

When it comes to cleaning furniture made of poly timber, you have two primary options: you may choose to clean it with vinegar or you can clean it with a mild dish soap and water.

Mixing a tiny amount of mild soap with warm water and using a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe down the surface of the poly lumber furniture is an effective method for performing a light cleaning.

Vinegar and Water: In the event that there are more stubborn stains or a buildup of filth, you can produce a cleaning solution by combining equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Applying the solution to the surface of the furniture using a sponge or a gentle cloth, then allowing it to sit there for a few minutes before removing it with a wet cloth, is the best approach to clean it. This technique has the potential to be especially useful for removing water rings and other types of stains.

Be sure to wipe all surfaces, including the back, seat, arms, and legs, while using either solution, and rinse the brush or cloth often to avoid spreading dirt around, advises Zahid Adnan, an expert in the field of outdoor recreation and leisure activities.

Following the use of both cleaning solutions, it is necessary to give the furniture a thorough rinsing with clean water in order to remove any residue. ‘This can be done with a hose or a bucket of water, making sure to rinse all surfaces, including the undersides and crevices where cleaning solutions can gather and form stains or worsen the growth of algae,’ he adds. “Make sure to rinse all surfaces, including the undersides and crevices where cleaning solutions can gather and form stains or exacerbate the growth of algae.”

3. Ensure The Furniture Is Fully Dry

It is important to completely dry it off after cleaning using a clean microfiber towel before setting it to dry completely in a sunny spot in your yard before covering it again with a furniture cover or moving it back to storage. This will help prevent the growth of algae or leave unsightly water stains behind.

4. Optional: Apply A Protective Sealant

According to professional landscaper Zahid Adnan, applying a specialist sealant or polish to wooden outdoor furniture is a good idea in order to help avoid weather damage over time. This is true for all types of wooden outdoor furniture. He suggests going with either a poly lumber protectant or a wax-based solution and adhering to the manufacturer’s directions about the application process and the amount of time needed for it to cure.

To polish the surface of the furniture, simply add a tiny amount of polish to a soft cloth and spread it out evenly throughout the surface.

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Is It Difficult To Keep The Cleaning Of White Poly Lumber Furniture?

The fact that white poly timber furniture is crafted from a highly long-lasting plastic material means that it can be easily maintained in pristine condition by only being wiped down with a solution of soap and water. One possible exception to this rule is in the event that algae starts to develop on it if it is left in conditions that are moist or humid. You can attempt to get rid of this by using a power washer, or as an alternative, you might use a cleaning solution designed specifically for outdoor algae. This will kill the growth and get the furniture back to its original brilliant white color.

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Can Poly Lumber Stay Outside In Winter?

Poly lumber is an excellent material that can be left in your yard throughout the entire year; however, it is best to cover it at least with a furniture cover to help protect it from the elements such as severe rain and frosts. Poly lumber is an excellent material. This makes it easy to clean in the spring and summer when the time comes, which can assist to increase its overall lifespan.

When cleaning poly lumber furniture, it is important to avoid using harsher cleansers such as bleach and ammonia, as well as instruments such as steel wool and abrasive sponges. These are not only unneeded for cleaning such a long-lasting material, but they also have the potential to cause harm to the surface and speed up the aging process, which will shorten the amount of time it will serve your yard.

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