how to clean yoni egg

Internal knowledge that has been imbedded both anatomically and energetically throughout your body will be purged by the Yoni Egg, which has the prestigious responsibility of doing this work. This may have occurred all of a sudden (for example, while the person was pregnant or after they had an injury), or it may have developed over a very long period of time (as is generally the case), or it may be a combination of the two. It’s also possible that you carry information that dates back several generations before your time! This results in a significant amount of additional labor for your Yoni Egg. And because of this, it is essential that you take good care of your Yoni Egg – after all, there are two ways to look at the situation!

Your inquiries concerning the cleanliness of the Yoni Egg have, fortunately, been consolidated into a single location: this blog entry.

Whether it’s:

  • How to cleanse my Jade Yoni Egg?
  • How to clean Rose Quartz?
  • How to cleanse Black Obsidian?
  • Or how to clean Carnelian Stones?

If you are trying to learn how to clean a Yoni Egg, there is no need for you to look any further than this page because the information included within it is applicable to each and every variety of Yoni Egg.

In order to reduce the likelihood of contracting an infection, yoni eggs should typically be cleansed both before and after use. It is important to thoroughly clean the yoni egg by washing it in lukewarm water with a gentle cleanser.

You may also choose to use a solution of vinegar to clean your yoni egg.After that, it is washed in water that is running at a temperature that is comparable to that of the yoni egg. It is possible to gradually raise the temperature of the water until it is comfortable to swim in.

After that, a fresh towel should be used to give it a pat to ensure that it is dry before it is used. You can also choose to let your yoni egg dry naturally in the air.Yoni eggs should not be immersed in water that is either boiling or very hot because doing so may cause the shell to chip or fracture.

Yoni egg practitioners may suggest soaking the yoni egg in essential oils that have antibacterial characteristics, such as lavender or drops of tea tree oil. This is done in order to kill any bacteria that may be present. Tea tree oil is extremely useful since it possesses characteristics that are advantageous in the following ways:

  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healing
  • Antioxidant

Yoni eggs can be drilled or undrilled. If you have a yoni egg that has been drilled, you need to make sure that the section that has been drilled is completely cleaned. Toothpicks are another useful tool for assisting with the cleaning process. You can use either your breath or a little interdental wire brush to clean the hole.

Each time, the wire attached to the interdental brush needs to be replaced, and the egg that has been drilled needs to be well cleaned. Choose a string that is hygienic and can be thrown away easily, such as wax-free dental floss.

Energy Cleansing

When cleaning yoni eggs, it is important to take into consideration the different kinds of stones used to make the yoni eggs. All of the stones carry an energy that is passed on to whoever uses them.

Therefore, you should ensure that your yoni egg is cleansed on a regular basis so that it does not store the negative energy that it absorbs from you. Because of their greater fragility, certain stones require washing with a detergent that is extremely light.

Saltwater is used to cleanse the yoni egg by certain yoni egg practitioners; however, this method may be excessively abrasive for the yoni egg and may cause some of the yoni eggs to lose their gloss or glitter. After giving it a light cleaning with a gentle soap, an energy cleansing can be performed on it with a:

  • Crystal bowl
  • Tibetan singing bowl
  • Tuning fork
  • Bell
  • Smudging with sage


Putting yoni eggs in the sun or the moonlight in order to reenergize them is a practice that is common among some practitioners of the yoni art.However, if the stone is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the color of the stone may become less vibrant over time and gradually grow whiter.

When subjected to an excessive amount of direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the color may even completely fade away. This is commonly true for stones that are of the colorful kind as well as quartz crystals, such as citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and prasiolite.


When there is a significant difference in temperature, there is a possibility that the stones will break. This is especially true for yoni eggs made of quartz, as there is a chance that the stones will crack when there is a significant difference in temperature. This occurs with yoni eggs that are formed from the following:

  • Stone quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Rock crystal
  • Amethyst
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When you are washing the yoni eggs, it is best to use water that is at a temperature that is comparable to the temperature of your stone.


If your yoni egg is struck by certain stones, the natural fault lines in those stones could cause it to crack if it is dropped.Because of this, you need to exercise extreme caution when you are cleaning your yoni egg because it is fragile and has the potential to chip, crack, or split if it is dropped on a hard surface. This is particularly true for stones that are created from:

  • Selenite
  • Scapolite
  • Topaz with calcite
  • Fluorite
  • Feldspar

But first

A brief description of the Yoni Eggs that we sell here at Yoni Egg Rocks.

Our Yoni Eggs are crafted with materials that are safe for consumption on the inside of the body. On the Mohs scale, these Yoni Eggs register an average of 7 on the hardness scale. This is the international standard that is used to differentiate between stones based on their hardness, with talc having a rating of 1 and diamonds having a rating of 10.

Our manufacturing technique is unique in comparison to that of other manufacturers, which is one of the reasons why our Yoni Eggs are so exceptional and stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, I will elaborate on the topic in another post. At this point, it is most crucial to be aware of the fact that individuals who are wearing a Yoni Egg purchased from Yoni Egg Rocks are able to recognize the difference.

Even though our Yoni Eggs are among the very best available, it is critical that you handle them in the appropriate manner at all times. Not only will this safeguard your yoni egg, but it will also guard your yoni and your health in general! Because of this, we have decided to devote this post to discussing the nine most helpful hints for cleaning your yoni eggs.

How to clean your Yoni Egg


Always –

I cannot stress this enough: a Yoni Egg must ALWAYS be cleaned before being worn. Despite the fact that you cleaned it after the previous use. Keep in mind that the Yoni Egg is capable of energetically absorbing everything that is going on in your environment, and you do not want all of this raw information and energy to be contained within your Yoni.

There are many who suggest using soap and warm water from the faucet to clean your Yoni Egg. Here’s why I disagree.

Tap water

Although I am aware that it is possible for tap water to be of drinking quality – and in some locations, really quite delicious – I frequently question what is added to the water, and how the pipes themselves are maintaining their condition. If I find lead and other deposits in pipes to not have a particularly pleasant taste, it is likely that my Yoni will not enjoy it either.


Since I don’t use soap anywhere else on my body, it stands to me that I wouldn’t use it on my yoni eggs. Let’s save some time and avoid the hassle of listing all of the many kinds of soap, whether organic or not, and debating whether or not it’s appropriate by simply avoiding soap. Keep in mind that this is a high-level summary of how to clean Yoni Eggs, and the instructions apply to all of my versions of Yoni Egg Rocks.

The process of disinfecting the Yoni Egg has reached its conclusion. There are some further actions that you may take to clean the Yoni Egg’s energy, and these are the steps that you should take.

2. Clear Crystal & Amethyst

You can bathe your Yoni Eggs in a cluster of clear crystals or amethyst if you have one, or you can store your Yoni Eggs inside the cluster. If the light can also get to it, it will be an added bonus. For instance, the transparent crystal both takes in and re-emits light, which contributes to a more thorough cleaning.

3. Salbei, Palo Santo & Co.

Incense is a great tool for energetically cleaning your Yoni Egg, and cleaning it with the force of incense is a beautiful way to do so. When I do a Yoni Egg cleansing, I prefer to use either sage leaves or a piece of palo santo that has been burned.

4. Sound

Crystals and Yoni eggs can both be cleansed and purified with the power of sound. It makes no difference whether you use a bell or a sound bowl to create the sound. Chanting mantras is something that I do frequently as I am preparing my Yoni Eggs for travel. When we give you one of our Yoni Egg Rocks by Violeta Labella masterpieces, we make use of blessed noises to make sure that it is as easy as possible for our jewels to be shipped across the country or around the world.

5. Brown Rice

I learnt that Asians and Africans use brown rice to clean their stones. Fortunately, I was able to spend enough time with them to pick up this technique while I was staying with their family for a number of years. They just put the stone in a bag, bury it, and let it sit there for the night. It is probably not going to come as much of a surprise to you that brown rice is a nourishing and strength-giving tool, both as a nutritional and energetic tool; this is because brown rice is such a staple food in many cultures.

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6. Mamma Earth

Due to the fact that stones are a product of nature and have their origins in the ground, it is possible to get a more thorough cleansing by burying them. You will know when the time is appropriate to give your Yoni Egg to the soil and when it is time to take it back if you feel into it.

As a side note, I just wanted to mention that when the time is right, you might want to give your Yoni Egg back to the earth so that it might live there forever.

7. Visualization & Meditation

During your meditation or visualization session, simply activate the goal to cleanse your vaginal egg. Keep in mind that everything is energy. Through the practice of this technique, you are only exchanging purifying energy with your Yoni Egg.

8. Moonlight

One of my favorite ways to revitalize stones is to ‘bathe’ them in the light of the Full Moon or the visual lack of the same, often known as the Dark Moon. They report that thereafter, they always feel really clear and pure. Because we, as women, are cyclical beings, just like everything else in nature, we may harness the immense power of the natural world to help us on our journey to achieve a state of feminine pleasure.

When looking for an effective approach to clean your crystals, this is another one of those methods. Simply because I enjoy the way it makes things shine, I used to put a few drops on a cloth and rub them together. However, cleaning Quartz Crystals with vinegar, for instance, is not at all required. Put it somewhere where the moonlight may reach it!

But we’re not finished yet…

As you may or may not have seen… You can bring forth the full potential of your Yoni Egg in a variety of ways, including through intention, prayer, chant, light, and all other frequencies… This does NOT imply, however, that there is no requirement for sanitary cleanliness prior to inserting and after withdrawing your Yoni Egg.

Knowing how to clean your Yoni Egg spiritually is crucial, but we also need to think about where you’re going to store your Yoni Egg and, as a result, how you can keep it physically clean. This is just as important as knowing how to clean your Yoni Egg energetically.

Because the Yoni environment is acidic – her ph level can get as low as 2-3 at times – it is of the utmost significance to physically clean your Yoni Egg. If you don’t, bacteria and other microorganisms could potentially grow inside of it. Only if you take the time to properly maintain your Yoni Egg will it be risk-free for you to use and in a position to bring you unending happiness and satisfaction.

This article will teach you when it is best not to wear your Yoni Egg, so that you may focus on taking care of your yoni instead. Additionally, you will discover that it is best to wait until your yoni has reached her ideal ph level before inserting your Yoni Stone.

As a result of this, it is critical that you CONSTANTLY carry out the process that is detailed below with your Yoni Egg.

9. Always, Over And Over Again – Hot Water

When it comes to cleaning a Yoni Egg, keeping things as easy as possible is ideal. After all, washing Yoni Eggs does not have to be a difficult task; in fact, if it were, we may as well not bother at all!

When using water to clean your Yoni Egg, you should always make sure that the water has been brought to a boil first, and then you should add your Yoni Egg to the water once it has cooled down – the water should be cool enough that you can put your fingers in it. I’d say it’s as gentle as the water temperature in a baby bath. If you want to avoid damaging the surface of your Yoni Egg or bursting it, you should never let the water boil and instead wait until it is lukewarm.

The next step is to ensure that you do not break your Yoni Egg when you are allowing it to sink into the water-filled container. Put your Yoni Egg into the water and keep it there for at least 15 minutes while ensuring that it is thoroughly covered by the liquid. Speaking your intentions aloud for your Yoni Egg as you drop it into the water is a potent technique to infuse the Yoni Egg with additional energy and to raise the vibration of the Yoni Egg.

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When the allotted time has passed, remove your Yoni Egg and bask in the warmth it provides.

Before you submerge your Pelvic Floor Egg, you may also want to season the water with a grain or two of high-quality sea salt or Himalayan salt.

What about a Yoni cleanse?

Yoni cleansing is a lovely byproduct of cleansing with yoni eggs, which also cleans your yoni. When cleaning genuine Yoni Eggs made of Jade, Quartz, Amethyst, or any other type of stone, it is absolutely essential to pay close attention to detail. Considerable thought ought to be given to the contents of your yoni…

If you want to have a personal Yoni cleansing, all you have to do is search the internet for “Yoni Egg cleansing near me,” and then spend some time finding for a practitioner who is both experienced and aligned. For yoni steaming, I recommend going with Steamy Chic because they have some truly amazing practitioners located all over the world.

A Bonus Tip

After you’ve gotten the hang of cleaning your Yoni Egg, you should give this a shot.

I find that massaging my yoni with coconut oil before putting it on is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. It softens and warms up, and the scent makes me feel all snug and comfortable in my vaginal area. Before I even implant the Yoni Egg, my senses go on an incredible journey, and I can feel the pleasant vibration throughout my body. And every time I do, my Yoni responds to it in the sexiest possible way…

I know, I know … have definitely spent too much time in coconut zones, and I adore parties centered on orgasms and celebrations of feminine pleasure. But I want you to give it a shot because although it’s not for everyone, if you find that it works for you, you’ll be able to thank me in the future.

In The Case That:

  • You can’t find your Yoni Egg
  • You’re unable to insert it 
  • Or you can hardly hold it when this was never an issue before

Please take into consideration the possibility that your Yoni Egg has already undergone excessive cleaning and clarification. It’s possible that the Yoni Egg you’re using is strained. There’s also a possibility that your yoni is worn out from the effort it’s been putting in to glean as much knowledge as it can from the time you’ve spent with your Yoni Egg in the past.

Give it some thought; have you properly charged it and ensured that it is appropriately clean?

And maybe most importantly, have you allowed yourself time to relax and incorporate what you’ve learned? If not, take some time. Because it has taken us a lifetime to get to this point, we need to give ourselves enough time to come back to where we were before we lost some of our strength.

And here are some possible explanations for why your Yoni Egg keeps falling out.


And just one more thing to take into consideration before we wrap this up: I do not believe it is appropriate to retrieve my Yoni Egg from the toilet bowl and then use it again. One thing is very evident to me, despite the fact that there may be varying opinions regarding the viability of cleaning your Yoni Egg after an incidence of this nature, and that is the fact that toilets are typically cleaned using harsh detergents. My Yoni Egg will react differently as a result of that. In spite of the fact that it could still be of great use as a piece of jewelry or a focal point during meditation, however, it has no business being in my yoni.

Last words

We have done extensive study on these semi-precious stones, and we have shared that information with you. We are aware that they are risk-free for use, and we are also familiar with the most secure methods for cleaning your Yoni Egg. Keeping this in mind, please make use of common sense to protect your health and safety and listen to your gut instinct whenever it’s possible to do so. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us at my@yoniegg.rocks whenever you have the time and inclination to discuss your personal experiences and any other pertinent details.

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